Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Experimental Spirit

I let myself into this land
Of never ending nothing
Still that’s something
And I am torn still
Between choosing what’s right
What’s real
Or a make-believe kingdom
That seems far better
Than heaven has ever been
A nightmare that is
Better than a dream
This insidious
This treacherous
This is who have I been
“A troubadour that lives
With a heart gone”
Existence looks down upon me
I suffer from invisibility
Je ne sais quoi
That I don’t have
Will never have
Let me go
Let me be gone
Take me

Things Left Unsaid

‘Can I just grind myself and have the specks of me dispersed all around the city?” you ask yourself.

Too many things kept inside a heart so small, and yet there’s no one who understands you. You are alone, because no one is like you. No one will like you if they know what you’ve done, who you are. How much you’ve changed. You tend to fill your time by crying over your past and the present time… perhaps even the future, for you don’t see how this life will turn better.

Will they realise what you want? Will they see the real you?

Sometimes, you wonder why you're different, even if you know you’ve accepted who you really are. This difference, this small difference turns the entire life around. Just because of that one thing, people all around you make a great fuss about it. Whoever you are right now, it’s wrong.

Why must they bother? What’s with all the vicious words? They don’t know who I am. They don’t know how much I struggle through every single day. Will they understand me? No. Never.

They only know that you’re wrong. They have never walked in your shoes. Too many unspoken words, but no one knows.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Archie Begins Again



Look at the cover! Wow, he’s all grown up and mature!
Anyway, what’s with his eyes?
Too hazel-ish~~~ Still, it is quite nice.
BEGIN is a basically a cover album.
The tracks are mainly Archie’s renditions of popular songs.

Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
Bridge Over Trouble Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
Pride (In the Name of Love) (U2)
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)
Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.)
Be Still, My Soul (Sibelius)
Angel (Sarah McLachlan)
Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
Somewhere Only We Can Know (Keane)
Broken (David original)

Broken is David’s only original song, but what the heck?
I’ve have The Other Side of Down,
and his memoir Chord of Strength.
So I’m gonna buy this album too!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012


Went to Putra World Trade Centre [PWTC] today! The reason:



I am not actually an avid Anime follower, but I love Japanese culture, and since Anime is a part of Japanese culture, so yeah... I gotta go there!!! The festival was the satellite event of the main AFA held annually in Singapore. Malaysia was the first country to hold this event, and for me, it was KAKKOII!!! There were lots and lots of stuff to be seen: I wanna buy some anime T-shirts, but alas, I forced myself from buying them as they cost RM100++… *sigh*. I wanna buy Jpop CDs, but… err…~ Also, an abundance of cosplayers!!!

Anyway, my tix was 30MYR, and with that, I had the chance to watch cosplayers battle it out for the Malaysia Preliminary of Southeast Asia Regional Cosplay Championship. Now I know how cosplayers do their thang’!!! Really, I wish I could wear their costumes!!! T3T

Before that, there was a guest, an important person from I.G. Production, one of Japan’s premier anime film production companies who gave an interview and showed trailers of his movies. The ones that I managed to watch were Toshokan Sensou [Library War], 009 – Re:Cyborg, Momo no Tegami, and Blood-G. Amazing, only that Malaysian cinemas may not show them… DARN!!! Double the T3T.
What a great time I had there!!! Wish I could go to Singapore for AFA’12… but still, SUKI DESU!!!

Ethos! Minimalist Theatre

Ethos! [the society for TESLians of UiTM Section 17] organised a great event last Friday!!! It was Ethos! Minimalist Theatre Competition, held at Dewan Resital Panca Sakti, UiTM Main Campus [which is a little bit further than UiTM Section 17, my campus]. I am proud to say that I was a part of its crew/committee members.

What’s a minimalist theatre, you ask? Well, a minimalist theatre is a type of theatre in which a minimalistic approach is taken. Basically, there is way fewer props than a full-fledged dramatisation, costumes are not too elaborate, and the time allocated is shorter, around 10 minutes… but this do not mean that it’s not as entertaining as a normal theatre. A minimalist theatre can be fun, and Ethos! proved it!

All six dramatisations were entertaining. Many of them had high literary values. Believe me when I say they were so awesome, though I think understanding them were a little hard at the beginning!!! Two of them were monologues… could you do that? Speaking monologues in front of a full-house audience was definitely a daunting task, but they managed to do it successfully. The special performances of the night were a short stage play by the judge [who is also a lecturer], great ukulele performance with vocal by Izzul, and two dramatisations by the Alumni and Fac Edu’s TESLians!
Here’re some photos from the awesome night!!!
The Question
 Be a Good Lover
 Sunshine, one of the monologues, and he was crowned the BEST ACTOR for his... well, acting. He remembered almost all of his lines. The only contestant from INTEC Proper.
 [Okay, I forget the title]... The play won BEST DIRECTION
Party [the other monologue. Can't remember the full title... 'great!'] He was THE LUCIFER, and he won BEST SCRIPT. American accent? HELL YEAH!
 Izzul!!! He sang The A-team, Rumour Has It, and his own song, Scar on My Soul. He rocked the stage and blew my socks away [not literally]!!!
Funny theatre from the Edu Fac's TESLians! This one actually broke the 'fourth wall' by conversing with the one of the members of the audience! Cool!
 A theatre by the Alumni
More photos here and here

All I can say is Ethos!, even though we went through agony the first few months, we finally did it, and may I say, we did it tremendously AWESOME!!!

0° until 360°

For the sake of our Kesatria Negara’s mark… we went for a ‘trip’ around UiTM Main Campus. Haha~ It was actually an orienteering competition and although it was tiring, oh no, exhausting, it was really, really fun!!! I mean, come on, we learnt on how to use a compass! I did not comprehend the mechanics behind the thingy before this!!! 10 checkpoints, 10 different tasks which included running around UiTM stadium for three hellish rounds [I still hate that], creating a logo, guessing and singing the title of the song that our friends mimed [1D’s What Makes You Beautiful… hahah~ Who says guys don’t know that? Or maybe it’s just me], and making cheers…
My group, 4, managed to win the fourth place out of 11… Hey, nice job guys!!!

Carved on the Stars

That’s literally the direct translation of the theme of last Friday’s Anugerah Bintang Pendidik, an event that combined the 2012 Dean’s Award Ceremony and the Farewell Party for Edu Fac’s Part 8 students. So, what was the real name of the theme of that star-studded night [heheh~]?

Terukir Di Bintang: Merah, Hitam, dan Putih
The theme was chosen since educators/teachers are like stars shining brightly in the night sky. Heheh~ All I saw were [mostly] red, black, and white [plus, bling-bling, baby!!!]. The performances were great!!! The food was quite okay. Well, this was the first time I’ve ever been in this event. Hope to be in another one next year!!! Huzzahhh!!!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Nat Geo Mag

Paying homage to my first ever Nat Geo Magazine that I bought, seven years ago, this month!
I am still in awe with its breathtaking pictures
I am still amazed with the great stories
I devour all the knowledge
All the emotions that fill the pages of the magazine

I am a fan!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

No Vote, No Gain!

So now, I’m a registered voter!!! Huzzah!!!

[Still thinking that ECM should change their underwhelmingly unattractive logo. How are you going to attract young people with a logo like what you have?]

We Walk

There is many a path, but there’s only that path we shall choose. We walk through that path, knowing that there’ll be no turning back. We walk on that path, realising that every step to the front means we need to forget the things left behind. We walk even further, and every once in a while, comes perhaps a small regret and we ask ourselves, “am I taking the right course?”

We walk and we walk. It’s been too long of a journey, and too late to lament about the path you’ve chosen. Why build a wall now? Why fear the moment that is now? Granted, our lives will not a perfect blend of all things breezy. We think we’re not meant for something, but if we don’t have faith on ourselves, how will we be able to continue with the remaining distance ahead?

The path will not be all smooth, there’ll be boulders and fallen trees, but you’ve come so far pushing all those obstacles away. Think again: I have chosen this way. Just because I am afraid of it at first, should I continue to feel guilty towards myself all the time? Maybe you have made the wrong choice at the beginning, but when you’ve come this far, you will make a second mistake by letting it go.

Just walk.