Saturday, 18 June 2011

Every Single Help

It’s hard to think of how you will go through your days without having someone else helping you. You drop a pen, a person pick it up for you. You need to know the time, a man tells it to you. When you don’t understand an algebraic formula, you have friends all around you. When you’re lost, you can ask for a local to show the right way.

We are in a constant need of assistance and aids…

But let’s ponder the reasons of why we never give our seat to an elderly woman? Why must we wait for the others to start lending their hands first? Why are we being sceptical of giving aids to some people in need?

It happened to me all the time, and when I felt like I want to do it, I couldn’t do it because there were no more problems. The man picked his pen on his own. The old woman was given a seat by someone else.

Why didn’t I just help them in the first place? No need to ask for something in return. A simple smile and/or thank you are acceptable though.

2 hecks:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Do it in Shah Alam when you're using RapidKL or KTM soon. Many people have lost their courtesy.

Afiq said...

I could pretty much see that when I was taking a ride in the train before. Maybe you're right. Those transportation can be good places to learn good manner.

{Somehow, I think that we're going to Puncak Alam next year. It's quite far from KL right?]