Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thoughts Randomly Constructed

Even stars die. Not just human.

You only know me for only a fraction of my lifetime. Judge not until you know me better.

You'll smile, even in a day too bad.

Life is meant to be shared. Not to be kept alone.

It's okay to be heartbroken.

You are not beautiful when you think you're not.

Nobody said life is easy.

Choices are like unknown roads that lead you to beautiful places.

Life’s not perfect. If it’s perfect, you wouldn’t have a life.

The truths hurt, but the lies leave scars.

An action needs passion.

Being too comfortable is dangerous.

A fall is worth the risk.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Magical Day

Inside the bus 13A [right?]
Syed and Aina
Ilanggo [what were you looking at? LOL]
Berlagak cam ada kat luar negara... Haha

Went out today with some friends, namely Langgo, Aina, Syed, Dzul, and Hamy and we had a great time watching:


Well, to be frank, I don’t really like Malay movies since most of them are meaningless slapstick [not-so-funny] comedy, but if I do watch them, they are great [Papadom!]. Magika is in that list now.

Here’s the list why you should watch it:

1. This is a Malay movie like no other. Come on! How many times have you watched Malay movies that have musical in it [minus the classics of course]? Besides, the FX is nice, and the story is different. A blend of comedy, legends, adventure, romance, and melancholy. Oh yeah, the cinematography is so nice!

2. The movie is where we can learn all those Malay legends and tales, from Mahsuri, Puteri Bunian, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Nenek Kebayan [a vogue one I would say… LOL… and it’s VOUG, nat VO-GIU], Pak Pandir, The Onions [I mean Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah] and more. Of course they are told in different situations. Nice to see all of them to be enacted in the silver screen.

3. The musical numbers. Yes, it’s a bit weird to see a Malay musical movie [except for the classics], but they’re quite good.

4. It's definitely a movie for all ages. Don’t think it’s a movie for kids. Everyone can watch it. The youngsters and the young-at-heart.

So, don’t think that spending RM5 [in Growball larrr, that is if you have student matrix card] for this movie is a waste. Do it. You’ll have fun.


Now, for the side stuff:

Before the movie started, we went for the bowls. As usual, my not-so-straight way of throwing the balls resulted in me being in the last place. What about the others?

1 – Syed

2 – Ilanggo

3 – Aina

OK, so I should be sad… LOL… Well, the good thing is my skills [skills?] improved and I got only zero pinfall for only three times. 55 marks are definitely the highest mark I've ever got… Lalalalalalala…

And then, move on for the games in the game arcade. TEKKEN! Love it, but hate the pain it cause. ARM PAIN!

The verdict?

AFIQ – 1 win

AINA – 2 wins [Both with me! What?!]

SYED – 3 wins

ILANGGO – 0 win [With all of us! Kesian! Haha]

Then for the basketball game, Me and Ilanggo won! Yeay~!

So, after three days of toiling with the assignments, finally this day is a sort of relieve and rest for us. Huhuh…

So, that’s all for now and see you soon!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Royak Gganung Lening! No. 2

Doh dok rok doh rasenye nok wak asaimeng ni hoh. Nasib bek ada yang siap doh. Banyok do'oh. Huhuh... Tapi ambe pong malah nok mapuh. Haha... Padang muka ambe sendiri. Kata doh beso jalo, tapi peranga cang budok. Haha... Tapi gitu la... Mase cuti, asaimeng kite lokk dulu. Tak mboh wat. Balik sini, ambe yang terhegeh-hegeh wak sampai lewak malang. Senang bilang, Procrastination bapok jin SUCKS... Nano la ambe ni... Lalalala...

Leng kali, cube cakna gop sikek [wei, banyok] kat pelajarang, baru elok. Ni dok, meng-meng je mung. Pe nok jadi kak mung? Nasehak kat diri ambe sendiri le tu. Wak pe nok malu dok? Dok soh beng malu arr... Kite belajo tuk jadi molek. Ghoyak sal asaimen ni, ambe hampir takde aghoh nok wak SS, tapi naseb bek, abeh la jugak wak research paper tu. Leh anto esok. Luse nok kene pah Agama lak... Studeng idup memang camtu. Haha... Tapi demi mase depang, Dokkang nok wat punoh jahanang lak mung? Kekgi mung besar nok jadi pe?

Takpela... Sekurang-kurangnye ambe dok tubek kuar asrama minggu ni, untuk makang tu lainla. Tapi ye dok ye gop, doh puahsang doh aku dok asrama ni, se cam nok tengok wayang pong ade. Rase cang nak meli se'kut pong ade, Se'kut merri dok la... Pe yang ambe repek ni boh? Babei eh mung. Wah, lagi se, ambe tak dok katil, tidor atas lambek je. Katil ambe punoh. Hai... Sapa la yang berat nanang wak katil jadi cang tu? LOL... Ambe memang dok arr... Dop tahu setarang abuk pon katil tu memang doh punoh. Haha... Ambe cakap pasa ni pong bukang ade orang cakna pong... Huhuhu...

Ok ah mung. Sampai sini je coretang ambe. Ambe pong doh rase nok tido. Kene kemah lu, bolok abeh tempat ambe. Lalala...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Glee S2E1 Audition

Season 2, Episode 1 - AUDITION

Glee is back, and the verdict? Astoundingly amazing. A nice comeback to our favourite TV series. Here's my own unimportant synopsis on this episode!

A new coach replaces Ken Tanaka who apparently moved out from the school because of nervous breakdown and that new coach, Beiste, not Beast, is a male-looking female person who is successful in her career as the American football coach. With this, both the Cheerios and the Glee Club budgets are cut. So, Will with his longtime rival, Sue Sylvester, makes an agreement to oust her Beiste out from the School. Will they succeed?

In the mean time, newcomers are pouring in into that Ohioan school and the Glee Club wants more recruits, but as usual, Rachel, not wanting to let go of her throne as the Solo Queen devises a plan to get rid of Sunshine Corazon, a great Filipino exchange student cum singer. Finn meanwhile, is in the process of pursuading a new big mouth [literally] student, Sam Evans to enter the Club. Will Sunshine and Sam enter the Club?

Artie, meanwhile, has a problem of his own - Tina, breaks off with him and date with fellow Asian, Mike Chang. Racists? Whatever it is, the good intention of Finn to help Artie To get back Tina definitely pays off in the wrong way. As usual, the Cheerios plays an integral role in the story, and Santana, well, she's in big trouble, BIG trouble. Good news: Quinn's BACK! [as in her mean streak].

All in all, the season's opener is a truly great episode and we can be prettty sure that we'll be treated with a great season of comedy, musical and life roller coaster with Glee!



Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Gleeks Rule!

Season 2

Booyeah to the Max!

I wanna watch it like so bad!

gleeks rule!

Back! (Again)

Just got back in Sabah last night. Planes delayed twice – one from Kuala Terengganu to KL, and the other from KL to KK… Dread…

Anyway, we got a debate today, and I’m the MC, and it sucks, big time, I mean just for the second round. LOL. Still, it’s a good experience and I look forward to do it better next time, if I have that 'next time'. Huhuh…

So, still in raya mood [just an excuse for not getting myself to do the appending assignments… Haha]. Whatever it is, a note to myself:

Change, Yes We Can!

Procrastination Sucks to the Max!

[What’s up with my blog post today? Like a weirdo???? LOL]

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I Like This!

I like to stalk [sounds like a gangster or something. LOL] blogs, and one of my fave one is this

From her blog [she's a teacher too, by the way], I found out about ee cummings, and well, his poems are unique. So I tried to make one. Well, not that good, but I personally like it – maybe because of its quirkiness [Don't bother my sense of over-achieving here]. [See something?]

In t Hislife

Hide (not), for

e-ve-ry(one)youlove is

al- ways t H e r e for you

reach-aNd-s-peak(out) while-you ‘re-at-it, hopeandprayforthem

t r y a n d b e




Monday, 20 September 2010

Hello Goodbye



Hello again


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Malaysia Day!





[I'm happy that I got to live in both the peninsula and the island! Wheee~!]

We are the nation’s future generation.

Be the best, and live your aspiring dreams.

Make our country proud.

No matter where all of you came from,

From a city in the west coast,

Or a village in the Sarawakian Mountain range,

To the valley in the interior of Sabah,

Or maybe a Terenganuese coastal settlement,

even a house in Kedah's paddy field.

14 states, 28 million people,


Have an awesome Malaysia Day!

16th September 1963,

The day when Malaya, Sarawak, and North Borneo became a family.

The day when Malaysia is born.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Can't Take That Away From Me

Well, I'm waiting for many album, and in that wait
one of my all-time favourites had produced this new mixtape


It's a nice surprise, actually. Besides, it's free.
Yeap, JoJo is so nice to give us the mixtape FOC. That's so nice of her.
No wonder I like her.

OK. First thing first: What's a mixtape?

From our favourite Wikipedia:

A mixtape or mixed tape is a compilation of songs recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a compact audio cassette. A mixtape, which usually reflects the musical tastes of its compiler, can range from a casually selected list of favorite songs, to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood, to a highly personal statement tailored to the tape's intended recipient.

JoJo said this:
"This mixtape is more experimental, I was able to explore the full spectrum of things that interest me and inspire me musically. Whereas the album, I wanted to make pop records and radio hits and things that satisfy me, but particularly for [All I Want Is Everything], it’s more of a continuous body of work."

Her mixtape is a conceptual one and from what I currently listened to, yeap, it's quite different from her usual type of music. Her vocal, as always, in the top-notch. Some songs are urban, while the others are catchy and pop-py. You will find yourself popping your feet to the beat of those catchy tracks while feeling her deep feeling to those emotional RnB and laid-back, relaxing ones. Different tracks, different vibes and uniqueness.

Here's a full list of songs in the mixtape:

1. Can’t Take That Away From Me
2. Running on Empty
3. Pretty Please
4. Why Didn’t You Call
5. Just a Dream
6. When Does It Go Away featuring Travis Garland
7. My Time Is Money
8. What You Like featuring Jordan Gatsby
9. In the Dark
10. Boy Without a Heart
11. All I Want Is Everything

All I can say that, she's all grown up, and CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME is a winner.
♥ it!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Of Elevator and Butterfly

It's time to face the truth.

What truth?

That in four months, I'll be leaving the age of innocence [yeah, right!], the teenage years, and become an [young] adult, which is not I've been expecting in the recent years. I just cannot, well, accept the fact that I'll be 20 real soon. 20 seems to be a huge number, a number with a lot of responsibilities.

I know, being teenagers, we just like to have fun, we just like to not be given hard and demanding tasks, not just any 'simple' college work, but things related to our lives. Every moment that we had is filled with those joyous occasions, and then, suddenly, here we are, in the brink, leaving this short, fun [and sometimes confusing] period of life, and in front of us, is a new, large world. We lean on our parents, on our friends all this while, but all of that, they are going to end, I'm not saying that we cannot lean on them, but people, the adults now look at us, as part of them, and they want us to stand on our feet, and try to resolve everything, big or small, beginning with our own selves, to look on ourselves in depth, to try and imagine things from an adult perspectives.

A lot of times, we do bring our traits from the past, benign and lethal, to our future. I know I'll bring lots of them. I have this feeling, a feeling of inferiority that is inside me since I was small. I live with it, and sometimes, that inferior feeling merged to the surface, and made me wonder, am I suitable enough to be what I want? It made me wonder, do I really will be successful or at least be useful to the community and myself in the future? It made me wonder, I'm a douche-bag sometimes, don't I? I'm afraid if I would live throughout my 'adult' life with no more than my own self, nothing to live for, nothing to be respected for, nothing to be proud of. If you search through the crapstuff list, you'll see my name. I know I'm not mature. Deep down, I still wish that I live in 1990s or at least in my secondary-school years

In the same moment, though, 20 is just a number. 20 is just a number to show how long we have stayed on this earth. 20 is a number of maturity, when we are likely to have discovered that it's a land of opportunities out there. We are a part of the working, moving, hectic world. We have evolved and we are in an age where we need to be respected for who we are but of course, we work to let others know that the respect we get is well earn. 20s is an age of maturity. Even if we are not mature, we can still learn, for learning don't stop when we reach a particular age. I have a sense that I may not be so mature enough in my 20s but what's life without some immaturity. We can still have a little, or a bit more, part that are young, like a kid. If our 20 is successful, by our own terms, not others, it become a sort of a realization that our hard work during our young years is really good. We did the right thing in ensuring our path is right on track.

Yeah. 20 is a large number, when we think that it is just like yesterday that we are in schools. I still think about it. Still, 20 will come, and 20 too, will end, and then we'll be in our so-called middle age life [and crisis], which might be more challenging. Why? Because we realise we are not really young anymore. In an instance, we might find ourselves to have grandchildrens, or maybe have the title of great grandparents. That's far ahead in our life, I might add here.

Well, maybe venturing into a new territory is frightening, but if we prepare ourselves very well, it should be a breeze, not at all times since you might gravitate towards a different choice when the other is right, but making choices is a learning process. More so, life's like an elevator, the elevator goes up, the elevator comes down [David Archuleta's song lyrics]. You find yourselves in a wrong floor, or end up in the wrong lift, or press the wrong button, but in the end, if you know your destination, you'll end up, where you want to be. Life's is like a butterfly, it evolves. No matter how ugly it was in the first place, later it will be something colourful that we'll cherish.

Life is still fun, go and just be young-at-heart, it's not a restricted thing, just not be too young.

Perhaps in four months, a better life emerge from the hide, who knows?

Monday, 13 September 2010


Fear is in every human being. Human are breed with fear.

Life is about fear.
We fear on things untried before, big or small, thinking that if we fail, it will be a laughing stock of everyone around us. We fear of stepping into a new territory, a place where we never ventured before is like the forbidden city. Lots of opportunities, but we are not determine enough to push our feet to the front, thinking that if we make an unintentional slip, that place will forever be out of our reach. We fear on saying words we want to say all this while, the truth, the words that can change lives, thinking that we might make others to stay away from us that we rather hurt ourselves. We fear of tomorrow, thinking what if yesterday's bad luck will move on to this new unrelated day.

All of us went through this, one time or many.

We wish we are fearless.
Fearless to go there. Fearless to be this. Fearless to try new thing.


Not a great thing.

With fear, we have someone we hold dear to be with us, to say things that calm us, to have those favourite comfort food in our bed. With fear, we have thoughts when moving in to a new place, calculating the worse and the best that could possibly happen and be ready for them. With fear, love is a great thing. The last relationship hurt us, and now before heading to a new one, we have something to hold on to, the fact that we fear this one would crumble too, and just do anything to keep it strong, but if it does, we know we can go through this one too. With fear, we leave our old self, embracing a better us realising now that we are a better person for others, a better person for our own sake. With fear, we say we are wrong when we know others are right or stand for ourselves when others are wrong. Fear gives us strength to try and to learn, to know that everything that we never do is not something to be afraid off. Fear makes us determine to propel to the unreachable height before.

Fear is a strong feeling. A good feeling that get us going through our lives, non-stop, to find anything that keeps us better, relieved, calm.

When you know there are fear, then you know you are fearless.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Raya: The Typical Things

Raya: The Typical Things

Rendang, both Chicken and Beef
Sambal Satay

New shirts
New shoes
[Oh... That's me...]

Mom preparing so much food
Mom buying so much home decors
Mom think twice about the thing she had bought
Mom frantically doing all Raya preparation

Like my friend said, TV shows about keinsafan and kemaafan
Special Raya dedication + Musical programmes
Radio stations [no matter if they're Malay or English-oriented], all play Raya songs
Saloma's Selamat Hari Raya

Shops selling goods with discount up until 75%
Kids in hospitals because of fireworks
Houses shimmering with light
Raya cards/SMS
Solat Raya
People coming to their neighbours/relatives homes [they actually only come during Raya]
Duit Raya [$$$$]



Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Happy Eid
Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Raya

Maaf Zahir dan Batin


It's Raya and I'm posting Japanstuff...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

Semoga Raya Kali ini akan memberi keberkatan kepada hidup kita.
Harap diampunkan segala salah silap yang Afiq lakukan kepada semua orang, tidak kira jauh atau dekat.

Makanlah rendang dengan ketupat elok-elok tau.
Pastu nak kuih raya...
Duit raya pon sama! Hahah!

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Happy Eid! May Peace Be Upon You!
Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Raya!