Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The blue-dressed girl plummeted into the hole and landed on a tiled floor. She was in terror at first, but her mind got better when she saw a ladder. The girl was about to climb it when, at the very last moment, she turned her head towards her behind. There, her eyes came across a large door. It has a tiny keyhole, and thanks to it, at least a little bit of sunray could light up the dark room. Fascinated by it, the girl walked forward, bended her legs a bit, and peeped through the keyhole. Oh boy, what she saw amazed her. The place behind the door was colourful and bizarre, with so many magical things. She looked up again. She could hear people desperately calling her name. The upper world was less fascinating now since she had seen another kind of land. She did not want to be up there. She wanted to be free from the toughness and roughness of living a life. The girl finally decided that anything should be done for her to get into the new country. So, quickly she touched the door knob and she managed to get to the other side of it. Wind ruffled her hair. Her feet moved one step, two steps, three, and four. Her breaths were getting deeper. The soil was even more damp as further as she went. Her eyes were getting tired, colours were leaving from her. Greyer, blacker, darker her vision became. It seemed impossible, but the girl soon forgot the reason for her presence there. She even failed to remember her own name. She was getting too tired. The voices she heard earlier were fading.

At the last call, she succumbed to her weakness and fell to the ground. The spacious brown sky changed into a small dot of light. She thought she heard faint frantic, anxious voices upstairs, but the last of the sounds disappeared. The girl wanted to scream, but vines covered her mouth forcefully. She sank deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper she went, and soil coated her body. Her last sight was of earth covering her eyes, painfully.

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