Sunday, 18 May 2014

Thank You TTF

The last three months have been what I define as a life-changer. I went to a school known as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Fuad or SMKTTF for my practicum. Three months might seem like a short period for a teaching stint, but what I received from teaching in that school is priceless.

I learnt a lot about what it means to be a teacher. A teacher doesn’t just write stuff on the whiteboard, say things related to the topic, and finally give homework to the students. A teacher’s work involves a lot more than that. A teacher is everything. Well, besides teaching, a teacher is also an MC (I did that), a teacher is also a painter (I painted mural), simply said, being a teacher is not simple.

Those three months have shown to me how hard it is to be a teacher. A teacher needs to give his best to his students. Sometimes, when my students got so naughty and mischievous, I felt like throwing the whiteboard eraser to them, but that was the challenge right? When I think about it again, well, I did the same thing to my former teachers… karma much? Haha. But frankly, now I have higher respect for all those who are known as teachers.

I won’t deny the fact that I was (and I still am) so happy each time the boys and girls called me as ‘Cikgu’. The feeling was different, the kind that warms you from the inside, so to speak. Well, only that sometimes, when there were too many students who called me to guide them at the same time, then I got confused haha.

The students of 2C, 2D, and 1D were my first group of students. I learnt a lot from them. Maybe I was not perfect since it was my first time teaching anyway, but I tried my best to be a good teacher for them. I just hope that what I’ve taught them will always be in their minds.

I really love my students, every single one of them. I love the school. Thank you TTF for accepting me even if it was for only three months. Thank you.