Sunday, 12 December 2010

What if...?

What if...
my style is wrong?
others are much better than me?
I live in the wrong, though I know I'm right all this time?
I let others overpower me, when I can say no?
everyday there's a new adventure out there?
I don't do it again after a mistake?
I don't raise my hand to answer?
others want to go left, when I want to go right?
differences in me are the things that made me, me?
my life is on the barren side of the field?
I just follow my heart and head sometimes?
love breaks me?
mistakes haunt me all the time?
there's a monster in my closet?
green actually looks good on me?
I'm afraid?

What if...
I give myself a try?

What if...
I miss those great chances of my life?

What if...
everything I can do, actually creates a better me?

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