Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why Literature is Everything

Literature (in all forms be it poetry, novels, short stories, and so many other designs) is made as the creators' reflections of the sociocultural, political, or historical environments of their times. Even fictional settings that may not conform to our current conditions (magic, sci-fi, dystopian) are replete with nuances that convey the facets and attributes of humans and their nature. Literature is not removed from humanity, but it is an integral part of it as exemplified by the thousands-of-years-worth of stories and arts. The stories of our achievements, our damnation, the good and the bad of our traits, the problems and the solutions, the discussions of life and death, we learn so many things from literature. When a person says "Why do we even have to study literature? It's all not real." That's practically undermining its importance to our development as a species in all aspects, emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually. How many tales were written about our Earth in hopes of explaining it? Granted a lot are now proven to be wrong, but those stories were the first step for humans to understand this world. Most importantly, the characters in literature are the expositions of our own emotions and antics. How can we not understand that things in literature are continuously happening in the world right now? An understanding of literature provides an insight to the relationship between us to other people, to our world, and to the higher power. Also it reflects upon yourselves too.

Monday, 6 April 2015

INTJ Stereotypes Survey

This is a survey that my friend Zell saw on Tumblr, and she told me to do it since I’m mostly an INTJ (that my personality according to the Myers-Briggs Test).

Intelligent: I value intelligence and I know that as a human, it’s my responsibility to gain the knowledge that the world can offer me. Am I an intelligent person? Maybe you need to know me first *winks*

Psychopath: In my mind, I have killed you six times haha. Well, I’m averse to violence. There’s no way I’m going to hurt other people, but then again…

No feelings:  I’m not the kind of person who expresses my feeling that often, but when I am passionate about something, that passion will definitely appear (and that can quite drag my friends into an embarrassment hahaha)

Atheist: Definitely not.

Not romantic: Being romantic is not a bad thing, but there is one thing to be really considered : are we rooted in reality?

Arrogant: I learn not to be arrogant or annoying.

Brutal and direct: I’m more to direct. If the truth is out there, I won’t hesitate to say it, and I try not to be brutal when I state it even if the truth is in itself brutal. Well, that’s life.

Can’t accept others opinions: I value discussions in a civilised manner so that we can see where our opinions differ. It’s not just my own perspective that matters.

Manipulate people all the time: No.

Robots in reality:  Probably?

Antisocial: I’m not antisocial, but I am selectively social. I love hanging out with my good friends and family, but there are (so many) times when I love being alone, even when going out. I recharge when I am alone, even outside.

Can’t say “I love you”: It depends on the situation.

Want to be alone 24/7:  Nah, I love being with other people, but I love being on my own too mostly.

Can’t smile: Smiling, they said, is my number one feature haha.

Don’t/can’t care about others: I care about the others, perhaps too much sometimes haha.

Megalomaniacs by their very nature: Why should I be that?

Don’t cry: I rarely cry.

Cannot/will not fight: I am not that kind of person by nature. If people hurt me, well I just suck it up. What if it involves another person who I love? Maybe I’ll gauge the situation first.

Like conflict: Definitely not. I’m a peace-loving guy haha.

Self-centred: Trying not to be that.

No regret/remorse: Oh ho, we all have our fair of regrets. But for me, I aim to not be distracted in life. The only way that I can go is forward. Of course, I will reflect on the things that I’ve done so that I can make amends in the future.

Appear to be on drugs: My skinny body caused some parties to ask whether I smoke or not. The answer is no, I don’t.

Easily bored if not inspired: I need to be creative or doing something that I have passion for. I can easily get bored if I’m not inspired, and then I will degenerate into a remorseful existence haha.