Monday, 21 June 2010

Breakfast Foodie

For this morning's breakfast, I ate:
Burger + Sausage + Egg in a Basket + Milk

So, before you start to think that I'm slipping away from my
roots because of my [so-called] English Breakfast regime,
I tell you I'm not. This is the food that I always eat as my morning meal.

Now, for the recipes, hahah

1. Buy packed burger/sausage from the frozen food section in your fave store
2. If it's in frozen state [which usually happens if your freezer in malfunctioning as mine], thaw it first.
3. Melt some butter in a pan and fry them the thawed burger/sausage tenderly.

Egg in a Basket:
1. Make a hole in a bread
2. Butter the bread on both sides and brown it in a pan.
3. Then, crack the egg into the hole.
4. Cook it until you are satisfied.

1. You just mix milk powder with hot water.

After you have finish all of them,

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