A Big Shoutout To Whom It May Concern, which is of course you guys...

Hello there you ogling net-stalking peeps! The owner of this blog [that’s me!] goes by the nickname of Afiq; Mohd Afiq Bin Mat Razai is the full name in my birth certificate. 12th January is the day I was born. My life currently is all about being a trainee teacher/teacher trainee [zap the wrong one] and the course I’m taking is B. Ed (Hons.) in TESL IPG-KPM Twinning with IPTA 3rd Cycle.

I hail from the rain stormy/extremely hot [the former when it’s in the monsoon season, the latter when it’s not monsoon season] village of Telaga Daing, Seberang Takir in Kuala Terengganu District of Terengganu. My first home away from home or rather the place of learning is Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where my IPG is located: IPG Kampus Gaya. Now, I am studying at the Faculty of Education, UiTM Section 17 Campus, Shah Alam, Selangor.

I am in love with chocolate, English novels, Country music, Photoshop, Jpop, English [language!], stamps, and David Archuleta. Please be in the knowledge that they are not necessarily in that order. What’s bad of me? I am not born to learn that subject called Math; I hate sport, vegetables [well, most of], and is very easily taken over by invading those ever-warring little aliens that have the main objective of suffering people with flu.

This is a blog that mainly deals with my life as a TESL student, or my 'Inkies' [that's poems, prose, and short stories, and any random stuffs [you know, books, or music, or what-ever!]. You may find weird things about me [and friends] [and my life], or maybe self-reflections of things I did, or my views on lots and lots of aspect of this big world, or my recent Photoshop creations [though I mostly upload those in my dA]. This blog is also where I share things adored. Basically, my I-don’t-care attitude caused a large number of stuffs to be thrown here: long ones, and short ones altogether.

So, now let’s end this crappy crap of me that ultimately most of you wouldn't even read anyway. I want to say, that’s all, you peeps!

Sincerely, I love chocolate,
Mohd Afiq

P.S.: I have Tumblr too!