Monday, 11 July 2011

Chords of Strength!

OK. I am sirius-ly disappointed with the fact that I can’t attend David Archie’s Concert in KL! Riddikulus! I’ll Avada Kedavra anyone who had chosen 26th July as the bloody date!

Well, other than that, I’ve been looking for his memoir, Chords of Strength for God knows how long. It seemed that no bookstores in Kota Kinabalu [Popular, Harris, Times] had the book, but…

…I went out today with my friend to buy Ethnic Relations book in an old store, I think. So out of curiosity, I presently asked the kakak kedai [hahaha] if the store [Penguin Bookstore in Gaya Street guys! I’m a promoter now! Hahaha] had any David Archie book, and she said “ada dik. Di depan tu.”


So, I scrambled to that shelf, and my eyes were fixed on just one thing, and *FANBOY ALERT* I literally screamed. OK, luckily that store only had three of my friends and two workers at the moment [sometimes I did the same thing in other bookstore, example: Harris in 1Borneo]. The Paperback edition for just R49.50! I bought it! Here’re some of its amazingly great pages!

What a lucky day! Thanks for the smiles, motivation, and inspiration you’ve given me! The book definitely rocks to the max! [Still reading it though, actually! ^^]

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Love happens when you least expect it. So, keep asking! :D So happy for you.

Afiq said...

Asking people about stuff really has benefits. Hahaha... [and I really didn't have high expectation on finding that book anywhere... >.<]

Thanks~! ^^