Saturday, 12 June 2010

Payang Market

Market might not be a place for tourist, but, I think that's not the
case with Pasar besar Kedai Payang... or for short:

Pasar Payang

This is the place where KT residents buy their groceries [is it right?]
like veges, fruits, seafood, local delicacies, etc...
Batik, souvenirs, T-shirts, well, things tourist buy, are also sell here.

Traditional delicacies
Green and yellow mangoes

Salak jeruk, 1 for RM5
Rambutan and buah salak (salacca zalacca)
I like this stall's cendol... the only difference, I drink cendol...
without the cendol... [senang cakap: Santan + Gula Melaka... No cendol]

Durians, anyone?
The new Bazaar Warisan
These are Bot Penambang, the transport that I used to go to
Kuala Terengganu city... 15 minutes crossing the River Terengganu
Up close and personal... RM1 per trip...

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