Saturday, 22 May 2010

Live + Loud

Today is one of the longest day in my life... In terms of having an OUTING of course... hahah ^^.

The place? 1Borneo
The people? Me [of course la], Puvana, Kangga, Rachel

Heheh... The last weekend before mid-year hols... What's better than to go out there?

Our adventure first started with our journey to the nearest bus stop [which is not really a bus stop], the one near Taman Rimba... Waiting for bus number 13... Then, at Wawasan, we went straight to Warisan to take the shuttle bus to 1B [Somehow, I feel that this statement is like... childish! Maybe, the language used is not appropriate... Heheh]

In front of 1Borneo

Pizza Hut~!

Saling suap-menyuap ^^

Saling...errr... makan

Caption for this pic will resulted in a controversy

Me, Kangga, Puvana, Rachel

Mat Rempit... Nope~!

Rach, you are too old for this, right?

Then again, maybe not~!

This is our home... Heheh...

In the...ehhehheh... toilet... Luckily it's a fake one~

Fun = Bumper Cars

At 1B, we waited for Rachel Chin Mui Yin... After she came, that's when the fun began. Rachel's 19th birthday was a couple of days earlier, so we decided to treat her some pizzas at Pizza Hut! Combo Meal 4, with Royal Masala pizza and Island Supreme pizza... Nice....

After filling up our stomach, we have some fun at the game arcade... err... sort of... We were pretending to play the game which would have been T-rated by ERSB... Fun without consuming our money... Huhuh...

A little more walk, and we find the thing that spells the word F U N for us
BUMPER CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The verdict: PUVANA + AFIQ won the game... Hahah [Biased~]
We had fun... Yeah, our car stuck a bit for a while... T^T... The best part, we could bump our opponent's car lots of times... Hahaha... Sorry for the suffering you had to go through, though... Hahah...

The next stuff in our invisible itinerary, visiting the showhouse of 1Sulaman and made it as our own for the next half of an hour... Hahah X3 ... Hey, when is the time we can pretend we own a house, right? Gyahahah~

Let's see, after that, we watched a movie at GSC. ROBIN HOOD... A historical movie about, well, ROBIN HOOD! The first thing first... His real name was actually ROBIN LONGSTRIDE... The movie was nice. I would not say that it is the best movie I have watched, but I really like this movie.

So, that is what I have done with my friends today [of course there are some editing here and there]. I had a lot of fun mingling with all of you. Thanks for hanging out with me ^^

Till then...


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