Friday, 24 June 2011


Le proof... Hahaha


Is my new record for

Ten-pin Bowling!

[Buat muka bangga... Heheheh~ Padahal orang len skor 300 pon diam je... Giahahah]
Okay. That’s all!

3 hecks:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

What a coincidence! Had mine with the nieces at One Utama just now. Exactly the same number.

Nadirah Jannah said...

LOL. Nice~ Even I had never played bowling yet. So envious >.<"

Afiq said...

Im: Hahaha~ Maybe you can do better than that? >.< I have a poor eye-hand coordination really... Hahaha

Um: Go to CP and try a game, then you'll not have the same feeling towards me. Hahhaha. What are you afraid of? It's just ten-pin bowling ^^