Monday, 31 May 2010

Tax free fun

OK... I need, and I mean really need to tell the happenings in this few days... So many to talk about [I mean to WRITE about]. So, let's begin:

28 May 2010:

In that day, I went out again with who else, Kangga... Nevertheless, in this occasion, we were also accompanied byAbang Poji, Khadijah [who happened to be celebrating the same birth date with Kangga]
and Yvonne. Hahah... It was their birthday, and we celebrated it by watching

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Nice movie, nice actors/actresses... Surely, I love it~. One of the actors said a dialogue that always made me laughed, tax free

Then we went to Pasar Philipines, you know, the handicraft market in KK, and I see this shirt that made me drooling for it [ya' think 'drooling's for food only?]. It was white and it has this:


After my allowance come in, I will spend it for that shirt...

We were hungry, so, Abang Poji treated us... mouth-watering ikan bakar, udang bakar, and sotong bakar, at Sinsuran... I haven't eat bakar-ed stuff in what... like 6 month? Maybe... For drink, I had Avocado juice... it's not really avocado... It was mix with ABC or something....

Then, we went back to CP for some games, and I played games that required hand and eye coordination... Trust me... the last thing I have IS hand and eye coordination. So, that equals to only 5 secs on the dance machine... What a *booooooooooooooooo* I had, and it was 'said' by that machine!... T^T

30 May 2010:

That morning, Mus came into my room, asking me whether I would like to go to 1B with him... I told him that we [me and Kangga] are going to Madam Sharifah Mazni's house at Putatan for a feast [which she actually made for the MARJON since they are leaving us... T^T]. So, because Mustaqim had rented a car, we went there with him... plus, Rachel Lim, *cough* was there. She's a nice girl, heheh. Madam surely prepared a big feast for us... Ayam masak merah, fish curry, daging kurma... all were deliciously tantalizing [exaggeration.. just wanna add... ^^]... Mr Lourdes and his family were there too... Thanks madam for that lovely dishes.

Later that day, we went to Hongkod Koisaan [Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association, KDCA] for some walk. We were not there for so long... Besides, Mus rented the car to watch movie, so 1B was our next destination... We watched the Bounty Hunter and the movie was quite nice... Heheh...

After the sun settled down the horizon, we went to eat at Grace Point, a nice eating place which is actually build at the site of the Double 6 Tragedy, a plane crash incident which killed, among others, the then Sabah's Chief Minister, Tun Fuad Stephens, in 6th of June, hence the name, Double 6. Back to the real thing, that was my first time there, so I ordered beef chili con carne burrito with nachos with mayonnaise salsa relish and chocolate malt drink on the rock [that's Milo Ping...]. Yummy...

31 May 2010:

Today, I made my way to Hongkod Koisaan again [you know it is Kaamatan] by bus, and guess what? I'm small enough to use the slit between the tembok Berlin and pagar besi... Heheh... Eating problem solved... The only prob is for large people... I'm so sorry...

Okay, I went there, and met Zell, who was selling drinks with her family at Valai Rungus [I hope that's right] and we went around and around Hongkod Koisaan. After capturing some pics with the sumandak-sumandak and laki-laki [I dunno the Kadazan/Sabahan word for it... T^T] wearing traditional costumes, the next place our feet went to was Hongkod Koisaan Hall. There was this Majlis Perasmian Penutupan. So, of course, there are dance and cultural shows from the Kadazans, Dusuns, Muruts, and others. A great experience to watch cultures other than us, right? As usual, Unduk Ngadau is always the highlight if Pesta Kaamatan, and I did stick for a while... The crowd was practically cheering for the Unduk Ngadau from Tuaran. Heheh...

So, practically, that was what I had been doing for the last few days. I will still be in Sabah for 5 more days. Can't wait to go home, especially when all my friends are there now... but it's alright.

I think that's it...

Till then,

HINO KO PO, and KOTOLUADAN for reading this heck of a post. Hahah

More pics will be uploaded as soon as I have them... Haha

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