Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Just want to say...

Friday, 26 August 2011


That’s my name transliterated into Chinese characters.
You can actually call me as Ah Fei! Ngiahaha~

Stop living in a cocoon. Go broaden your mind. There are so many things in our country that we can learn to make our lives better. Embrace other people: their culture, religions, languages, way of living, and way of thinking. Nothing bad can happen by those kinds of learning and understanding.

Don’t be stupid, self-centred, and cast your hands to the others for a misunderstanding. Being volatile will not bring you anywhere. A little thought will be fine, but having a bigger picture of all the culture around us is a great thing.

5°20′0″N 103°9′0″E

I’m coming home to Terengganu tomorrow!

Bye Sabah!

Will miss you! Going to be back soon!

*RAYA MODE turned on*

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


‘Tis strange how he galumphs, galumphs

A foot hurt, marching in dog days.

The moor’s grasses slashes, skin-deep

Like saltwater to a cut

Agony he feels

And elephantine he goes

Galumph, galumph

He goes

Cape and hood, soot and dust

A bag, vacant



Poor boy he is

A life vexes and perplexes

Him this much

Yet, still he shows

A young face,


Fairest light of hope

“May thou live for a time so long thee live,

And end up with a life

Frabjous and exuberant”

This is as insignificant as cleaning your shoes

Yes. When holiday is looming on the horizon, all bodily bones (have a lot of them) are getting lazier and lazier and lazier and lazier and… you get the idea. Important things that are important are turning insignificantly insignificant and pretty petty anymore. Sigh… sigh… and more sighs… and more more sighs here.



Prootle prootle prootle

Diddle diddle diddle

Plang plang plang

Skuttle skuttle skuttle

Shlack shlack shlack



That’s a lazybum’s post

Right now, every brain in my cell… err… every cell in my brain wants Friday to come as fast as possible.

Okay! I’ll be my usual self soon… and I bet you too.

Before Long

A young boy is on his way to a kindergarten with his mom. He hastily walks, and jumps, and laughs raucously. Two steps, ten steps, fifty steps, one hundred and twenty nine steps later, he trips and bleeds. It hurts, but the boy does not cry. He does not want to. The boy thinks that he needs to be a man. The boy just holds his tears, now forming thin pools in his eyes. Still, he tries to not let a single drop falls. The boy still thinks that he needs to be a man. Suddenly, he smells something, a sweet, satisfying aroma that floats like fish in the water, sweet vanilla ice cream. He looks up. The mother is holding it. She says, don’t stop… just cry. The boy can’t hold on any longer. In the end, he just sobs. It’s not because he wants that ice cream, but he knows somehow he needs to shed those tears. He sniffs and snorts. His mom embraces him tightly, knowing that tender moments of an innocent boy like this will end soon before she even realises it.

Consider today’s your last day

What do you want to die for? What do you want to lie for? What is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you? How about the darkest moment? Any regrets? Any gratitude? Do you have anything to change? Maybe not… or maybe it’s a yes. All this time, do you only exist… or live?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Pandora's Box

How tough we are in fighting the adversities that we have, the bad antics that we do? It looks as if that many of us slip right in the middle of solution, or maybe even during the early part. We might never reach the light at the end of the tunnel, even if we see it from afar. Some problems, some habits are too hard to be handled and erased. We sink deeper and deeper into the hole of despair. In the end all those difficulties are left, to only be seen again later in our lives.

A lot of times, we did try and try, but we will always do or come across all those good-for-nothing stuff again. It’s hard to be good, and it’s hard to have a good life, yet you can be as evil as a maniac easily. Not to mention, awful matters will come to you. We want to lead a great life. Our penchant to be good is there, but the action is none.

We hope that we’ll be better in the future, but a hope is just a hope.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The blue-dressed girl plummeted into the hole and landed on a tiled floor. She was in terror at first, but her mind got better when she saw a ladder. The girl was about to climb it when, at the very last moment, she turned her head towards her behind. There, her eyes came across a large door. It has a tiny keyhole, and thanks to it, at least a little bit of sunray could light up the dark room. Fascinated by it, the girl walked forward, bended her legs a bit, and peeped through the keyhole. Oh boy, what she saw amazed her. The place behind the door was colourful and bizarre, with so many magical things. She looked up again. She could hear people desperately calling her name. The upper world was less fascinating now since she had seen another kind of land. She did not want to be up there. She wanted to be free from the toughness and roughness of living a life. The girl finally decided that anything should be done for her to get into the new country. So, quickly she touched the door knob and she managed to get to the other side of it. Wind ruffled her hair. Her feet moved one step, two steps, three, and four. Her breaths were getting deeper. The soil was even more damp as further as she went. Her eyes were getting tired, colours were leaving from her. Greyer, blacker, darker her vision became. It seemed impossible, but the girl soon forgot the reason for her presence there. She even failed to remember her own name. She was getting too tired. The voices she heard earlier were fading.

At the last call, she succumbed to her weakness and fell to the ground. The spacious brown sky changed into a small dot of light. She thought she heard faint frantic, anxious voices upstairs, but the last of the sounds disappeared. The girl wanted to scream, but vines covered her mouth forcefully. She sank deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper she went, and soil coated her body. Her last sight was of earth covering her eyes, painfully.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


It is very true that people always see the flaws of the others more than their own flaws. When it comes to our own selves though, we are afraid to ask even our circle of friends about our imperfections. Maybe we are afraid of those dreadful but true [probably…] things that they say, and will deny them one by one.

It’s kind of hard isn’t it to search for your own weaknesses? Maybe physical ones are easy, but how about those emotional flaws and your attitudes? You can’t define yourself. Still, our Achilles' heels can be rectified. You just need to find out about them. The only difference is how you learn about them – the good way, or the harsh way.

So, what’re my flaws according to my friends? [Well, we did this sort of game during Literature in Malaysian School course’s class where our friends pointed out the flaws of a person by using adjectives. We were learning the short story One is One and All Alone that time]

Skinny: I don’t even know if this is indeed a flaw. Well, maybe physically. I can eat a lot, but I will always stay thin like a twig. Blame it to my body’s high metabolism. Ngiahaha~

Irritating (sometimes): Well, what to do… I’m kind of childish anyway [or most possibly that is what I think of myself… hahaha]. Sometimes, I don’t even know the times when people are irritated by my antics. Forgive me for my entire bad manner. Pax~

Sloppy: Mdm Sharifah said this to me since there will always be that time in every day when I will hit, knock, or trip over stuffs. Okay? Maybe that’s one thing that I don’t know how to fix. Look carefully at where my hands or feet are moving perhaps?

Over-reacting: Hahaha~ I guess this is really true. I see a thing I want, I’ll over-react. I like the food that I eat, I’ll over-react. I suddenly speak English with a wrong grammar, I’ll over-react [err…], you get the idea. Promise to not be melodramatic next time! Ngiahaha~

Our innate flaws are impermanent. The time for us to change them for the better is very long.



On the fence

Says cuckoo

A new sunshine


Out from it

Those delicate

Petal-like wings


On the ground

A squirrel

Climbs up


The fisherman’s net

Mended before

Destroyed again


Moonless sky

Fluttering owl

Flies freely

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sutera Harbour's Views

Just some photos of Sutera Harbour, KK [at the yacht piers actually]. Why we were there in the first place? Well, the place was the location for a photoshoot {click here}, and I was a kind of assistant for two photographers: Zell and Syed. Yes, it was fun! Hahaha~!
[all these photos were taken with my camera phone... hahahah]

Bah, Pa yang Ko Buat?

Sorry for the sudden lameness... My conscience won't stop me from posting this photo! Biahahahaha~!
Photo courtesy of Ajit_Artography... Kekekeh~!

Doodle Them Away!

So, you don’t have time to be creative? Think again! How about if you make your own doodles book? I got this idea from a book that I saw in Times Bookstore at Suria Sabah. Fill the pages with anything. Just get down and be dirty, scribble anything, wreck the book, fill it with meaningless things! Just have fun!

Me Gusta









Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Here be Dragons

Life is like a ship. You’re the captain. New things or places are like strange and uncharted waters that strike fear and terror upon the hearts of humans. Fear can change people, even the strongest of a person. You are pessimistic about doing new things, achieving new heights, venturing new places, but when you believe that you can be great: YOU WILL BE GREAT. No one will believe you if you never put the faith in yourself. The ship needs to be steered to the right path. Even if the pages of the map are hard to read at first, even if those longitudes and latitudes are indistinguishable, even if the seas are treacherous, shallow, or shark-infested, if you trust yourself and search for the answers along the way, in the end, the destination will dawn on you.

You will find nothing but gold in the place where they wrote Here be Dragons.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Mari Bermoreh!

My class was given the duty to do a moreh [I don’t even know how to define it in English, or even Malay] in Surau An-Nur a few hours ago. Now, what can I say about it? Let’s see, moreh is when a group of people work together to prepare a small feast for the people who gather at the musolla [surau]. Actually, that was pretty much what we’ve done… hahaha… plus cleaning the utensils, and cutting the scrumptious sweetmeats [kuih… but why ‘meat’?], and preparing refreshments. It was tiring, but fun too! Next Saturday coming up!!!

Books to Eat... err... Read!

Spent some [some?] money on these babies…

Hello there!

So, what are your insights or notions about reading? Personally, I find reading to be a pleasurable and satisfying thing to do. Not to mention, relaxing. The printed words are one of the pinnacles of human creativity and a great way to kill time. Imaginations run wild when you’re reading, don’t you think so? Some people don’t like to read since it can take a lot of time, especially if the book you are trying to finish is over 600 pages long [usually, books like that are novels].

Nevertheless, I think what my mother did when I was little [you know, early exposure to alphabets and stuff] was the stepping stone in making me an avid reader. I love novels especially. The ways those authors write their stories and characters are amazing, and I wish I could pen something like them. Besides, when you read, you are also improving your vocabularies, grammar. In other words, many aspects in language can benefit from this hobby. The only drawback of buying novels here in our country is the price… Sometimes, those novels’ retailing price is over RM30-40… anyway, I’m reading Harry Potter series right now.Yes, I admit it: I’m not one of the early readers of HP, but that’s because HP was quite hard to find in Kuala Terengganu before [or was it?]. Maybe now the stores in Terengganu have the complete series.

Books are like map. People who don’t read have never taken the initiative to venture out from their place. Every time you open a book and read it, you are actually making yourself wiser. Many bit and pieces of knowledge are kept in the pages of a book. You just need to find time to read one. They say a book is a world. I couldn’t agree more.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


This is the penguin that Jacinta and I made for our class' door... Ngehehehe~ Well, what's up this week? Besides fasting, there are a lot *A LOT* of work/tasks/assignments to do... Anyway, I'm looking forward to my School Based Experience for ELT Course after Eid [that's Raya]. Going to do it with my classmate Vileyrina in SK Cluster Sri Gaya, which is of obviously a primary school, but well, it's just an observation, isn't it? I can't wait to see how teachers... errr... teach in school [not that I've never set my feet in school before].


I hope it’s not too late to say