Wednesday, 30 June 2010



I'm lying on my bed,
being alone in my room.
The country's guitar playing on the radio.
It was past nine o'clock,
and the moon won't shine.

I am thinking this:
if I never see your face before,
would I know your heart?
Yet, how did you tempted me,
with the first meeting,
by the college door?

As long as you're here,
I will be too.
Nervous when talking to you, I was,
but, I could see, we are just as perfect as together.
In the raining sunlight,
the shade of trees won't hide your rays.

I'll send you a long letter,
reply it with your heart.
And tell me your verdict,
as I wait for you tomorrow.

You don't make me come alive,
you just give me another reason for my existence.
Maybe we're young to understand,
or maybe, fate and will had just crossed their path.

As I get bigger,
wonder if you'll be there.
I'm not being selfish,
all I know, I think you see me with the same feeling

As long as I'm here,
You'll be in my heart.
Write back with your pen,
and tell me if you want or you don't
I will not stay for you, if you never want to.

Tell me
It's all as long as I'm here.
As long as the country guitar's still sounding on the radio.

Mak aih, jiwang la plak~! Hahah...
[Disclaimer: tiada kaitan dgn diri aku... Heheh]

To Kill a Mockingbird

Finally, after hours of sitting and laying myself on my bed, I can say I have fully accomplished my mission of reading one of America's great literature work, the novel by Harper Lee,
The first chapter, I must say, was quite boring, but the story began to intensify much better and better without a halt after that. I was truly absorbed in reading it, really.

Basically, it tells about two children, Scout [a tomboyish girl, real name Jean Louise] and Jem [a boy, real name Jeremy Atticus], brother/sister who lived in the fictional county of Maycomb, Alabama. They, with their friend, Dill, [hailed from Mississippi, real name Charles Baker Harris] were curious about their recluse and somewhat, unfriendly neighbour, Boo Radley and they tried ways to see this Boo. In the subsequent events, their father, Atticus, became an attorney for a Black man who had been charged with serious offence against a White woman. What is the verdict of the trial? How is Boo? Read it!

To Kill a Mockingbird is a great read. I really adore this story. Why?

1. The characters' names are cute [Scout, Dill, Jem, Boo, Atticus(?)].
2. The author is so, so, real, real, great in the way she writes. Her style's so insanely good!
3. This is one of the drama novel that have children as the main characters.
4. I was absorbed by the surrounding of this story.
5. It thought me a lot about the lives of people in the 1930s.
6. I just love it...

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Class/Hurrah for the 100th Post!

Hurrah, my 100th post eva~! Heheh...
and here're the harmonious pics of my new cool class
MARJON class is now Ours~! ^o^
I love Peas-in-a-Pod [Peatey, Peatrice, and Penelope]

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hari ini Hari Isnin

Jadi, tetibe je aku wat post dalam Bahasa Melayu. Sekali-sekala ubah angin sikit dari BI xpe kan?

Jadi [lagi sekali aku cakap jadi...], hari ini, kitowang iaitu aku [memang la ak ade, klo x, nk wat pe wat bahan ni?], Dzul, Hamy, Syed, and [rojak plak] Akmar berjalan-jalan, bukan dgn kaki, tp dgn motor utk menonton wayang,

Toy Story 3D

Yeay... Best and gempak gile... Kelakau jugak... [hok loh, dah animasi... xkan nk terharu plak?]. Kalo para pembaca budiman [chewah~ ayat xmenahan - diikuti dgn, 'aku ade pembace ke?'... Hahah] xtonton lg, tonton la, xkesah la 3D ker, berD-D ke... yg penting tonton utk kepuasan mental... Huahuah...
This is JP... The harbour
Wajah-wajah harmoni
Pastu kitowang pon gi JP, kependekan Jesselton Point, tempat yg pling ak SUKE kat KK ni... Kitowang makang2 la Nasi Goreng and Penang Char Kuey Tiau [dimaklumkan, dlm BM, ejaan sebenar ialah 'kuetiau'... kalo ak slah, slahkan DBP, klo anda xtau ape itu DBP, silela jd pendatang harom kat Uganda] yg agak enak... cme disebabakn ak malas nk kopek kulit udangs, so I gave the udangs to Akmar, cheh, psal malas, sanggup bg udangs kat org len... Hahah...

Then, off we went to Wisma Merdeka [sbnrnye, Wisma Merdeka ni detour jer, psal motor Syed kempis, tipis, dan nipis, jd kena baiki la... dah psal motor dibiarkan slama sebulan psal cuti], lpas tu, kitowang pon gi la CP or Centre Point [baper byk point daaa~], bli brg sikit...

Jd, tu la serba-sedikit pasal hari Isnin pertama kitorang lpas tamatnye cuti mid-year...

And one more thing, our juniors have arrived... Gyahahah...

Pasni pe lak,

Keganasan Mak Cik Cleaner [Buletin Haromiah]

28/6/2010, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: Beberapa orang pelajar IPG Kampus Gaya telah menyaksikan hasil keganasan para mak cik cleaner di Kolej Kediaman Jati. Keganasan ini melibatkan barang-barang seperti tilam, bakul, kasut, selipar, kain, dan memacam ape-kejadah dibuang dari mana-mana tingkat dan tersadai silu dan sepi secara harmoni di padang jarak padang tekukur di tingkat paling bawah disebabakan tarikan graviti.

Perkara ini mungkin sekali disebabkan keadaan koridor asrama yang kurang bersih. Al-maklumlah, disebabkan cuti pertengahan tahun baru saja tamat, jadi mak cik-mak cik cleaner ini mungkin sekali ingin memudahkan kerja membawa barang ke bawah dengan membaling sahaja kejadah-kejadah tersebut. Menjelang 3 petang, tempat kejadian sudah bersih ibarat mesyuarat perhimpunan BERSIH melibatkan Pak Lah dan menantunya, Khairy. Sekian berita kurang terkini dari Mohd Afiq.


Some pics I took inside my home sweet home:
This is our family's 'unofficial' adopted cat, Tam, the contraction of
Hitam. Why unofficial? My family don't really keep him
as a pet, but, we always give food to Tam... Lucky Cat~!
My father a.k.a. Abah... See... My hair's so short~!
My mom a.k.a. Mak... Errr... Garang... Hahah

Anyhow... LUV n' MISS ALL OF YOU~!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Breakfast Foodie

For this morning's breakfast, I ate:
Burger + Sausage + Egg in a Basket + Milk

So, before you start to think that I'm slipping away from my
roots because of my [so-called] English Breakfast regime,
I tell you I'm not. This is the food that I always eat as my morning meal.

Now, for the recipes, hahah

1. Buy packed burger/sausage from the frozen food section in your fave store
2. If it's in frozen state [which usually happens if your freezer in malfunctioning as mine], thaw it first.
3. Melt some butter in a pan and fry them the thawed burger/sausage tenderly.

Egg in a Basket:
1. Make a hole in a bread
2. Butter the bread on both sides and brown it in a pan.
3. Then, crack the egg into the hole.
4. Cook it until you are satisfied.

1. You just mix milk powder with hot water.

After you have finish all of them,
Nope... It's not a new movie...
It's just a fake film poster that I created in times of
'ke-boring-an' [whereas I should really do my ES and SS... LOL].

I'm not that good with Photoshop you know... Not like my 'unofficial' twin...

Whataya Think? Comments? Kehkeh [ngade2 tol aku]

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

Saturday, 19 June 2010

This according to the test...
I admit, many are quite true...

To begin with:

SUBMISSIVE - Yup, and passive too [...kind of]

Submissive means that a person is willing to submit

to the will of others [and I mean this in the good sort].

INTROVERT - This is so me. I'm not that sociable and outgoing.

To think again, I'm quite a loner... [sometimes] T^T

CONCRETE - Logical thinking, and it causes a lot of problems

among me and my friends. What problems? These probs:




Quite concrete, huh?

THINKING - Errr...

Pain grillé Français

The breakfast for this morning is the ever humble Pain grillé Français a.k.a. French toast. Yummy...
So, Mesdames et messieurs, this is the [not-so-comprehensive] recipe on how to make it... Nyeheheh

Ingrédients / Ingredients:
Pain / Bread
Oeufs / Eggs
Assaisonnements / Flavourings
Beurre / Butter
1. Brake two eggs and put them in a bowl
2. Mix them with an egg beater
3. Put some flavourings
4. Beat them thoroughly
5. Dip the bread in the mixture
6. In a pan, melt some butter for frying
7. Fry the bread on both sides
8. Et Voila, your french toast is done, so what else but to munch it... Hahaha




Basking in the shadows, carved by light
A bird fly freely
Its tomorrow, unsure how it will be

The heaven in darkness
I sit here calmly
As silent as the night

Waves by the shore
No wind is heard outside the windows
Life is as still as it could be

SO, what do you think about my haikus?
Maybe they're not that good, but I have always wanted to do Haiku.
So, there you have it...


Friday, 18 June 2010

Random 'LUV's n' 'H8's


Your Love is My Drug, by Ke$ha
With its catchy lyrics and melody, no wonder the song is very, very addictive. You can't just stop listening to this, just like, you can't stop to have... errr... drug?

David Archuleta
He's just 20 years old, has a nice angelic voice, an author of a book [rather a memoir], and he's SO cute... What's more to say?

The greatest thing to eat... SO LUV IT... Bars, cookies, drinks, ice creams, cakes? Gimme them~!

This is the thing that makes me feel so alive [EXAGGERATION] in school, besides a few other subjects. I just can't imagine my life without it. That's why I take TESL as my course.

I'm such an avid blogger, I think I'm a blog addict...

Reading is my hobby, and I love to read novels... Still, why must the prices of books in Malaysia be so high?

Who thought a TV series about a Show Choir in a fictitious school would win millions of heart?


Me and math? It's like water and oil... I was not born to be a math-whiz or something... Math is like a bad witch for me... Shoo away... [Well, mostly it involves calculus, algebra (seriously, I just cannot grasp this thing, ax -bx2 + c = abc, what the?), and other weird-named math thingy... Luckily, I am good enough in Modern Math... Heheh].

Homeworks during the holidays
Seriously, why won't they let us be peaceful during the breaks? Homeworks? [Speakin' 'bout it... Heheh...]

My 'thin frame'
The last time I weighed myself, it's 44KGs... which is so, so little for a 19-years-old boy... Though, at times, being thin does have the benefits... Nyeheheh

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Beach Behind My Home

Unfortunately, the sun will not set in the east coast
Even fishing boat has plate number (or is it registration number?)
Camera trick (is it?)

Composite pics (that are not that composite-looking) that
I took...


2010 is the most entertaining and busiest year for world's sporting events as a lot of them are or will be held. Among them are:

Asian Games

Youth Olympics Games

FIFA World Cup
(currently being held merrily [and with ear-splitting loudness because of the Vuvuzelas] in South Africa)

Commonwelth Games.

I just can't wait to see the opening ceremonies of these games. ^^

The main Q is, is it me, or the mascots for most of these events are from the feline family?
See this:
Lyo the Lion & Merly the Merlion, from 2010 Youth Olympic Games Singapore
Zakumi, from FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa
Shera, from 2010 Commonwealth Games Delhi


Whatever it is~

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara

Monday, 14 June 2010

What? You think boys can't have one?