Friday, 18 June 2010

Random 'LUV's n' 'H8's


Your Love is My Drug, by Ke$ha
With its catchy lyrics and melody, no wonder the song is very, very addictive. You can't just stop listening to this, just like, you can't stop to have... errr... drug?

David Archuleta
He's just 20 years old, has a nice angelic voice, an author of a book [rather a memoir], and he's SO cute... What's more to say?

The greatest thing to eat... SO LUV IT... Bars, cookies, drinks, ice creams, cakes? Gimme them~!

This is the thing that makes me feel so alive [EXAGGERATION] in school, besides a few other subjects. I just can't imagine my life without it. That's why I take TESL as my course.

I'm such an avid blogger, I think I'm a blog addict...

Reading is my hobby, and I love to read novels... Still, why must the prices of books in Malaysia be so high?

Who thought a TV series about a Show Choir in a fictitious school would win millions of heart?


Me and math? It's like water and oil... I was not born to be a math-whiz or something... Math is like a bad witch for me... Shoo away... [Well, mostly it involves calculus, algebra (seriously, I just cannot grasp this thing, ax -bx2 + c = abc, what the?), and other weird-named math thingy... Luckily, I am good enough in Modern Math... Heheh].

Homeworks during the holidays
Seriously, why won't they let us be peaceful during the breaks? Homeworks? [Speakin' 'bout it... Heheh...]

My 'thin frame'
The last time I weighed myself, it's 44KGs... which is so, so little for a 19-years-old boy... Though, at times, being thin does have the benefits... Nyeheheh

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