Tuesday, 16 August 2011


It is very true that people always see the flaws of the others more than their own flaws. When it comes to our own selves though, we are afraid to ask even our circle of friends about our imperfections. Maybe we are afraid of those dreadful but true [probably…] things that they say, and will deny them one by one.

It’s kind of hard isn’t it to search for your own weaknesses? Maybe physical ones are easy, but how about those emotional flaws and your attitudes? You can’t define yourself. Still, our Achilles' heels can be rectified. You just need to find out about them. The only difference is how you learn about them – the good way, or the harsh way.

So, what’re my flaws according to my friends? [Well, we did this sort of game during Literature in Malaysian School course’s class where our friends pointed out the flaws of a person by using adjectives. We were learning the short story One is One and All Alone that time]

Skinny: I don’t even know if this is indeed a flaw. Well, maybe physically. I can eat a lot, but I will always stay thin like a twig. Blame it to my body’s high metabolism. Ngiahaha~

Irritating (sometimes): Well, what to do… I’m kind of childish anyway [or most possibly that is what I think of myself… hahaha]. Sometimes, I don’t even know the times when people are irritated by my antics. Forgive me for my entire bad manner. Pax~

Sloppy: Mdm Sharifah said this to me since there will always be that time in every day when I will hit, knock, or trip over stuffs. Okay? Maybe that’s one thing that I don’t know how to fix. Look carefully at where my hands or feet are moving perhaps?

Over-reacting: Hahaha~ I guess this is really true. I see a thing I want, I’ll over-react. I like the food that I eat, I’ll over-react. I suddenly speak English with a wrong grammar, I’ll over-react [err…], you get the idea. Promise to not be melodramatic next time! Ngiahaha~

Our innate flaws are impermanent. The time for us to change them for the better is very long.

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is there any like button in blogger? haha cool entry

Afiq said...

Hahaha~ Yeap! There's an option in your Dashboard's design page that allows you to create LIKE/UNLIKE?WHAT-EVER-BUTTON-YOU-WANT-IT-TO-BE. ^^

Thanks! >.<