Monday, 20 June 2011

The Wall

How about if you step up to the front and just talk? It might have been too long of a silence, and there’s nothing cool about letting yourself stuck to the wall of remorse or anger or fear and be left behind. Time has probably buried the matter anyway and it will not rise to surface again, unless a person has this ultimate enmity and rage towards you and can’t let you get away from the things that made that rift.

If you’re not doing it, it means two things:

One: you’re somehow still riddled with a feeling of guiltiness and feel that the reason of why it happened is because of you. You’re afraid of letting it go, and you have a fear that the others are still not forgiving for that incident.

Two: you think that you’re right, and you can continue with your life alone without your friends because they did not accept your view in the first place. Still, another reason for being that brave is because you think that you’re wrong but you will not admit it for the fear of being ridiculed.

Think again. Why the need to be afraid? Friends come and go, but while you still have friends, be in good terms with them. There’s nothing that is not noble about forgiveness. Why put yourself in the back of the conversation? Pick yourself up and say ‘hi’. First steps counts.

2 hecks:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Fear exists when there's ambiguity. Discover the vagueness!

Afiq said...

Which means to say that if you know the things that have caused you fear, you know what to do?

Ambiguity kinda sucks sometimes... Heheh~!