Monday, 27 December 2010

Hello Degree~! I hope your SLT of 5303 [although I don't know what it is] will be good to me!

UiTM Sabah is sure big compared to IPG Gaya… Haha. So, why are we here? It’s for the orientation of course. As SM TESLians, we are twinned with UiTM, and so in 2012-13, we will be staying in UiTM Puncak Alam in Shah Alam. For 2011 and 2014 which is our final year, IPG Gaya is our home.

The official name of this orientation is:


[nama tak menahah tuh… Haha]

We are not informed yet about the contents of this week, but we sure know about out sillibus from 2011-14…

Subjects that I [think I would] like are:

Literature in English


Ethnic relations

Third language [seriously, I never thought that we will have this… Yeay! I’m taking Japanese! Whee~!]

Methodology Subjects

Creative Writing

Asian Literature

Well, those are only some of them…

There is also co-curriculum for semester 1-3. Nevertheless, logistics problems forced us to change it to semester 3-5. The third semester, we are obliged to take Kesatria Negara and I’m thinking, is it the same as PALAPES or is it the other name for PALAPES? Anyway, for the fourth and fifth semester, we can choose our own co-curriculum, so maybe I’ll try Public Speaking for 4th semester, and either Literature Appreciation or Drama for 5th semester.

Anyway, MDS just started today, so I don’t have much to talk about… but I will be looking forward to my first year as a degree student. Booyeah!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Hello Degree

Be Alive

What makes love hurt? Love hurts if your fragile heart is shattered into pieces knowing that your crush, be it a guy or a girl, cannot accept you. Love hurts if every night, tears of regret fall down and you think that you cannot be loved because you are not what he or she likes. Love hurts if you know you cannot be with the one you adore if you don’t change yourself for that person. Love hurts if a sweet relationship in the beginning turns into a meaningless junk. Love hurts if one day in the future, you realise that you should have said those words to that person. Love hurts if you still remember the thing that made it hurt in the first place. You kept your smile hidden because of all these things.

You are awesome. You are beautiful. You know that. All those days of pain, and sadness, and helplessness, it will all be eclipsed when you see what the world actually contains. A walk in a park, may just be a walk to remember for who knows what event might be unfolded there. Breathe. Life’s too short to moan for everything under the collective term of misery. Put an end to it. Smile. Not the hardest thing to do. Lie on the grass, dip your feet in the beach, and run wild. Be free. You don’t live forever. Take time to enjoy every moment of your life. Everything, from as small as a butterfly, to as big as time itself, will put your smile in the rightful place, perhaps in an unexpected moment. Live life, don’t press the pause button. You deserve to feel the flawlessly-crafted chaotic, beautiful world around you. Your heart deserves a better chance to beat perfectly for you. One day, love will cover all regrets, grief, and ache.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Top Choices of Two Thousand and Ten

Granted, 2010 may not be a year that we like, or we don’t like. As for me, one important fact to remember [at least for me] is that this is the last year I will have the number 1 in front of my age. Okay, it seems like I’m preoccupied with my age like girls, actually I’m not, but from 12 January and thereafter, I’m sort of… old!

Well, I’m not here to talk about my age, but about my top picks in a number of stuffs. Booyeah. Like what? Let’s just get started…

Top Choices in Music!

Best Male Album: David Archuleta – The Other Side of Down

Best Female Album: Taylor Swift – Speak Now

Best Group Album: The Band Perry – The Band Perry

Best Pop/Rock Song: Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie

Best R&B/Hip-hop Song: Flo-Rida – Club Can’t Handle Me

Best Country Song: David Nail – Red Light

Honourable Mention: Bruno Mars

Top Choices in Motion Picture!

Motion Picture of the Year and Best Sci-fi/Action: Unstoppable

Best Romantic-comedy: Life as We Know It

Best Fantasy: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Best Animation: How to Train Your Dragon

So, there you have it. Just to voice out my [maybe-you-think-it's-biased] opinion. Haha! Not like they will win an award or something. LOL.


I am happy…

…but people just don’t understand me sometimes. I am reserved, taciturn, quiet, and most of the times, I just like to be alone. I don’t say what I feel to others. I have always kept my feelings inside me. It’s not a burden. To be frank, making friends is the burden. I never make the first move to know someone, and honestly, I can’t even start the simplest of conversation. So, with that in mind, things I did can even be a source of tension for other parties.

Honestly, being outgoing is not me. I don’t have those needs to hang out with friends. I can just go out alone, and yes, it’s dangerous, especially in places I'm not familiar with. Nevertheless, life in IPG thought me that sometimes, I have to loosen up myself, take a walk, and think of ways to engage myself in a situation, but mostly, it failed. Sorry... [but I’m learning].

One more thing, I’m not born to please everybody in a circle. I know you want me to change, but change sounds much better as a theory in a paper. Changing is hard but I’ll do it, little by little. Let’s say it’s my small wish for the upcoming year. You know what I really want? I want to be brave.

Brave to stand up for what I want, to counter attack people who got the nerve to mess with me, ready to speak English with proper intonation, volume, speed, and definitely sky high confidence, ready to try to ride a motorbike [I am scared to ride on my own, that's absurd for a guy who's almost 20 years old, right?], ready to say things out loud!

I know I can be brave, because life is nothing short of magic. I will never stop trying.

Tag lagi bah...

Bah, tua sia setahun... Palis-palis la benda-benda yang nda elok tahun depan. Harapan sia paling tinggi untuk 2011… Cek bawah la bah!

1. Perkara yang penting berlaku tahun 2010 ?

Berbagai-bagai perkara. Sia rasa sia kena usaha untuk jadi lebih baik lagi… Walaupun malas sebanarnya… Haha…

2. Lagu hit jadi favourite ?

Apa-apa dari David Archuleta… Huahaha

3. Benda yg buat happy sangat2 ...

Nda tau, bah. Barangkali banyak agaknya.

4. Mesti ada perkara yg kt regret.. Apalah kunun 2 perkara ...

Semua orang ada kan?

5. Misi2 yang mungkin tidak tercapai tahun ni, tp ada buat time new year 2009 ...

Sia nda pernah bermisi pa-pa. Huhuh…

6. Kejadian2 yang pelik @ tidak disangka2 berlaku ..

Nda ada pa-pa

7. Ada sikap2 berubah ka ? p positif/negatif ...

Dua-dua kot?

8. Rindu ka 2010 ?

Mungkin ada perkara yang sia rindu.

9. Azam tahun 2011 !! Hehe ...

Bulih guna ‘bah’ dengan lebih baik. Haha…

10. Tag orang2 yang berkenaan...

Sapa-sapa pun bulih bah!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My 2010's Highly Graphical but Not-so-in-depth Review

The Reasons Why

Serendipity /ˌsɛr·ən·ˈdɪp·ɪ·ti/ n
An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Let’s be honest here, okay mate?

First thing first, I know that being a teacher is not everyone’s cup of tea. How about me? Frankly, it was serendipitous that my friend actually put the light on me that IPGs all around the country were on the process of taking new students for July 2010. Yes. I didn’t know that at the first place. Shoot me. So does this make me a liar for telling you guys that I actually WANT to be a teacher? NO. How to say this? After you get second chance in your life, you want to make the best of it.

How did I being a teacher became the second chance? I never think of it, it’s just that I lost sense of direction of choosing my tertiary education after SPM. Come on, not so many places in Malaysia want to take someone with 5As right? Luckily, IPG came along, and I was saved from becoming a useless person, and that is not an exaggeration. I can finally put something that I like, that is English, for a good cause: to be a teacher and serve the country. Is it me, or those words seem to be politically inclined somehow. I did get heartache at first. You see, I was the second intake. I think my appointment [pardon me. I couldn’t find a better word for temuduga] didn’t go very well. Oh well… I am still in the desperate need of making my spoken English a hell lot better!

Anyway, people [especially my mom] always ask me, why I choose SM, instead of SR. Just two reasons: first, I love adorable kids, but I can’t teach them. Period. I’m not born to teach SR pupils. My friends know about it. Second [this may sound snobby, and sure make me look like a snob], I believe that I have the capabilities of teaching SM students because of my… err, well-grasp basic of English grammar and literature. See? Snobbish isn’t it... but really, the road doesn’t end in one night. I still have a lot to learn. Maybe this post, as well as other post in this blog has grammatical mistakes. Who knows? Besides, SM is fun… right? So, there you have it, the reasons why I entered IPG.

2010 is about to close its door. How is my experience here so far? Some were good, some bad. One thing, sometimes life there was so boring that I put my face in front of the laptop 24/7. Not a good thing eh? So, how should I replace it? Find a hobby? I think with the allowance of RM600++ per month [nyeheheh…], I could afford a novel sometimes. Then again, I have novels there which I didn’t read… So, err… I think I should finish them first, right? Lazy scumbag…

Anyway, from LDS to Shakespeare, Macbeth dramatisation to TESL Night, and of course all those little events that involve me, and my friends, or those big ones which involve the institute itself [sometimes, I do feel that IPG Gaya has numerous event every month], all are experiences [‘experience’ don’t have plural, isn’t it?] that I will surely treasure. One big thing about these experiences is that I got to do it in Sabah. It might seem weird, but yeah, I love living there.

I think next year, everything’s going to be better and bigger.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

One Moment Ending, Another Moment to Begin



Wow. Time sure flies very fast. I still remember the day I stepped in Gaya as a TESL Foundation student, a mere one and a half year ago. Now, I am definitely counting the days I will be leaving Terengganu, and fly back to Sabah, and moving on to degree.

Let’s move on.

About the degree [that has the very long name of B. ED in TESL IPG-KPM Twinning with IPTA 3rd Cycle], there will be a number of subjects like TITAS and Counselling, and for the co-curriculum, the dreaded PALAPES… Maybe for some novelty [or perhaps because it’s convenient], our orientation is to be held in UiTM Sabah in Sepanggar. 27th of December is the day. Of course, we are only there for the orientation. The rest of our studies are in IPG Gaya. Yeah, because we are of SM, and because we follow UiTM course, we [for the semenanjung ones] need to be in Sabah earlier than the others.

*violin playing as the BGM*

To be frank, all TESL SM and SR classes are not yet informed about our final exam’s results, so basically, I think the nervousness still creeps into the spine for a number of times. Language Description [LDS] is the one that I’m worried about. Hey, what’s the use of becoming an English teacher if you don’t have a good grasp on grammar?

Anyway, degree… Here we come!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sunday, 12 December 2010

What if...?

What if...
my style is wrong?
others are much better than me?
I live in the wrong, though I know I'm right all this time?
I let others overpower me, when I can say no?
everyday there's a new adventure out there?
I don't do it again after a mistake?
I don't raise my hand to answer?
others want to go left, when I want to go right?
differences in me are the things that made me, me?
my life is on the barren side of the field?
I just follow my heart and head sometimes?
love breaks me?
mistakes haunt me all the time?
there's a monster in my closet?
green actually looks good on me?
I'm afraid?

What if...
I give myself a try?

What if...
I miss those great chances of my life?

What if...
everything I can do, actually creates a better me?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Just Maybe

All the Obsessions About Money, Wang, Moolah, Chien!

Oh, come on... Admit it... All of us have obsession with money,
especially if the money is actually foreign currency! Haha... I love foreign money!
The face of Mao Ze Dong/Mao Tse Tung... Names in Hanyu Pinyin/Wade-Giles...
Tak boleh hina die ni... Haha
The most controversial note in the world... You think?
Large sum of money... You're not rich though...
Long live the money... Haha... GBP10 = MYR65... Haha
How about using this when you travel to Korea to meet your favourite Kpop stars? LOL...

Well, those are some of notes that I have, but most in my collections are coins... Huhu...

Tag Tag Tag... Again...

This time, I was tagged by Zell… Ceh… Haha

Selalu bangun pukul berapa?

Don’t ask that… *whistles away*

Ramai kawan lelaki ke perempuan?

50-50 maybe?

Bila 1st time bercinta?

Aku tidak pernah berperasaan sebegitu… Sorila kalo aku membosankan… Haha!

Tau memasak ke tak? masak apa? (paling superb la yang anda tau


Rajinlah tolong mak masak. Tau masak? Tak pasti… LOL!

Perkara paling lucu yang pernah berlaku dalam hidup anda.

Banyak kot…

Perkara paling gila anda buat.

Mungkin banyak jugak… Haha! So, I can’t remember… but I want to bungy jump. Hoho…

Jawatan anda semasa sekolah menengah.

Librarian. Nama yang lebih gile glamer: Pengawas Pusat Sumber. Aku suke kerje tu. Pakai tie biru, baju kuning… Seluar pon biru… Heheh… Waktu paling menggembirakan di sekolah. Dapat makan pon free… Hahah!

Selalu keluar dengan member tak? berapa kali sebulan?

Agak selalu… sampai habis elaun. Meh kite berazam sempena Maal Hijrah. Jangan belanja banyak sangat [ceh, bile elaun dah banyak baru nak berazam camtu… LOL!]

Dengan kawan-kawan guna bahasa aku/ saya/ atau nama sendiri?

That depends on the conditions and circumstances. Bese kat Ganu, gune name sendiri la. Memang sepatutnye camtu kan?

Dah berpunya atau tidak? kalau sudah, berapa lama anda kenal si dia?

Saya masih single. Available? Entah. Tengok ar dulu… Tunggu ar umur aku 30… Haha! Don’t expect me to be romantic, and I will definitely will never use these words: ‘you’, and ‘I’, if the conversation is not in English. You know how they use those words in rojak-ed Malay. Geli la… Haha

Perkara yang paling pantang sekali apa? means memang yang anda tak suka lah.

Tak pasti.

If ada orang yang baru dikenali mintak no. telefon, apa respon anda?

Pernah wat… and don’t want to do it again.

Bila ada je duit, anda suka beli apa?

Aku suke makan. Suke Yoyo milky tea!

Nama glamor anda masa sekolah?

Glamorkah? Heheh… Well, just call me Afiq.

Anda selalu habiskan kredit (sms/call) untuk siapa?


Sudah tercapaikah hajat anda? cerita pasal hajat anda.

I don’t even know my wish, but for now, just to be a successful student. Lololo…

Apa yang korang paling geli?


Pernah accident/ injured teruk tak selama ini?

Pernah… and it hurts [nama pon accident… hampeh]

Perkara terakhir yang anda nak buat dalam dunia ni?

Membunuh orang. Tak tegar melakukannya, melainkan keadaan memaksa… Hahah!

Tag 10 orang yang blog nya cantik:

Argh… Sape-sape je la… Hahah!

5SC1 Reunion!

This post will be written in Malay… Hahah…

OK. Semalam aku dengan kawan-kawan aku [tak semuala] dari kelas 5 Ibnu Al-Nafis a.k.a. 5SC1 a.k.a. 501 dari SMK Ibrahim Fikri [percayala… sekolah ni agak terkenal di daerah Kuala Terengganu] telah mengadakan reunion!

Asalnye nak wat di Masjid Terapung, tapi takut hujan, kitorang wat kat sekolah je… Penyer tak hujan pon hari tu… Cheh… Haha…

Yeay… Lama tak jupe korang. Selain jupe kawan-kawan lama, dapatlah makan nasi minyak ngan air sirap berserta kek coklat. Selain tu ade la main games sikit cam Balloon Train, Top Model, dan Blind Shapes. Hadiah? Cikedis… Huhuh…

And so, here’re the photos from the event!

Foto sendiri wajib diletak… Haha

Piro and Masturina [a.k.a. Kok]... Belon Piro la tu yang letup habis... Lalala
Sekadar hiasan.
Bermanja-manja sambil wat air sirap...
Amira and the Dice
Skema habis...
The boys [Din, Anuar, Piro]
The girls [Matun, Amira, Intan, Sofea (Mdm. Director), Tikah, Kok, Yayah, Farhana]

Next year, we can do this again! Haha

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Creative channel... [Not here...]

What do you know, it's December and I still don't know the results of my foundation's final exam. I'm nervous about it. I don't want to go back to Sabah just to resit it. My family is not rich, the aeroplane tickets will be expensive.

Anyway, I've been busying myself these few days by doing some photo manipulations. What is photo manipulation? If I am to tell you, then it would be this: photo manipulation is making a new picture by mixing and manipulating stuffs from other photos or other resources such as brushes or actions. The new picture will be totally different... which is more or less the things I did. Not that pro, okay? Of course all these manipulation thingy would not happen without Zell. She's the person who introduced me to this world, and kick-started [or kicked-start?] me into doing these... LOL...

Thanks to Adobe Photoshop Cs5 and its amazing new features, I can do photo manipulations easily and put it in my deviantART... Huhu... If you have time, go to They are not that great, but I put a lot of efforts in all of them. Now if only I did the same for my studies... Haha... [practically nervous... -.-]

Now, I can't wait for reunion... Heheh... Tomorrow!!! Okay guys. That's all for now... Sayounara~!