Thursday, 28 July 2011



My lecturer said [during our last term’s Education Psychology class] that a person’s personality is actually shaped by what the others distinguish of them. Well, that was what he said, more or less. I think he’s true on that.

You can’t just go to a total stranger and say that you’re a noble, gorgeous person with a nice heart and are very helpful, can you? The public will stare at you like you’re some kind of lunatic… and that, my friend, is your ‘real’ personality.

Okay, you may think that you’re nice and good and this and that, but in the end, it is up to the notions of others on how they perceive you. If they think you’re a great, wise, or helpful in character, then, you can safely say you are.

By the way, don’t you just feel like you want to be in someone else’s brain and discover how they actually feel about you? You can find out how well they like you, how… errr… bad they hate you, the reasons behind all those views about you, you know, so you can think of a way to let yourself be much better in person [or else, to plot some kind of revenge against them… wahaha~]. Then again, I guess if the answers are put in a silver platter in front of us [yes… I think I used the idiom wrongly, thank you…], then life will not be a mystery isn’t it?

You just need to take time to find out about yourselves, and even more time to know how the rest of the planet sees you…

Dear South China Sea

A really old poem [if you could call it a poem] that I made. Suddenly feeling like wanting to post it here… Ngiahaha~

Awkward Monday morning, sunk into the bed,

The clock’s ringing; you’re not strange to it,

Wake up from your sleep; it’s the next day,

And the next, and the next,

Your life starts in an hour,

Throw those blankets,

Hey, the chocolate drink in the cafe’s waiting,

You know you got to pay it.

Wake up, that room’s going to be full in awhile,

You are stuck here, don’t bother,

Cause you’re here,

For better reason,

Hurry up, that lady, she’s isn’t waiting for you,

Come in later, you’ll see a black ring in the book.

Six months straight, it’s boring,

Going to hit the square screen,

25 hours, 8 days a week,

Walk in the big town of Jessel,

Movies and drinks and food,

You going to leave your tasks,

Till its debris’s pocketful,

And you scramble for them

Right before your lines are dead.

You say, ‘dear South China Sea’,

When I’ll go home?

The birdies flying,

The lovebirds passing,

The airplanes roaring,

Cars zip by,

What’s a kid to do?

Just stay here, finish the things you have,

That South China Sea’s going to send,

Your thoughts to the other part of the country,

And you say,

‘Dear South China Sea’,

I’m here for a reason,

The shells, they’re all over the beach,

The sands, all over your feet,

The sun, settling down the horizon,

What’s a kid to do?

So, just stay here, and finish your business.

The South China Sea’s going to send,

Your regards to the place where your hometown sits.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Urusan Aizat Amdan

Went to Hongkod Koisaan for a concert last Friday, and boy… was it awesome! Like, super awesome!!! What was the concert you ask? It was:



Aizat performed a lot of songs from his catalogue – from the old favourites, and all new tracks from his latest album, URUSAN AIZAT AMDAN. Besides Aizat, there were guest artists like:

DJ Fuzz | Altimet | Aziz Jahari | Jimmy Palikat

They were also great! The atmosphere that night was certainly great with the colourful lights, the audience’s liveliness… in other words, tremendously electrifying! Aizat’s music and showmanship were captivating and he was certainly a bundle of energy on the stage. His shirt and guitars were absolutely nice too! I want the shirt! Hahaha~! It was my first concert, and this I have to say: I LOVE IT!

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition

Disclaimer: this post may contain too many Archudorable Archugoodness. Read with discretion. Thanks.

David Archuleta is my favourite artist! So, it’s a great thing for me to discover that Sony Music Asia had just released the repackaged version of his previous album, The Other Side of Down. This repackaged album is known as:


The Other Side Of Down

It contains all songs from TOSOD plus five bonus songs, a DVD-Video containing three MVs his first album, David Archuleta, and one from TOSOD, and lyrics booklet that has magnificent photos of him!. The bonus tracks are Zero Gravity [his unreleased single] and four new songs. All four new tracks inside the album are my new jam! They’re that Archumazing!!!


The Other Side of Down
Something ‘Bout Love
Stomping the Roses
Who I Am
Falling Stars
Parachutes and Airplanes
Look Around
Good Place
This are Gonna Get Better
My Kind of Perfect
Zero Gravity
Love don’t Hate
Everything & More
Notice Me


A Little Too Not Over You
Touch My Hand
Something ‘Bout Love

TOSOD: ATE is really, totally Archusome and I really, totally, absolutely love the album from track one until MV four~!

Told ya’ to read with discretion! Hahaha



One of the famous Malaysian artists, Aizat will be performing here in KK, specifically in Hongkod Koisaan (Unity Hall), Kadazan-Dusun Cultural Association, Penampang.

His songs are quite great. Besides, I’ve never been to any concert in my life. So, perhaps now is a good time, and it’s actually free. Don’t believe that printed RM35. Hahaha…

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Contrails and those Little Times

“Hi, a large cup of cappuccino please, and make it hurry.” said the woman. “I got some work to do.”

The waitress was clearly not amused, but she said it with a good attitude a waiter, or waitress should had, anyway, “No need to worry about it, miss. It’ll come in a jiffy.”

As soon as the waitress went inside, the woman stared at her notebook, writing something with a quite fantastic speed. Her work taught her that she should not waste her time. Being fast was a virtue, not by being patience. She was deeply engaged until something came thumping her feet. She looked at it – a ball, a toy ball. It looked a little like hers – with the red stripes and blue, and all – the one she had when she was small.

“Miss, I’m sorry.” A voice stopped her daydream. It belonged to a young boy. “Is this your ball?” she asked.

“Yes, miss. It’s mine. I’m sorry for hitting you with that.”

The woman smiled, and gave him the ball. “You know, I had one just like this when I was small.”

The boy returned the smile, but added “it was fun, wasn’t it?”

“What was fun?”

“Playing the ball with your best friends” remarked the boy. The woman watched his face. His eyes were showing that he wanted a reply from her. “Well, yes. It was.”

“How about now?”

“Now? We have work to do. We hardly meet” the woman’s eyes gazed at her computer and the papers on her table as she answered the question.

“Then, I don’t want to work. I want to enjoy my life.”

The woman didn’t say anything. A few moments later, another woman, probably the boy’s mother came, “oh, miss. I’m so sorry. He’s such a naughty boy.”

“Young man, don’t you ever get away from me again.” She turned to the woman. “Did he bother you, miss?”

“No, not at all. He’s a nice kid.” The boy’s mother thanked the woman and took the son. The woman watched at the boy as he walked, throwing the ball up in the air and caught it, again and again. She used to do it when she was a child. Small things like that was fun for a young person. In fact, many small things were fun, even by looking at the sky and figuring out the shapes of the clouds, or tracing the contrails that formed behind the tail of the airplanes.

“Miss, here’s your cappuccino. It’s $3.” The waitress said. No answer, “Miss?”

She was listening. She grabbed a look at the waitress, and then back to her glass table. It has been a long time since she had a nice time of relaxation and enjoyed her cup of coffee. In fact, she was so engrossed with her work that she never even finished the books that she bought years ago. Reading used to be her pleasure. Now, all she read were things related to her work.

The woman waited for while, and then quickly removed all the papers and computer and kept them in her bag. The waitress looked at her, wondering about what she did while waiting for the money. After she had finished keeping her belongings, the woman said, “on a second taught, could you give me toasted chicken schnitzel with extra cheese? I think I will just be a deviant and skip today’s meeting.”

The waitress smiled “coming right up.” And went away but before she went further, she asked a question for clarification, “no need to be in a rush, miss?”

“Nope. I’ll just stay here, sipping my cappuccino.”

She thought that she had never had this kind of satisfying little times since last year.

The Cat and the Mouse

A little mouse munched on a piece of biscuit. A burly cat saw the munching mouse. The mouse saw the burly cat. The cat ran after the mouse. The mouse ran away frantically. The cat moved closer to the mouse. The mouse circled the house. The cat followed the mouse. The mouse jumped over a wood. The cat did the same. The mouse saw a hanging sturdy steel slab ahead. The cat did not. The mouse ducked his head. The cat did not. The mouse looked behind and laughed loudly at the lousy cat. Poor kitty cat, his white head was getting bluer and bluer by every passing second. The mouse went inside his hole and stayed happy for the rest of the day.


Buried in an open grave, her eyes couldn’t see a way out. He looked like a demon, waiting to devour her. Inch by inch, her soul’s imminent demise crept. Before long, her life was to be put in darkness. She was not a bride. She was a toy for a man’s satisfaction. That satisfaction would come from a lost innocence. A piece of soul shredded, and the life she dreamt would be a lie. A piece of soul shredded, and a little of her died inside. A piece of soul shredded, and now she was turning into a trash. A piece of soul shredded, and she would never wish for hopes and good things.

Like a Boss

So, love is a complicated thing, but so many people still say that being single is not so great! What’s not great about being single? Yes, having someone who cares for you is good, fun and what-ever, but yeah… Riding solo does has its benefits!

Honey, you have money. Buy me this???:

You can spend your money on yourselves. I love to eat, and I think I’ll spend my money on eating in restaurants. Sushi King? Check! No need to buy something kawaii or beautiful [or… for that matter, pricey…] stuff for your partner. You can buy things for your own enjoyment. You know how men are the ones who always treat the girl? Seriously, it’s fine if it’s done once in a while, but to do it every single time you go out with your girl? Dude, get a life… don’t you want to buy something too? More important, don’t you want her to treat you too? Besides, you are way far from being married.

Going out with who?:

Your friends ask you to go out, and so does your BF/GF [mostly, it’s GF…]. So, you’re torn between your friends and your GF. If she’s a GOOD and UNDERSTANDING, then she’ll know that you need some life with your friends. Unfortunately, some are not. They turn grumpy and mad. What’s worse, those obsessive GFs/BFs might even get jealous for no reason, and tell you to stay away from your girl friends/guy friends that they don’t find compatible with them, not you. So, what I’m saying here is… you need to have a life. Enjoy your single life! Have fun! There’s plenty of time for love later.

SMSes for the 100th time:

Communication is indeed important, but when you’re living with a roommate [not me…] whose phone rings for like every one hour or so [just for example], you can’t stand it, can you? It’s annoying. It’s even annoying if the questions that s/he asks are plain, same-old, same-old things like “tengah wat pe?”, “abang makan pe?”, “dengan perempuan mana abang kuar semalam?”, and when you’re not answering, yeah, s/he’ll be irritated! Come on being single does not entitle you to these things. You save money as well!

I’m free!:

You can do anything that you want to do without being restricted to your partner. You can go to warung mamak and eat roti canai instead of high-end mock English Restaurant that serves hi-tea! You can watch Transformers and not Romantic movies! You can act flirty with anyone [NOT RECOMMENDED]. You can even dress like whatever you want to. Selekeh? No hal~ Long hair? You don’t have to cut it. In other words, you can actually be yourselves… ngiahuahahah~

OK… of course these are just my views on being single. Yeah, I know… having GF/BF is also good, OK!!!

[But you can act LIKE A BOSS when you’re single… hiahahaha]


Have you found yourself attracted to a guy or a girl? How did it feel? Were you in cloud nine? Did you see lights all around you? Music [preferably classical ones like Baroque music, though I prefer those lovey-dovey songs by Nishino Kana] playing in the background?

Maybe those will never happen in real life.

The things that I do know are that [tumblr teaches me a lot] love can make us or brake us. Once you say I love you at that someone, he or she will treat you as the world. Everything revolves around you. You’re the life, the only person [besides family, and best friends] that deserves to know the deepest secrets, the weaknesses, and they want you to accept all those things without any guilt. When you fancy someone, you’ve put something on your shoulders, and this thing [it’s so wrong to put the noun ‘thing’ to refer to a person… hahaha] will be there for you…

…until an incident happens and both of you break up. Hearts are broken and the time to heal starts for both of you. During this period, people still can’t accept the fact that their relationships are over. You’re denying your hearts, and keep on blaming someone else, that someone being your ex. It seems that for those who can’t be strong, the world is over.

For me, I say… yes, love is so complicated

Saturday, 16 July 2011

It All Ends, but a Legend Begins: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

The magic lives on, until the very end.

I was in mixed emotions while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. In one way, I was happy that HP7 ended in a good note and was given great justice. On the other spectrum, the end of HP also means that we won’t see them again [on the big screen that is].

Here’s what I’m going to say about the movie:

I wish the fight scenes [important ones like Molly v Bellatrix and the final duel of Harry v Voldy] were much more intense, powerful, explosive! Sometimes, they felt too short, and the way Voldy died, as great as it was, should be made even more epic! Overall though, the scenes here in HP7p2 were amazing! The war scenes were awesome too!

Ron/Hermione. Oh Ron and Hermione. There should be more, and I say it again, more of them! I love them and I dig them! I need more dosages of Ronmione! Alas, we don’t get it. Oh well, at least they became a sweet couple in the movie! At least we could see them holding hands, laughed, almost eaten by two things, and heard Ron pronounced Hermione as his girlfriend. Hermione was less ‘brainy’ after the kiss, don’t you think so? Hahahahah!

Some deaths were too brief in the movie. Fred, Remus, and Nymphadora died, and their body were shown, but only for a short time. At least if it was a tad longer, there would be a lot more sadness and emotion. Why were their deaths underrepresented? Meanwhile, the director’s choice to portray Snape’s death was brilliant – painful, scary, but greatly depicted. I almost cried watching the moment when Snape was with Harry before he passed away.

While the movie’s mood was quite serious, it was lightened up with some comedic performances. It was like almost all main characters did some comedy. They also gave flawless and tremendous efforts in portraying their characters.. Minerva McGonagall and Neville Longbottom, especially, were taken into the limelight in the film. All actors/actresses, from the Awesome Trio, the DA, the Hogwarts staffs, Death Eaters, did their job brilliantly, I must say.

CGI and FX for HP7 are not to be ridiculed. Magic came alive because of CGI. Protego Maxima seemed beautiful because of it. The attack was spellbinding because of it. Spells [Avada Kedavra, Expecto Patronum, Expelliarmus, Fiendfyre] were all miraculously happening because of it. Creatures like Dementors and giants came alive because of it. Hogwarts were destroyed because of it. You get the idea.

Music score play a very important role in film-making. For HP7, with the movie, the music score were a great aural feast. It complemented the actions, the emotions, and the destructions stunningly. The music never disappointed me. Now, how about if we listen to the score without the movie? HP7p1’s score were not that great. I hope HP7p2 will not be the same.

The very final scene, 19 years after the second Wizarding War signalled the end of Harry Potter. It was pure bliss and pure grief. I left the cinema with a feeling that said Harry Potter is indeed the greatest movie phenomenon ever, a phenomenon that is now a worldwide legend.

Friday, 15 July 2011

All of You

Colbie Caillat is indeed an amazing singer. Her music is a breathtaking mix of bubbly fun with a summery beach girl’s spirit, whatever that may be. I love listening to her easy and soulful songs.

This year, her new album hit the stores. Called as All of You, it is indeed the kind of album that you would expect from Colbie, but unlike its predecessors, All of You is more upbeat and catchy, and feels oh-so-summer! Just the right kind of music to unwind yourselves in the summer’s coastal breeze. I really adore the album!

Brighter Than the Sun

I Do

Before I Let You Go

Favorite Song

What If


Think Good Thoughts

Like Yesterday

All of You

Dream Life, Life

What Means the Most

Make It Rain

Blazing Zeal

Blazing Zeal was the motto for our group in ELS.

TESLians, that’s who we are

Future teacher shall we be

It’s English that we love

The language of our heart

Learn, think and believe it

Though hard at first

It’s all a breeze

When we put our heart

Let us have the blazing zeal

TESLians, that’s who we are

Future teacher shall we be

Straight from our heart

Right from the start

It’s English that

Pull us together and never apart

Together we shall march

For the generation

Yet to come

So, let us have the blazing zeal

Together and forever…

That was the song lyrics that we [Ilanggo, Jennie, Me, Rachel] made for our English Language Society during our foundation years. Just the lyrics, no melodies… Ngiahaha. Now, they are studying in IPG Sarawak, Miri. How I miss all of them~! We’ll see ya’ next year. UiTM and UKM are not that far… [ya lah~!].

Thursday, 14 July 2011


西野 カナ···Y

Nishino Kana

She’s one of the best and most beautiful
singers out there!

I just fancy her!

Popping the Book

When I look at my neighbour class, PISMP BI (SR), it seems that they need to do ABM [alat bantuan mengajar – sometimes bahan bantuan mengajar] for Literasi Bahasa every week. ABMs certainly put us in a creative mode and can be beneficial in the class. The process of doing one might take time and energy though… hahaha.

That being said, my class, however, doesn’t take the same course. Thus, we don’t have to make ABM. Well, of course that has its own pros and cons. Nevertheless, when we are given an outlet to be creative, then we should make the best out of it right? So, a couple of week ago for the course ‘Literature in Malaysian School’, we were asked to make a creative presentation of a poem [my group was given The River by Valerie Bloom]. What did we make?


Granted, it was our first time creating one, but I think it's quite nice. Hahaha~ Of course, when we make one, we need to delve into the meanings of that poem, which is sometimes hard since it’s a POEM. Everything should have a meaning, right?

Stopping a Vesuvius?

Keep cool, stay compose, and just stay silent. I think those are the rules in dealing with other people who are throwing their guilt [because of the bad things they’ve done] towards you. Hey, you can’t expect everyone to like you, isn’t it? People can say what they want, but you know that the things you’ve done are for the betterment of everybody else. Rather than to fight and scream at the top of your lungs, you should just shut up and let him/her to do the talking alone. There’re simply no ways to put an end to an erupting Vesuvius.

Like what my lecturer said, the one who is loud is not necessarily true.

Just want to say...

Happy Second


Iso Boros, Iso Oupus, Iso Koposion. Aramai Ti!

Unless you have never learnt History/Local Studies during your school time, then you must have known that Sabah [and Sarawak too] is a very heterogeneous state. In this state, Kadazan-Dusun [KD] is the biggest ethnic group [700,000 people], but to be specific, it is actually made up by two different but related groups – Kadazan and Dusun. Under those two are an array of many sub-groups such as Paitan, Tindal, Lotud, Rungus, and Murut.

Okay, enough with that… the reason of that simple fact is because of this:

Dari Sipitang Kepada Anda [A mix of Lun Dayeh, Murut, and Kedayan languages]Kementerian Pelajaran. SMK in KD is Sikul Mananga KabansaanSuruhanjaya Pomilian Tagayo, no need to translate that. Hahaha...

They’re examples of KD Language [Boros Kadazan-Dusun] articles in one of Sabahan daily newspapers, The Sabah Times. What’s interesting about the language is that it has no native phonemes for [e] and [ə], but has an extensive presence of [v] and [z] [especially for Kadazan languages].

Besides, there is actually no single KD language. Instead, your language/dialect depends on where you live and your sub-group, if I can say so. Of course with those many dialects, communications might be hard. A common language is needed. So, a new 'standardised language' is created and some KD children are now learning it in Sabahan schools.

I think it’s a beautiful language, but with less and less younger KD speakers, the language is dying. Perhaps it’s time to ponder on ourselves: when a language dies, millennia of great knowledge and culture are also taken away.


[P.S.: the meaning of the post’s title is ‘One Language, One Love, One Life. Cheers!’ Hahaha… [it feels like a slogan for promoting a language. Hahaha] well, not sure if the title’s right though. Perhaps, I might even mix both Kadazan and Dusun in it. Ngeheheh]

Monday, 11 July 2011

Chords of Strength!

OK. I am sirius-ly disappointed with the fact that I can’t attend David Archie’s Concert in KL! Riddikulus! I’ll Avada Kedavra anyone who had chosen 26th July as the bloody date!

Well, other than that, I’ve been looking for his memoir, Chords of Strength for God knows how long. It seemed that no bookstores in Kota Kinabalu [Popular, Harris, Times] had the book, but…

…I went out today with my friend to buy Ethnic Relations book in an old store, I think. So out of curiosity, I presently asked the kakak kedai [hahaha] if the store [Penguin Bookstore in Gaya Street guys! I’m a promoter now! Hahaha] had any David Archie book, and she said “ada dik. Di depan tu.”


So, I scrambled to that shelf, and my eyes were fixed on just one thing, and *FANBOY ALERT* I literally screamed. OK, luckily that store only had three of my friends and two workers at the moment [sometimes I did the same thing in other bookstore, example: Harris in 1Borneo]. The Paperback edition for just R49.50! I bought it! Here’re some of its amazingly great pages!

What a lucky day! Thanks for the smiles, motivation, and inspiration you’ve given me! The book definitely rocks to the max! [Still reading it though, actually! ^^]

New Stuff!

The allowance was in last week, and I took some time out with my friends to buy some new clothes. Well, I rarely buy new clothes, so I made an exception this time.

Giordano Hoodie Black, R79

Seed S/S Tee, Grey R26 [50%! Yeay!!!]

Cotton On T-shirt [White/Fillmore & Emerald Green/East Village],
2 for R75

Yup~! I’m a happy boy!