Monday, 20 June 2011

Potatoes Gonna Potate

You don’t have to try to stop what the others’ are saying. It’s a vain thing and will not labour any fruits. People just say whatever they want to say, good or bad, about you. They almost never remember your victories, but they can easily say about your downfalls and other mean stuff. Examples include:

I’m a polyglot. Who is he? [Hey *darl*, just because you can speak many languages, don’t underestimate the others if they’re trying to learn even just one.]

I’ve Macbook. You only have Acer. [No one cares if you have a Macbook. You use Mac and Acer for the same functions anyway.]

I’m fashionable. You’re just, well, not one of us. [Like being fashionable is a good thing if you’re a bimbo.]

If you’re paying too much attention to the criticisms, it will lead to your own collapse, and they like to see you when you’re in that state. It’ll make them feel more superior. It’s better to ignore all those mean critiques and just continue with your life. You know what you’re doing, not them. Prove to them that you can do better. Ultimately, you’re not doing the things you want to do to impress them. It’s for your own satisfaction. If they can see your achievements and still talk nonsensical things, just let them be. People just don’t know how to shut their mouth sometimes.

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

The reason why people ask to keep your enemies even closer. Not because you want to watch their acts, it's because you want them to see you. The real you.

Afiq said...

At least we can prove them wrong and make them gawk if we manage to do/be something/someone great. Hahaha~

Barbara said...

Got to appreciate whatever we have and never boast around.

"I have Blackberry, you only have Nokia"

p.s You've been so emotional these days, Afiq!

Afiq said...

Do you have a real Berry? Hahaha~!

I think the time-stamped articles [hahaha, just learnt the Instructional Technology term for blogpost... hahaha] that I made a few days ago seemed to be emotionally written. Hahahah~! Just looking at my surrounding!

Barbara said...


Go hype yourself up. I shall not see any emotionally written time-stamped articles for the next few days. I'm waiting.


Afiq said...

So, it's true that you have a Blackberry? Hahaha [or was it because of the time-stamped article thingy? Hahahah]

Gonna hype myself soon. No worries. No emotional ridden articles for the next few days. Just something written from the heart [huk aloh... hahhaha]

Barbara said...

No, I'm not a brat. Haha. But thought of getting one with my own money.

Waiting for the post!

Afiq said...

Good for you! Why don't you just buy an iPhone?

Heheh~! Still thinking of it!