Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Have you found yourself attracted to a guy or a girl? How did it feel? Were you in cloud nine? Did you see lights all around you? Music [preferably classical ones like Baroque music, though I prefer those lovey-dovey songs by Nishino Kana] playing in the background?

Maybe those will never happen in real life.

The things that I do know are that [tumblr teaches me a lot] love can make us or brake us. Once you say I love you at that someone, he or she will treat you as the world. Everything revolves around you. You’re the life, the only person [besides family, and best friends] that deserves to know the deepest secrets, the weaknesses, and they want you to accept all those things without any guilt. When you fancy someone, you’ve put something on your shoulders, and this thing [it’s so wrong to put the noun ‘thing’ to refer to a person… hahaha] will be there for you…

…until an incident happens and both of you break up. Hearts are broken and the time to heal starts for both of you. During this period, people still can’t accept the fact that their relationships are over. You’re denying your hearts, and keep on blaming someone else, that someone being your ex. It seems that for those who can’t be strong, the world is over.

For me, I say… yes, love is so complicated

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Nadirah Jannah said...

And, that's why love is a very genuine feeling a person has. :)

Afiq said...

It's a powerful word... huhuhu

Nadirah Jannah said...

What word? You mean, love, huh?
Yup, it's one powerful word that can destroy one's true self. :3