Monday, 11 June 2012

Ethos! Minimalist Theatre

Ethos! [the society for TESLians of UiTM Section 17] organised a great event last Friday!!! It was Ethos! Minimalist Theatre Competition, held at Dewan Resital Panca Sakti, UiTM Main Campus [which is a little bit further than UiTM Section 17, my campus]. I am proud to say that I was a part of its crew/committee members.

What’s a minimalist theatre, you ask? Well, a minimalist theatre is a type of theatre in which a minimalistic approach is taken. Basically, there is way fewer props than a full-fledged dramatisation, costumes are not too elaborate, and the time allocated is shorter, around 10 minutes… but this do not mean that it’s not as entertaining as a normal theatre. A minimalist theatre can be fun, and Ethos! proved it!

All six dramatisations were entertaining. Many of them had high literary values. Believe me when I say they were so awesome, though I think understanding them were a little hard at the beginning!!! Two of them were monologues… could you do that? Speaking monologues in front of a full-house audience was definitely a daunting task, but they managed to do it successfully. The special performances of the night were a short stage play by the judge [who is also a lecturer], great ukulele performance with vocal by Izzul, and two dramatisations by the Alumni and Fac Edu’s TESLians!
Here’re some photos from the awesome night!!!
The Question
 Be a Good Lover
 Sunshine, one of the monologues, and he was crowned the BEST ACTOR for his... well, acting. He remembered almost all of his lines. The only contestant from INTEC Proper.
 [Okay, I forget the title]... The play won BEST DIRECTION
Party [the other monologue. Can't remember the full title... 'great!'] He was THE LUCIFER, and he won BEST SCRIPT. American accent? HELL YEAH!
 Izzul!!! He sang The A-team, Rumour Has It, and his own song, Scar on My Soul. He rocked the stage and blew my socks away [not literally]!!!
Funny theatre from the Edu Fac's TESLians! This one actually broke the 'fourth wall' by conversing with the one of the members of the audience! Cool!
 A theatre by the Alumni
More photos here and here

All I can say is Ethos!, even though we went through agony the first few months, we finally did it, and may I say, we did it tremendously AWESOME!!!

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