Monday, 20 June 2011

Welcome to the Second Semester!

Grimm’s Fairy Tales, used for Lit for CnYA.

Ahoy matey! Welcome aboard to the second semester of B. Ed. TESL!

Yes, the ship had just set sail today, and I’m looking forward to this all-new semester! We have seven courses and they are *drumrolls*:

Educational Sociology [EDU453]

Instructional Technology [EDU455]

Literature in Malaysian School [TSL430]

Principles and Practices in ELT [TSL450]

Structure of English [TSL476]

Literature for Children and Young Adults [TSL651]

Ethnic Relations [CTU553]

So, Literature courses have always been my favourites, and I’m hoping to wave some flying colours [epic fail idiom] in both of them. In another news, according to the lecturers [from both UiTM and IPG Gaya], Structure in English is a killer subject. Screw you [the course, not the lecturers!] – I will work hard so that you won’t kill me! Ngiahaha~! As for the rest, let’s watch first~!

The first semester opened my eyes on how the university teaches and grades its students, and I can say that it was a fun/terrifying/exhausting ride. For now, a new voyage has begun, and I hope I’ll be a good boy and listen to the lectures, write notes perfectly, remember the stuff, answer the exam correctly, and stay on the Dean’s List. Staying in the list will be a challenge.

Oh yeah, this will be the last semester for us in Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Gaya. Next year in March, we’ll be moving to UiTM [Puncak Alam maybe]. I’m sure I’ll miss everyone here, and the advantages of being an IPG student [that advantage being that you’re taken cared by your lecturers far, far better than the U ones. My class only has 20 students. You can see why], but that’s another lifetime.

And yes, since this is a new semester, I’m officially released from the duty as the KO. I love the experience of being the KO, but one term is enough. Now, my obligation is as the runner for Educational Sociology, and it’s the first time for me to be a runner.

Right, that’s all I think for this post.

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

You enjoyed being a KO? You're born a leader! I had been nominated but didn't make it *thank GOD to the lazy me* You learnt the book earlier, we had it for our finale. All the notes are available at

Ps. The earlier, unabridged fairy tales story are frightening, aren't they?

Barbara said...

Ahoy! =) We're going for our 2nd year already this coming September. Will be back in campus for a short sem (7 weeks course) in July.

I have no idea why is UKM moving too fast on the semesters. We only had one semester for our first year.

Have fun and hope to see you in the Peninsular next year! We'll be there by September =)

Afiq said...

Im: Born leader? Haha~! You're exaggerating it. Heheheh~! If you're not lazy, would you be one? Haha~

Since we are learning Lit CnYA this sem, we're going to have the Big Book exhibition this year. Looking forward to that. Yeah, thanks for the notes. I'll download it later. Have something more to ask you though.

[I'm afraid so. Haha~! Sometimes, I need to read a few times to fully understand the tales. Besides that, I'm still thinking why Bros Grimm liked to use Hans a lot. Hahahah]

Barb: Ahoy! Rachel told me all about it. Must be confusing though, with all those new additions.

I will, and I hope you'll too when the time comes. Yeah, looking forward to meet you guys too! ^^