Friday, 27 July 2012

The Games

Again, this is me and welcome to things I do weirdly in my life: using coloured pens to draw the Olympic Rings… but I AM SO PUMPED UP!!!
It’s the OLYMPICS!!!

TYPO52 Week 5: Heart...

I’m sorry if the, errr… pinkness, irritates your eyes [or heart].


   a muse
A beauty
   just like a prose
Made from
   delicate ink
Written on
   coloured paper
I want to feel you
             but my hands are:
         1. dirty
     You will
   Be lost in darkness
         2. wet
     You will
   Be drenched, torn apart
So I read you
   from afar
-     silently

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Spending too much
     on trying to fix this self
Yet continuously doing
   things that destroy it
Feeling guilty yet
        unfathomable choices made
            easy to be prevented
But seems hard in its practice
Repercussions      near tomorrow
Spending too much time
    mentally cutting the skin
This blame
This damnation
How hard is it to just get out?
Can this stop
      This is nothing
         Will this ever stop?

      The energy
    The faith

Friday, 20 July 2012

TYPO52 Week 4: I Lost You

Until now, I don’t really know the relevance of putting the quote on the girl’s face, but maybe it’s because the gaze shows the longings for someone?
The portrait is the c1667 painting known as Girl with a Pearl Earring [Het Meisje met de Parel] by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


When you are stuck between telling the truth and keeping silence, which one would you choose? Would you:

A. Say anything that you want to say, no matter how awfully hurting it is to the other person, as long as he or she can see the real thing that happens
B. Refrain from making any comments because you don’t want to see that person from getting hurt

It’s tough, but for me, the best way is to just say the reality straight to that person. Say so with consideration and discretion of course. Don’t really think cursing/angrily saying stuff/emotional rambling will let you state your points or show the situation easily even if they are correct. Yeah, maybe sometimes, people won’t listen to us, but then, it’s up to them to justify the consequences that will come. We’ve done our part.

It’s better than being silent and then seeing people suffering later. You will feel guilty for not explaining the truth and stopping incidents from happening.

Grammar Nazi

I have this habit of correcting someone’s grammar. I think I’m such an annoying person… annoying to other people that is, not to me. Haha. Of course, I always mean well when I do that, but uhhh… not everyone loves to be corrected in public.

I should stop, but then again, I don’t think I can~ Hahah~ So forgive me.

Well, for me, I stand corrected if I am wrong. Knowledge can come in different ways right? Just don’t try to explain a2 + b2 = c2 to me. I will never understand the mechanism of that equation~

[Wait until the karma boomerang HITS MY FACE~ NOT!!!]

Monday, 16 July 2012

Diana MINI is MINE!!!

So, about 11 months ago [what a long time], I promised myself that I would buy a camera, any camera. So, guess what? I bought one!!! Huzzah!!! What kind of camera?
So, what’s Diana MINI? Basically, it’s a lomography camera and it captures lo-fidelity photos. Lo-fi refers to unconventional photographic aesthetics, which to give an impression of low quality [so copying Wikipedia…]. Oh yeah, this white one cost 249MYR [the normal blue/black one is just 199MYR] and you can buy it in The Click Shop. I bought mine at TCS Pavilion KL. Here’re some of the features of Diana Mini

Square and rectangular half-frame formats at the flick of a switch
Shoots up to 72 shots per film on half-frame mode
Shoots up to 36 shots per film on square mode
Takes all types of 35mm film
Requires standard 35mm film development
Ultra-compact and pocket-sized
Overlap frames across photos for endless abstract panoramas
Multiple exposure functionality
‘B’ mode for long exposures
Sunny and cloudy exposure settings
 Unlike DSLR or other digicams, Diana Mini shoots photos the old-school way, by using the trusted negatives a.k.a. films… which I think is totally cool in this digitally-saturated world of ours. With films, you just have that feeling that pixels can’t give to you. I think the process of giving our effort and waiting for the result will give us that great satisfaction, don’t you think so?

Now, I have to wait until I got back to my hometown. I am ready for an adventure [or maybe more than two adventures?] with my sweetheart [not a person!!!]. Yeayy! Go Lomo!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012


People say that grades don’t measure intelligence. Being in the Dean’s List does not mean that you have a higher brainpower than everyone else. Well, that is quite true I guess, but I will be a hypocrite… to myself that is… if I really agree to that. Why? The reason: I really look forward of having myself as one of the recipients of the Dean’s Award every single semester.

It’s just me, okay?

I need to be on one just to feel that I’m good enough, good enough in something, and because I will feel terrible if I don’t achieve it. That’s all.

Maybe you can say that I measure my own worthiness through marks. Oh well.

TYPO52 Week 3: Let's Hang Out

…which is ironic seeing that I’ve THAT paper tomorrow! I’ll kill you, Phonetics & Phonology!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Aria just sat on the floor. She was not wearing anything except for a light blue shorts and am old light pink singlet. Her hair was left untied. I looked at her, she was rather pretty that way, I thought. Rather pretty.

“What are you looking at?” she asked. I did not answer immediately. I climbed out from the bed and went straight to the kitchen. It was a peculiar morning, rather hot, and it was not even summer. Aria followed me behind.

“You haven’t answered me?” she enquired me again. As she said so, her face made this mischievous look, as if she was expecting me to answer that it was because she was pretty or whatever. “Coffee?”

“With less sugar.” She added. I duly put one sugar cube inside her already-filled-with-coffee cup and presently gave it to her. We both sat on the kitchen table watching the day unfolded as the city below us came to life. Both of us just continued our ritual of drinking coffee quietly. I took a peek at her and I could not hold it any longer.

I put my cup down somewhat loudly and Aria stared fixedly at me. “Anything. Daniel?”

I looked at her chest as I said this: “I’m sorry.” I swallowed my saliva down the throat. “I can’t have you anymore”.

Aria did not look aghast. In fact, she seemed calm. It did not make sense no matter how many times I have faced this. I was starting to be afraid. “Aria, I’m so–” she put her soft fingers on my lips to stop me from saying any further. She got up and bent a little to kiss me, perhaps for the last time; I did not see that coming. She left for our room.

“Aria, say something.” I pleaded.

“Daniel, there’s nothing else to say when you’ve said just enough.” Her voice was soft. It had a tinge of remorse. “I myself didn’t think this will work out. It will not last” She went to the door.

“I guess I don’t need the key now.” she looked at the key for one last time and threw the key towards me. She walked out of the house when I was not looking, distracted in catching the key. She walked out of my life, forever.

“Aria… Aria… wait!” I yelled minutes later. I had to. I raced outside in search for her. That was when I saw her at the end of the corridor with someone else, “No, Aria!” I screamed and then she was gone.

Wind was coming through the window.

I could not go there. I could not bear myself to see her body lying on the floor, but still I watched her. I witnessed everything for a short moment, but the image of her corpse lying motionless was engrained deep in my mind, but did I feel remorse?

I didn’t want to destroy myself, I was selfish. She was just a woman created to satisfy my needs. I saw men dragging her body and throwing it into a big metal box. They wheeled it away. One of them then came to me and asked: “Did you find her to be unsatisfactory?”

“I… I… don’t know if I did.” I said. My voice was almost inaudible.

“I guess you have another three days to think about it.” He mouthed nonchalantly. “You can contact us later. You still have another $100,000 to spend.” He gave me some tubes of white clear liquid.

“Extra-strong Endorphin, made just for you”

I took them and ingested one in one gulp. I felt great.

All Good

We try to be nice to everyone around us. That’s the right thing to do. I guess we all expect that. But, what will we do if we feel that we are not appreciated? When people around you start to say bad things about you behind your back… when they don’t even know that you are listening to every single muttering they’re saying.

You feel betrayed; perhaps at the very least, you think they are just playing, but will that situation be considered as ‘kidding around’? We try to be nice, we try, we try, we try. There’s nothing that we’ll get if we make someone else sad or mad or angry because of us. I did it and I know the feeling. In the very least, you will feel as if you’re alone. I try to avoid that.

Still, would you feel all good when people that you’ve trusted all this while create negative remarks about you? Would you feel all good when they laugh as they’ve said that? Would you feel all good?

Perhaps they’re only kidding. That’s all. That’s all. That’s all.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man
I love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!

Favourite Part of the film:
Peter: Erm so, uh, do you wanna uh, I dunno, erm–
Gwen: Wanna what?
Peter: I don’t know, we could uh… or we could do something else, or we could…
Gwen: Yeah.
Peter: Yeah?
Gwen: Yeah, either one.
Peter: Really?
Gwen: Sure.


Everyone has a big enough heart to love someone else. They wait for a girl or a boy who will complete them. Are people a sucker for romance? Perhaps, we have love songs, and love stories, and rom-coms. Everyone just wants everyone else. Everyone…

And then, there’s me.

I just think I’ll wait for one. Don’t have big hopes, don’t want to put up hopes.

[I don’t know why I even wrote this... duhhh!]

Saturday, 7 July 2012

TYPO52 Week 2: I Heart Plaids

Well, yeah, decided to go with Week 2 straight away since I’ve made two things. So, err... okay.
A shout out to all citizens of the earth who love to wear plaid/chequered shirts!!!

TYPO52 Week 1: Lights

I’ve decided to do create something with my Photoshop each week, and I shall post them here [perhaps on my Tumblr too?]. All of them will be Typography-related thingy. The name of this project: TYPO52This is the first one. 
Picture taken at Mount Ledang, Johor, on the 3rd of July 2012.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Book Wishlist

I love books. Really love them!!! So, here are the books that I want to buy when the allowance comes in, well, if the books are available in the country that is.
 Kat Rosenfield’s Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone
 John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines
 Matthew Green’s Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend
 Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse
Carolyn Jess-Cooke’s The Boy who could See Demons


 I just love BRAVE! I mean when was the last time you’ve seen a film that has the Scottish accent? Celtic culture? Everything Scotland?
The cinematography/sceneries are breathtaking. It feels as if this is actually a real film shot in real locations. The music score is an aural feast, especially since I love Celtic traditional music! Oh yeah, Princess Merida’s hair is so orange, have never seen a ginger-head like her before. Haha~ And of course, the SCOTTISH ACCENT!!! That’s my new favourite accent, after Cockney~
Okay, maybe story wise, Brave is not a new kind of story, we’ve all seen a story about mother and daughter trying to rectify their relationship, but I guess that can be forgiven! Oh yeah, the short animation before the film, La Luna, is so cute! Bambino is a pretty little boy!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Constellation Capricornus



This clock (tick tock) June
Like water, riveting
Swears on the flowers
He shall “love you”
He shall he does
This clock (tick tock) July
A great wait reverberating
(I see you not) A heart pounding
(I feel you) (not)
This clock (tick tock) August
Skin is waiting
O. (How far is (how (close) is far))
O. heart emptying
This clock (tick tock) September
End (near or so)
The blossoms dying
You stomp it dead
This clock, October
Passion (is an)
A soul a heart I
Create to mutilate
(Tick tock)
You are there
In visible


I      am
   a g-rand flier
the one
who r i  s   e   s
majestically       a-
            s-    ky
I                        see
but is not see-n
I                      taste
not just large preys
all rea    -dy
to be devoured
            mer-    -cy
for that
is who I am
a so-call-ed
who soars
let these       low    -ly
creatures feel
my    wra-t-h
let their guts
t-rem-ble with in-timid-ation
I am the force I am the gale

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dead Poets Society

I watched the film that I still love


For only the second time in my life
And now, I fall in love with it all over again.
This is that one story that moves me to the core
With its reflection of life and love.


A Chronicle on Why Books are Awesome

Books smell nice, and they are better than cracks.

He rather read than take drugs, because imagination is the most powerful drug… takes us all the way to the seventh sky, perhaps beyond the universe' edge or a journey through the stages of hell, and the tale of a king who tried to become a god. That chronicles life and death and everything in between, things that are the truths or lies. It tells of the tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive. The decisions lead to consequence and all the rights and wrongs.

How we wreck the lives of people we have known or not known, how we wish for desires that break us apart, how we doom ourselves to eternity of no glory, all conducts we've done, conducts we spoil our bodies with. How we face our fears, and how we brave the unknown. How we become the heroes or the villains, or become a tragic one.

The untold stories we want to delve in, the music of life we haven't heard, the skin we want to caress. We long for beauty, but we do not see what lies beneath us, what stands in front of us, what follows us from the back, what flies above us. We don't see heroes in people, only tragedies that are written on their faces.

             that's only a fraction of why books are awesome

With the words of Danial Rayn