Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Here Comes the End

The end is near - The end of Semester 2 for Foundation TESLians.

Semester 2 is a semester of a whole lot of events, programmes, and when I said a lot, it means lots and lots of it.

TESL Night
Mock Exam My Mock Exam? It was not to my expectation [though I can say that I don't put high hopes since it was... heheh... just a mock... hahah...]
Fiesta Cahaya
Pesta Angpau
Pesta Kaamatan
lots more....

What's important, this semester had been a roller-coaster for not just me, but all of us. Reminiscing back the memories of the last sixth months I'm here, it was indeed a long journey and I must say, it's a journey that made us discover more about ourselves.

The first half of 2010 serves as a reminder for us that every choice we make will affect us in the future. About who we can be, and about what we can achieve. Indeed, there are a large number of emotions all mixed together this year. Some of us choose to wear our feeling on the sleeve. Some of us choose other alternatives. The only thing I can say, we are TESLians and TESLians will, and will always support each other, no matter what happened, no matter what will come in our path.

There will be lots more challenges to come in the next semester. We'll have our REAL exam, many of us will have new responsibilities, many of us will have the aspiration to change, plus, we'll receive a new batch of students. OUR JUNIORS... Whatever it is, let's be great students and always believe that we can do it. We are holding strong upon our hopes. Grab it. Be prepared for the next semester. Rejoice it with PEACE

till then...

Love?... Love... Love!

This semester is coming to an end. The next one is upon us.
May all of us be blessed...

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