Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hi there!

Have you ever met someone who is introverted?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that I’m one of those introverted people. 25% of the entire population on the earth are. I could walk around the whole face of the planet and just be alone in the journey. I love to think of a lot of things on my own, daydream, and then imagine stuff, all by my own. I am shy and might be aloof. Oftentimes I put everyone else on the top of their nerves with my pretty straightforward remarks [sorry peeps!]. People said to me that I’m socially awkward and I don’t really understand the whole thing of being a socially good guy [however that may sound] in the public. That I can’t deny since I think that is somewhat the truth.

To be frank though, introverts [like me] see pleasure in themselves. That might seem to be selfish, but it’s not really. I like to share and discuss about stuff and all, but most of the things that I like are things that no one else cares about. So, usually I’ll just stay quiet and only talk about it [for quite long] to the people who really want to know about the stuff. Staying silent is a good thing to do rather than to talk to other people about this and that. I don’t have any reason to talk anyway. So, don’t make me as your travel partner in a long journey – that’s a warning. I love to venture into places such as museums, library, parks, any new destinations, but the first two are not the usual places a ‘normal’ person will go to have fun, if you get the idea. Yeah, sometimes I may not be aware of my surrounding, and pretty much be left out on the things happening all around me. I consider that as a perk though, and I don’t know why… hahaha.

So, I’m an introvert. Does that make me abnormal?

If you think so, then you’re a biased extrovert. Hahaha

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Monday, 27 June 2011

The First Week of the Second Semester

Oh hi!

So, I’m in the beginning of the second week of the second semester and everything went great so far. I can’t wait to see the things installed for us this semester. Here’re some short personal responses of the courses we have now.

Literature in Malaysian School

This course is taught by Mdm. Sharifah Mazni, our long-time tutor/lecturer, so we are used to the ways she teaches us. Besides, we have literature courses every semester before this, and so, learning about the literature components that are being used in our national school won’t spell out any problem for us.

Literature for Children and Young Adults

Taught bt Mdm. Janet Moinin. So far, it’s been a great subject, especially when we are required to read Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Love the tales, though I need to reread them sometimes to fully understand the story. We are also given the opportunities to watch children’s/young adults’ films. How cool is that? Oh yeah, there’ll be a Big Book exhibition for this course. Can’t wait!

Instructional Technology

Dr. Goh Lay Huah is our lecturer and this course deals with the computer, its applications, its system,in other words, everything that has to do with a computer, even Word, Power Point, and Excel. One of its courseworks is to develop some kind of learning application or something.

Educational Sociology

We are being taught by Mr. Chan Kok Wah for this course. It deals with sociology in education [duhhh~] and stuff. I know nothing of this course yet since we haven’t really started on it. Yeah, we’ll have a community project soon! Sociology seems tough, though. One more thing...

Structure of English

Mr. Fauzi teaches us the course, which is a continuation of the first semester’s Linguistics. Of course, it’s one of the most important courses for this semester. As of now, we’ve learnt about morphemes and tree diagrams. I’m looking forward to this subject. Ngiahaha~

Two more subjects, ELT and Ethnic Relations are unknown territories to us. The lecturers haven’t come in so far. Nyeheheh~!

Thieves Like Us

The risk of being in love: one steals a heart, keep it for a long time, forget about it, and then all he knows is to break them apart in pieces.

Wrong words put people in a vegetative state, well, at least for a while until they found a new strength to move on. Still, when the wrongdoer sees the girl whose heart he broke, will he look at her with the eyes of a friend, or look at her as the victim of his offence? Fear lurks, the past comes to haunt.

If he knows that he’s wrong, and asks for forgiveness from her, must that rare second chance be given? When one’s heart is broken, will it fit back to the same perfection? If he asks for a second possibility of walking through time together with her, must that second bond be forged? When the first one tore apart, will the next opportunity put the heart back where it belongs too?

A heart is a treasure too valuable. Will the thief repent and abstain himself from repeating the same mistake again?

Friday, 24 June 2011


Le proof... Hahaha


Is my new record for

Ten-pin Bowling!

[Buat muka bangga... Heheheh~ Padahal orang len skor 300 pon diam je... Giahahah]
Okay. That’s all!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Potatoes Gonna Potate

You don’t have to try to stop what the others’ are saying. It’s a vain thing and will not labour any fruits. People just say whatever they want to say, good or bad, about you. They almost never remember your victories, but they can easily say about your downfalls and other mean stuff. Examples include:

I’m a polyglot. Who is he? [Hey *darl*, just because you can speak many languages, don’t underestimate the others if they’re trying to learn even just one.]

I’ve Macbook. You only have Acer. [No one cares if you have a Macbook. You use Mac and Acer for the same functions anyway.]

I’m fashionable. You’re just, well, not one of us. [Like being fashionable is a good thing if you’re a bimbo.]

If you’re paying too much attention to the criticisms, it will lead to your own collapse, and they like to see you when you’re in that state. It’ll make them feel more superior. It’s better to ignore all those mean critiques and just continue with your life. You know what you’re doing, not them. Prove to them that you can do better. Ultimately, you’re not doing the things you want to do to impress them. It’s for your own satisfaction. If they can see your achievements and still talk nonsensical things, just let them be. People just don’t know how to shut their mouth sometimes.

The Wall

How about if you step up to the front and just talk? It might have been too long of a silence, and there’s nothing cool about letting yourself stuck to the wall of remorse or anger or fear and be left behind. Time has probably buried the matter anyway and it will not rise to surface again, unless a person has this ultimate enmity and rage towards you and can’t let you get away from the things that made that rift.

If you’re not doing it, it means two things:

One: you’re somehow still riddled with a feeling of guiltiness and feel that the reason of why it happened is because of you. You’re afraid of letting it go, and you have a fear that the others are still not forgiving for that incident.

Two: you think that you’re right, and you can continue with your life alone without your friends because they did not accept your view in the first place. Still, another reason for being that brave is because you think that you’re wrong but you will not admit it for the fear of being ridiculed.

Think again. Why the need to be afraid? Friends come and go, but while you still have friends, be in good terms with them. There’s nothing that is not noble about forgiveness. Why put yourself in the back of the conversation? Pick yourself up and say ‘hi’. First steps counts.

Welcome to the Second Semester!

Grimm’s Fairy Tales, used for Lit for CnYA.

Ahoy matey! Welcome aboard to the second semester of B. Ed. TESL!

Yes, the ship had just set sail today, and I’m looking forward to this all-new semester! We have seven courses and they are *drumrolls*:

Educational Sociology [EDU453]

Instructional Technology [EDU455]

Literature in Malaysian School [TSL430]

Principles and Practices in ELT [TSL450]

Structure of English [TSL476]

Literature for Children and Young Adults [TSL651]

Ethnic Relations [CTU553]

So, Literature courses have always been my favourites, and I’m hoping to wave some flying colours [epic fail idiom] in both of them. In another news, according to the lecturers [from both UiTM and IPG Gaya], Structure in English is a killer subject. Screw you [the course, not the lecturers!] – I will work hard so that you won’t kill me! Ngiahaha~! As for the rest, let’s watch first~!

The first semester opened my eyes on how the university teaches and grades its students, and I can say that it was a fun/terrifying/exhausting ride. For now, a new voyage has begun, and I hope I’ll be a good boy and listen to the lectures, write notes perfectly, remember the stuff, answer the exam correctly, and stay on the Dean’s List. Staying in the list will be a challenge.

Oh yeah, this will be the last semester for us in Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Gaya. Next year in March, we’ll be moving to UiTM [Puncak Alam maybe]. I’m sure I’ll miss everyone here, and the advantages of being an IPG student [that advantage being that you’re taken cared by your lecturers far, far better than the U ones. My class only has 20 students. You can see why], but that’s another lifetime.

And yes, since this is a new semester, I’m officially released from the duty as the KO. I love the experience of being the KO, but one term is enough. Now, my obligation is as the runner for Educational Sociology, and it’s the first time for me to be a runner.

Right, that’s all I think for this post.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Three Point Five Nine

So, in the spirit of ‘just flaunt what you got, baby’, here I am flaunting the exam result of my first semester's examination


How’s that? I got As, and Bs. I am actually quite happy that I got As for my linguistics and literature.

Am I contented with this? You betcha~!

Every Single Help

It’s hard to think of how you will go through your days without having someone else helping you. You drop a pen, a person pick it up for you. You need to know the time, a man tells it to you. When you don’t understand an algebraic formula, you have friends all around you. When you’re lost, you can ask for a local to show the right way.

We are in a constant need of assistance and aids…

But let’s ponder the reasons of why we never give our seat to an elderly woman? Why must we wait for the others to start lending their hands first? Why are we being sceptical of giving aids to some people in need?

It happened to me all the time, and when I felt like I want to do it, I couldn’t do it because there were no more problems. The man picked his pen on his own. The old woman was given a seat by someone else.

Why didn’t I just help them in the first place? No need to ask for something in return. A simple smile and/or thank you are acceptable though.

Stories Always Depart and Arrive Here

Airport seems to be a great place, right? In that boredom, you can see everything. It is always abuzz with activity - people going here and there, in all shapes and sizes, all nationalities, all emotions, every single face has a story to tell.

You just can watch their faces and imagine the reasons that bring them to the place. Are they alone, or maybe with love ones? Perhaps they’re on a happy trip to the destination that they have always wanted to go. On the other end of the spectrum, they may be flying for a not so joyful of a reason – last respect? This girl, her dream is waiting at her final destination. This boy comes back to celebrate his victory.

Airport is where people meet and talk. You can hear a guy speaking through the phone in Vietnamese, or most likely see a group of friends and workers from South Asia. Perhaps some Aussie surfer dudes, of hippie-ish Americans. In a corner there is this Middle East man wearing casual clothes while his wife is donning her traditional attire. You watch the things they wear. You watch the things they own. Are those heels six inches? Nine? That shoes rock! The t-shirt is great! Neat phone! Oh, I want that trousers. His hair is pretty colourful.

You walk past a short plump man, and then see an African woman. She’s pretty in her own way. That’s undeniable. In front of you is this super-tall White guy with his petite significant other. Beside you is a father with his adorable young traveller, the child jumping all around while dragging his bag. You just smile. You sit next to a mother comforting her child, a daddy giving advices to her daughter, friends who are flying together for the first time laughing and chatting. In front of you, elderly couple hold hands. They worked hard, now is their time to go for an adventure.

Then your own time to depart comes, so you just get yourself to the departure hall, and after a while, put your feet on the plane. A journey is starting. In the airport, all faces have their own stories to tell. You have one too, and yes… a simple thing can have a real meaning to someone else.

Could Somebody Tell Me Why?!!!


The Other Side of Down Tour

Live in Malaysia 2011

Std. Negara, 26th of July 2011, 8pm


He’s back!!!

He’s back!!!

He’s back!!!

The only question is…


*my hope of seeing him… is crushed!*

Saturday, 11 June 2011