Friday, 28 May 2010


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In Times Bookstore
In front of GSC Suria Sabah
Wearing 3D glasses
When did he take this pic?

Semester 2 has officially ended and the students are making their way back home. Me? I will be stuck here until 7.25am, Saturday, 5th of June, 2010. What to do?

Today, I went to JP and Times Bookstore in Suria Sabah. The greatest thing? I had accomplished one thing that I wanted to do since, like last year. Watching AVATAR. OK, OK, say me lame or what-ever, but at least I watched it... in 3D, babehh... Yeah, babeh. Yeah~! The movie was great. The cinematography , acting, technology, and scenery was awesomely breathtaking. OK, the plot might be a bit cliche, but who cares... I adore that movie very much. One thing that strikes me, is when Sam Worthington, playing the character Jakesully, said 'We don't have green anymore in earth', or so to speak, to Eywa. Well, it's true, that us humans are making the earth grey and grey by each passing second.

OK, OK, enough with the free ceramah. So, I went there with Kangga, my senior, who will go to Plymouth (Pronunciation: /ˈplɪməθ/ a.k.a. p-lee-meth) in UK, not US, in September. I know, a lot of us, Junior TESLians will miss him. T^T... Still, it's for his own good. May GBU.

Till then, mi amigos...

Have a good day [or night, depending on your location on this earth]

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