Monday, 11 June 2012

0° until 360°

For the sake of our Kesatria Negara’s mark… we went for a ‘trip’ around UiTM Main Campus. Haha~ It was actually an orienteering competition and although it was tiring, oh no, exhausting, it was really, really fun!!! I mean, come on, we learnt on how to use a compass! I did not comprehend the mechanics behind the thingy before this!!! 10 checkpoints, 10 different tasks which included running around UiTM stadium for three hellish rounds [I still hate that], creating a logo, guessing and singing the title of the song that our friends mimed [1D’s What Makes You Beautiful… hahah~ Who says guys don’t know that? Or maybe it’s just me], and making cheers…
My group, 4, managed to win the fourth place out of 11… Hey, nice job guys!!!

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