Monday, 27 June 2011

The First Week of the Second Semester

Oh hi!

So, I’m in the beginning of the second week of the second semester and everything went great so far. I can’t wait to see the things installed for us this semester. Here’re some short personal responses of the courses we have now.

Literature in Malaysian School

This course is taught by Mdm. Sharifah Mazni, our long-time tutor/lecturer, so we are used to the ways she teaches us. Besides, we have literature courses every semester before this, and so, learning about the literature components that are being used in our national school won’t spell out any problem for us.

Literature for Children and Young Adults

Taught bt Mdm. Janet Moinin. So far, it’s been a great subject, especially when we are required to read Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Love the tales, though I need to reread them sometimes to fully understand the story. We are also given the opportunities to watch children’s/young adults’ films. How cool is that? Oh yeah, there’ll be a Big Book exhibition for this course. Can’t wait!

Instructional Technology

Dr. Goh Lay Huah is our lecturer and this course deals with the computer, its applications, its system,in other words, everything that has to do with a computer, even Word, Power Point, and Excel. One of its courseworks is to develop some kind of learning application or something.

Educational Sociology

We are being taught by Mr. Chan Kok Wah for this course. It deals with sociology in education [duhhh~] and stuff. I know nothing of this course yet since we haven’t really started on it. Yeah, we’ll have a community project soon! Sociology seems tough, though. One more thing...

Structure of English

Mr. Fauzi teaches us the course, which is a continuation of the first semester’s Linguistics. Of course, it’s one of the most important courses for this semester. As of now, we’ve learnt about morphemes and tree diagrams. I’m looking forward to this subject. Ngiahaha~

Two more subjects, ELT and Ethnic Relations are unknown territories to us. The lecturers haven’t come in so far. Nyeheheh~!

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