Monday, 31 May 2010

Tax free fun

OK... I need, and I mean really need to tell the happenings in this few days... So many to talk about [I mean to WRITE about]. So, let's begin:

28 May 2010:

In that day, I went out again with who else, Kangga... Nevertheless, in this occasion, we were also accompanied byAbang Poji, Khadijah [who happened to be celebrating the same birth date with Kangga]
and Yvonne. Hahah... It was their birthday, and we celebrated it by watching

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Nice movie, nice actors/actresses... Surely, I love it~. One of the actors said a dialogue that always made me laughed, tax free

Then we went to Pasar Philipines, you know, the handicraft market in KK, and I see this shirt that made me drooling for it [ya' think 'drooling's for food only?]. It was white and it has this:


After my allowance come in, I will spend it for that shirt...

We were hungry, so, Abang Poji treated us... mouth-watering ikan bakar, udang bakar, and sotong bakar, at Sinsuran... I haven't eat bakar-ed stuff in what... like 6 month? Maybe... For drink, I had Avocado juice... it's not really avocado... It was mix with ABC or something....

Then, we went back to CP for some games, and I played games that required hand and eye coordination... Trust me... the last thing I have IS hand and eye coordination. So, that equals to only 5 secs on the dance machine... What a *booooooooooooooooo* I had, and it was 'said' by that machine!... T^T

30 May 2010:

That morning, Mus came into my room, asking me whether I would like to go to 1B with him... I told him that we [me and Kangga] are going to Madam Sharifah Mazni's house at Putatan for a feast [which she actually made for the MARJON since they are leaving us... T^T]. So, because Mustaqim had rented a car, we went there with him... plus, Rachel Lim, *cough* was there. She's a nice girl, heheh. Madam surely prepared a big feast for us... Ayam masak merah, fish curry, daging kurma... all were deliciously tantalizing [exaggeration.. just wanna add... ^^]... Mr Lourdes and his family were there too... Thanks madam for that lovely dishes.

Later that day, we went to Hongkod Koisaan [Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association, KDCA] for some walk. We were not there for so long... Besides, Mus rented the car to watch movie, so 1B was our next destination... We watched the Bounty Hunter and the movie was quite nice... Heheh...

After the sun settled down the horizon, we went to eat at Grace Point, a nice eating place which is actually build at the site of the Double 6 Tragedy, a plane crash incident which killed, among others, the then Sabah's Chief Minister, Tun Fuad Stephens, in 6th of June, hence the name, Double 6. Back to the real thing, that was my first time there, so I ordered beef chili con carne burrito with nachos with mayonnaise salsa relish and chocolate malt drink on the rock [that's Milo Ping...]. Yummy...

31 May 2010:

Today, I made my way to Hongkod Koisaan again [you know it is Kaamatan] by bus, and guess what? I'm small enough to use the slit between the tembok Berlin and pagar besi... Heheh... Eating problem solved... The only prob is for large people... I'm so sorry...

Okay, I went there, and met Zell, who was selling drinks with her family at Valai Rungus [I hope that's right] and we went around and around Hongkod Koisaan. After capturing some pics with the sumandak-sumandak and laki-laki [I dunno the Kadazan/Sabahan word for it... T^T] wearing traditional costumes, the next place our feet went to was Hongkod Koisaan Hall. There was this Majlis Perasmian Penutupan. So, of course, there are dance and cultural shows from the Kadazans, Dusuns, Muruts, and others. A great experience to watch cultures other than us, right? As usual, Unduk Ngadau is always the highlight if Pesta Kaamatan, and I did stick for a while... The crowd was practically cheering for the Unduk Ngadau from Tuaran. Heheh...

So, practically, that was what I had been doing for the last few days. I will still be in Sabah for 5 more days. Can't wait to go home, especially when all my friends are there now... but it's alright.

I think that's it...

Till then,

HINO KO PO, and KOTOLUADAN for reading this heck of a post. Hahah

More pics will be uploaded as soon as I have them... Haha

Home is sweet... 5 days and counting

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Friday, 28 May 2010

YoYo [Not that Yoyo]


If you don't live in Sabah [or rather KK], then most probably you think that the 'YoYo' is this one:
Nope... Not that. It's this:

See that green gooey substance below? That's mint flavour.
The black thingy is pearl and it's a bit like jelly, just much firmer.
The drink behind, meanwhile, is green tea [if I'm not mistaken]

Yeap, it's a drink that all Gaya-rians [or at least me] love to... err... drink. Milky tea, that can be mix with a variety of flavours such as mint, almond, or chocolate, or by adding pearl [not that pearl], coconut cube [a.k.a. nata de coco], or pudding [egg, chocs, or mango], or you can just mix them. I tried it the first time last year, and I just fell in love with this refreshment. My fave? Almond Milky Tea...

I'm so gonna miss that fella when I'm back in KT... T^T


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In Times Bookstore
In front of GSC Suria Sabah
Wearing 3D glasses
When did he take this pic?

Semester 2 has officially ended and the students are making their way back home. Me? I will be stuck here until 7.25am, Saturday, 5th of June, 2010. What to do?

Today, I went to JP and Times Bookstore in Suria Sabah. The greatest thing? I had accomplished one thing that I wanted to do since, like last year. Watching AVATAR. OK, OK, say me lame or what-ever, but at least I watched it... in 3D, babehh... Yeah, babeh. Yeah~! The movie was great. The cinematography , acting, technology, and scenery was awesomely breathtaking. OK, the plot might be a bit cliche, but who cares... I adore that movie very much. One thing that strikes me, is when Sam Worthington, playing the character Jakesully, said 'We don't have green anymore in earth', or so to speak, to Eywa. Well, it's true, that us humans are making the earth grey and grey by each passing second.

OK, OK, enough with the free ceramah. So, I went there with Kangga, my senior, who will go to Plymouth (Pronunciation: /ˈplɪməθ/ a.k.a. p-lee-meth) in UK, not US, in September. I know, a lot of us, Junior TESLians will miss him. T^T... Still, it's for his own good. May GBU.

Till then, mi amigos...

Have a good day [or night, depending on your location on this earth]

Thursday, 27 May 2010

It is the end of our Semester 2.
See you next semester.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

From My Facebook:
I'M LISTENING TO THESE: Carry Me Home - James Blunt, Home - Michael Buble, Take Me Home Country Road - John Denver, Home Sweet Home - Carrie Underwood, Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard, You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home - Miley Cyrus, Home - Brian McKnight, Don't Leave Home - Dido, Come Home - One Republic Feat. Sara Bareilles

Easily said: I miss HOME


Hello Peepul,
You reading this?
It's not Afiq for your information.
Rachel's spamming here.
Virus Attack!
visit me

Here Comes the End

The end is near - The end of Semester 2 for Foundation TESLians.

Semester 2 is a semester of a whole lot of events, programmes, and when I said a lot, it means lots and lots of it.

TESL Night
Mock Exam My Mock Exam? It was not to my expectation [though I can say that I don't put high hopes since it was... heheh... just a mock... hahah...]
Fiesta Cahaya
Pesta Angpau
Pesta Kaamatan
lots more....

What's important, this semester had been a roller-coaster for not just me, but all of us. Reminiscing back the memories of the last sixth months I'm here, it was indeed a long journey and I must say, it's a journey that made us discover more about ourselves.

The first half of 2010 serves as a reminder for us that every choice we make will affect us in the future. About who we can be, and about what we can achieve. Indeed, there are a large number of emotions all mixed together this year. Some of us choose to wear our feeling on the sleeve. Some of us choose other alternatives. The only thing I can say, we are TESLians and TESLians will, and will always support each other, no matter what happened, no matter what will come in our path.

There will be lots more challenges to come in the next semester. We'll have our REAL exam, many of us will have new responsibilities, many of us will have the aspiration to change, plus, we'll receive a new batch of students. OUR JUNIORS... Whatever it is, let's be great students and always believe that we can do it. We are holding strong upon our hopes. Grab it. Be prepared for the next semester. Rejoice it with PEACE

till then...

Love?... Love... Love!

This semester is coming to an end. The next one is upon us.
May all of us be blessed...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Have a glee-ful life!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Why I always failed in this game???? [Even in the Google version? T^T]

Google also celebrated it [and with that, the world did the same
and the workers' productivities fell down the drain...
That's good... Can't we just have free arcade game fun for a while?]

Yesterday was the
30th Anniversary of


Happy Birthday, PAC!
You never failed to entertain me!

Triple Mouth Watering Cakes [Yam, Choc. White Choc]

I forget to post this earlier, but whatever it is, Happy Birthday to Rachel and Happy Early Birthday to Amirah~! ^^

Nice cakes!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Live + Loud

Today is one of the longest day in my life... In terms of having an OUTING of course... hahah ^^.

The place? 1Borneo
The people? Me [of course la], Puvana, Kangga, Rachel

Heheh... The last weekend before mid-year hols... What's better than to go out there?

Our adventure first started with our journey to the nearest bus stop [which is not really a bus stop], the one near Taman Rimba... Waiting for bus number 13... Then, at Wawasan, we went straight to Warisan to take the shuttle bus to 1B [Somehow, I feel that this statement is like... childish! Maybe, the language used is not appropriate... Heheh]

In front of 1Borneo

Pizza Hut~!

Saling suap-menyuap ^^

Saling...errr... makan

Caption for this pic will resulted in a controversy

Me, Kangga, Puvana, Rachel

Mat Rempit... Nope~!

Rach, you are too old for this, right?

Then again, maybe not~!

This is our home... Heheh...

In the...ehhehheh... toilet... Luckily it's a fake one~

Fun = Bumper Cars

At 1B, we waited for Rachel Chin Mui Yin... After she came, that's when the fun began. Rachel's 19th birthday was a couple of days earlier, so we decided to treat her some pizzas at Pizza Hut! Combo Meal 4, with Royal Masala pizza and Island Supreme pizza... Nice....

After filling up our stomach, we have some fun at the game arcade... err... sort of... We were pretending to play the game which would have been T-rated by ERSB... Fun without consuming our money... Huhuh...

A little more walk, and we find the thing that spells the word F U N for us
BUMPER CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The verdict: PUVANA + AFIQ won the game... Hahah [Biased~]
We had fun... Yeah, our car stuck a bit for a while... T^T... The best part, we could bump our opponent's car lots of times... Hahaha... Sorry for the suffering you had to go through, though... Hahah...

The next stuff in our invisible itinerary, visiting the showhouse of 1Sulaman and made it as our own for the next half of an hour... Hahah X3 ... Hey, when is the time we can pretend we own a house, right? Gyahahah~

Let's see, after that, we watched a movie at GSC. ROBIN HOOD... A historical movie about, well, ROBIN HOOD! The first thing first... His real name was actually ROBIN LONGSTRIDE... The movie was nice. I would not say that it is the best movie I have watched, but I really like this movie.

So, that is what I have done with my friends today [of course there are some editing here and there]. I had a lot of fun mingling with all of you. Thanks for hanging out with me ^^

Till then...