Friday, 28 May 2010

YoYo [Not that Yoyo]


If you don't live in Sabah [or rather KK], then most probably you think that the 'YoYo' is this one:
Nope... Not that. It's this:

See that green gooey substance below? That's mint flavour.
The black thingy is pearl and it's a bit like jelly, just much firmer.
The drink behind, meanwhile, is green tea [if I'm not mistaken]

Yeap, it's a drink that all Gaya-rians [or at least me] love to... err... drink. Milky tea, that can be mix with a variety of flavours such as mint, almond, or chocolate, or by adding pearl [not that pearl], coconut cube [a.k.a. nata de coco], or pudding [egg, chocs, or mango], or you can just mix them. I tried it the first time last year, and I just fell in love with this refreshment. My fave? Almond Milky Tea...

I'm so gonna miss that fella when I'm back in KT... T^T

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