Friday, 28 March 2014


So, I went to Labuan for the first time a few days ago, and it was awesome… I mean beside the fact that it took three hours by a ferry to get there from KK, but yeah, Labuan was awesome.

Went to a number of places in Labuan, although I must say, we actually took a historic tour of the island, which I rather like because I am a bit history-freak. I also tasted satak and siput tarik for the first time here. Satak is a type of seafood that resembles lobster, and all those satak that I ate were yummy. The same can be applied with siput tarik [I mean, they were yummy too, not that they’re related to a lobster.]

I love my all-Malaysian trips!
Surrender Point, where the Japanese and Australian troops signed the peace agreement to end the war
Labuan War Memorial, where almost 1800 people, ranging from Commonwealth army to prisoners of war are buried
The monument of Peace Park, the park is a gift by the Japanese government
The monument located at Labuan War Memorial 
The famous and still mysterious Chimney