Wednesday, 30 June 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird

Finally, after hours of sitting and laying myself on my bed, I can say I have fully accomplished my mission of reading one of America's great literature work, the novel by Harper Lee,
The first chapter, I must say, was quite boring, but the story began to intensify much better and better without a halt after that. I was truly absorbed in reading it, really.

Basically, it tells about two children, Scout [a tomboyish girl, real name Jean Louise] and Jem [a boy, real name Jeremy Atticus], brother/sister who lived in the fictional county of Maycomb, Alabama. They, with their friend, Dill, [hailed from Mississippi, real name Charles Baker Harris] were curious about their recluse and somewhat, unfriendly neighbour, Boo Radley and they tried ways to see this Boo. In the subsequent events, their father, Atticus, became an attorney for a Black man who had been charged with serious offence against a White woman. What is the verdict of the trial? How is Boo? Read it!

To Kill a Mockingbird is a great read. I really adore this story. Why?

1. The characters' names are cute [Scout, Dill, Jem, Boo, Atticus(?)].
2. The author is so, so, real, real, great in the way she writes. Her style's so insanely good!
3. This is one of the drama novel that have children as the main characters.
4. I was absorbed by the surrounding of this story.
5. It thought me a lot about the lives of people in the 1930s.
6. I just love it...

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