Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I Heart Kota Kinabalu


It’s holiday and I’m still here, the place where it seems that the morning sun may had soaked up the moisture and let it all drain by the evening, every 24 hours. It’s KK, day five after the holiday, and for days, I have been eating the yellow DIY, unhealthy noodle. I can eat outside, but let’s just wait for that.

Maybe, I can still force myself to wait for those awesomely delicious pizza, or burger, and the most important, my mom’s own creation that can fill up my little stomach or what-so-ever. The thing now, I am on my computer each time my eyes are wide open, like now, and it is 10.30 pm now [by the time I write this].

I just can’t wait to go back home. Yes, my port of origin is calling me. The aeroplane will take me there, soon, later. I just envy my friends who are at home right now. Dipping their hands into the plastic thingy and chewing on the potato chips while watching the primetime shows presented by the magical box with their families, all under one roof - sigh here, quite happy here (for some reasons unknown).

Still, when I go home, I will miss KK. It’s one part of me now.

One more thing




I think I will be flu-ey by tomorrow

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