Tuesday, 31 August 2010

So [Huh?]!

Live by these words, and you'll see yourself in an endless world of possibilities where you can discover your surrounding, learn all things new, and teach yourself to be much better before heading out to a new environment ahead. The only thing that you got to do: Open up, and leave your comfort zone. For all you know, it's worth it.
[Thanks to Jaceyy for giving me the permission to use this quote! ^^]

Monday, 30 August 2010

Are We United Enough?

What's the point of celebrating independence if we ourselves are not united emotionally?

We are free, physically, from outside disturbances, but our minds are still negative towards our neighbours. There are too many racism, prejudice, and discrimination in our society. Everyday, we are given news about things that should not happen when we are independent for how many years? 53 years old. That is not a short time. It's more than enough for us to understand each others, but why we are still hurting others? Why are we saying things we shouldn't have said in the first place?

Can't we just stop it? Why can't we begin to develop mutual understanding? Couldn't we understand that we are Malaysians because we were born in this homeland? We are friends, neighbours. Most important, we are one big family. One big family that lives in this motherland to care, defend, and love to each other, and to build this nation as great as we can. We are her sons and daughters.

We are the next generation.

And we are much better before than now, don't you think?

So, future teachers...

No matter how our life shall be, we must not put an end to the hard-earn yet easy-to-crumble oneness that we have. This country deserves better than to have a civil war erupting between her residents. That's harsh. Let's bring an end to ignorance. Let's make a wonderful lives ahead. No more racism, no more discrimination. No more of these:

1. 'Why are they given those privileges, while we are not?'
2. 'Why are they much better than us?'
3. 'Why the west is better than the east?'

Why? Why? Why?

Ignorance is not a bliss, especially if the ones that are involved are our friends. Hopes do turn into reality, if only we strive to achieve them.

We are 53 [and lovin' it]!


Tomorrow is too late, for forgiveness of yesterday’s wrongdoings.

Millions of wrongs are equal to a single mercy.

Leave the fist behind. Take a great Polaroid with smile.

Forgive and forget.

Don’t be a lone satellite, when there are a million faces around you.

Build a friendship and make it last.

Don’t stop in the final red light.

Live and let live.

Breathe in this unity that would not be, if not for past’s sorrows, and tears.

See a friend, in a face of a stranger.

Just say ‘hi’, don’t see the difference.

Our façade might differ, everything else’s the same.

Hearts beating in a unison rhythm,

Feet bound to this homeland by gravity.

We are the force. Destroy this nation others won’t.

We are the dream, the sons and daughters of the future.

We are the love. No one shall be left out.

The same flag will always stand proud in its pole.

The same anthem will forever be played.

Live this now, it doesn’t come free.

Hold hands and feel the same oxygen.

Our lives don’t have a compass to show right or wrongs.

So we learn to live together, and together we learn it.

As many as we are, we are always one.

Just run and have fun, for this oneness may not be without us.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke-53!
We You

Friday, 27 August 2010


please give me inspiration for the poem... I don't want to create a normal, boring patriotic poem... I want a different kind of poem, an 'outside-of-the-box' one...
seems hard? Maybe... but I don't care... Could it be that I just need some rest?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Short Thingy

A poem.

All the time...

[Lesson: Learn to live... and have fun while living it]

Friday, 20 August 2010

It All Ends Here

Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows

Part 1 - 19th November 2010
Part 2 - 15th July 2011

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of HP... I mean I don't read the novels, and I only watch some of its movies [thanks to Malaysian TVs that are never updated in their source of Hollywood entertainment], however, I will definitely watch HP7, both parts... I'll weep if I miss them...
What'll happen to Harry, the boy who lived?

Wingardium Leviosa!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

What if I'm an Expendable?

I don't really like action movie...
but, I'd say that
is quite great.
[And gory, scary, bloody]

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I'm not that professional in Phostoshop [Ps], but I love editing photos with it!
Zell in Retro colours!
Rachangel, The Angel of Music!
Frederick in Lomocolour with Light Leak!
The Femmes!
SNY in Lomocolour with Light Leak!


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Left Handers Rock!

Before I begin, I just want to say:

Happy Belated
Left Handers Day!

Yup... 13th of August each year is designated as the international day for all left handers around the globe. This is to 'acknowledge' their uniqueness and to create awareness that the lefties also have the 'rights' to live in this world!

And guess what?

I'm a left hander!

So, we, as the left handers, which represents around 13% of the world population are definitely 'left'-out in the 'right'-winged society. Why?

We are viewed as clumsy, though we're really not. Most of the appliances, tools, and machineries and even sports on this earth are created for right-handers. That's the fact. So, using things are sometimes an awkward process for us. What things? Well, scissors, knives, tin openers, pens, guitars, many kind of machines, hockey, etc. We had to adapt to all those things.

In languages, left handers are abused too. the Aussie slang, mollie dooker refers to having fists like girls, while Dutch's linkshandig meaning to 'have two left hands' actually means 'to be clumsy'. In UK, one of the terms for left-handers is cow-pawed. Cow-pawed???

Still, don't weep my fellow lefties... Left-handers have lots of goodness. We are generally creative and visual thinkers [I put myself in this category... haha], better in 3D perception, and excel in most ball sports and hand-to-eye coordination [errr... I don't put myself in this, though... Heheh]. To add more, we are much smarter than the righties... Myahahah... Besides, there are many famous left handers all around the world: Prince William, Barack Obama, John Cena, Justin Bieber, Rafael Nadal, Nicole Kidman, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Manny Pacquiao and others.

So, my lefty friends, we are a bunch of a very wonderful group on the face of the earth. Don't regret to be born as a lefty. All left-handers are in the 'right'-side of their mind, if you know what I mean. Huhuh...


Friday, 13 August 2010

How Far do You Wanna Go

How Far do You Wanna Go

How far do you wanna go,
when all are broken down.
How fast do you wanna go,
if everything's wrong.
How much you do you wanna blame,
when it's dark outside.
How far do you want?

Seven miles, seven inches.
Every night, every morning.
Saturday, as good as Friday.
Shiny trash, broken jewels,
Is this life so bad to you?

How far do you wanna go,
when all are broken down.
How fast do you wanna go,
if everything's wrong.
How much you do you wanna blame,
when it's dark outside.
How far do you want?
Do you want?

Shanty house, in ancient town,
many lives in a new old house.
Gotta stay when there's no light,
but it's love that held them dear
You lost love, you lost your life,
leave it there, pump it down the drain.
You lost life, you lost yourself now.

How far do you wanna go,
when all are broken down.
How fast do you wanna go,
if everything's wrong.
How much you do you wanna blame,
when it's dark outside.
When you know, you're not trying enough?

One day, is not enough,
but one life it takes to change.
You wanna run, but you're not coward.
You are afraid of losing,
but losing is gaining,
things hidden before you all this while.

How far do you wanna go,
when all are broken down.
How fast do you wanna go,
if everything's wrong.
How much you do you wanna blame,
when it's dark outside.

Why? Why?

How far do you wanna go?
How far?
How far do you wanna go?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

What's Left to Learn

It's our last foundation semester. Sometimes, I do feel that I need to brush up lots of things. My speaking [be loud in volume and slow in speed], pronunciation [don't let it slur], grammar [the fundamental thing], lots of knowledge [for each and every subject], and more and more...

Though all above are important, there's one thing left untouch. Me. I really, really need to be outspoken, outstanding and get rid of my shyness. Hey, we're goin' to be teachers. What's with all those things? Hmmm...

Gotta learn it as I grow!


So, by the end of this year, our connection with IPGK Gaya will end. For our first semester for degree, our class, TESL SM will be put under the UiTM Shah Alam. OK. That's one news. That is what we know all this while.

How about our syllabus?

Well, Mdm Shamaz did say that it will be rather 'lighter' than what we have in our foundation.
Here's the list:

Linguistics [OK, we are learning English right?]
Literature [To be or not to be? Shakespeare will still bug us! Huahah]
Philosophy [Plato? Aristotle? Life? The world? Society?]
Counselling [I need to counsel myself first! I mean it!]
TITAS [Tamadun Islam/Tamadun Asia, but in English... That's weird!]

Plus our GERKO will be PALAPES. What's PALAPES?

' Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan atau juga dikenali dengan singkatan PALAPES yang dulunya dikenali sebagai ROTU (Reserve Officer Training Unit) adalah satu program kerjasama di antaraKementerian Pertahanan Malaysia dengan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (kini Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi) untuk mahasiswa-mahasiswi di Institutsi Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA).

Selain untuk melahirkan pegawai simpanan bagi memenuhi keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, program PALAPES juga menyokong usaha kerajaan dan IPTA untuk membentuk kualiti seorang warganegara yang sempurna, berdisiplin dan mempunyai ciri-ciri mempertahankan kepentingan negara. '

OKAY... Even our Holidays are not the same with the rest of Gaya! Huhuhu!

Anyhow, I just can't wait!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Berkunjung Tiba Lagi!
Inilah masa yang paling ditunggu-tunggu setiap tahun!
Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa.



It's official... All SM TESLians gotta take
Band 4,
Band 5,
Band 6,

TESL SM's Suka2 Trip

Our recent weekend was perhaps the greatest weekend we have ever had in the whole of
Because we went to lots of places and totally had fun!!!

Day 1:
Karambunai and 1Borneo

We went for the first trip with our rented cars and Jenjen's own car after the end of our lecture. It's Saturday alright, but it was replacement day... So what to do... Errr... Back to the main topic, around one hour after we got in the car, we finally arrive to a place that some say as heaven: Nexus Karambunai.
It's heaven, but as it was in the middle of the day, the heaven was a bit hot, especially when we were at a beach... Gyahahah...! Whatever it was, our trip there was great and we took lots of pics. We were then supposed to go to Tuaran Crocodile Farm, but sadly, time was not on our side, so off we went to PC Fair in 1B. Besides, there was also a karaoke session... Among the songs that were sang by us:

Bad Romance
Love Story
My Baby You

Inner singing abilities [or no abilities what-so-ever] were shown... Hahah

So, that was our first day!

Me with ma' twin, Zell!
Me with Fred and the black pawn and white knight
Me, Langgo, Hamy

Day 2:
Monsopiad Cultural Village and Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

The next day was the fun-nest [and the most tiring] day in the weekend. We went to Monsopiad Cultural Village [MCV] and Lok Kawi Wildlife Park!
MCV was the first place we went to, and after paying RM20 each, we waited in the cafe for a while before being presented with a great cultural performance by MCV troupe. Sumazau, Sazau, Murut Warrior Dance with Blowpipe and Magunatip were shown to us, and we also had the chances to try Sumazau and Magunatip. Plus, Mirah was given the permission to try the blowpipe by the fierce looking Murut warrior. She tried to shoot a balloon, even from point blank, but did not succeed.... Oh well... Haha... Then, with a guide, we went around the MCV, immersing ourselves into the legend of Monsopiad and the Kadazan culture as a whole. There were skulls, monolith, Tangkub, Kadazan traditrional games, suspension bridge, and even sago worms which two of my friends tried. That was so... grossssssss, the worms were wiggling, mind you! Haha... I loved the experience of being there.

The next part of our trip brought us to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park where we saw lots and lots of... wildlife lah! Like tigers, Ankole cattles, sunbears, bearcats, reptiles, avian creatures [birds!], elephants, deers, and lots more. A great way to make us closer with the nature... Huahah!

Eating in Sri Muslim Restaurant in Putatan
Another pic
Syed, Rachel, and me!
The rice grinding thingy
Rachel with the rambutans that she jolok-ed!
Me, the tourist Mayuri from UK, and Raihan
Trying the blowpipe
Trying the... what arr?
Trying the lastics
Rice pounding device with Zell
Inside the cultural hall
Kadazan music instruments

So, that was how our trip went on! I totally loved it! It was fun and we should do it again... if we have $$$... Hahaha...
Take care!

[More pics in the next and next posts! Mwahaha]

TESL SM's Suka2 Trip [Random Pics]

Majestic swaying coconut trees
The line of trees!
Huge chessboard
Someone's leg!
The beach of Nexus Karambunai~!
Karaoke balls!
Wooden suspension bridge...
The bamboo floor
Paddy in a tangkob!
Paddy farming thingy
Sazau dance from Kadazan Papar
Sumazau dance from Kadazan Penampang
Magunatip from Murut
Murut warrior~wow
Gintutun do Mohoing Monolith [Memories of Ancestor]
300-years-old skulls, from the heads chopped by Monsopiad~!
Siou do Mohoing, the wordings that we must said when entering the Skull House
Rice pounder
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park entrance
Dangling purple flowers
Sambar deer
Elephants... I swear the big giants were dancing for us!
Inside the bird aviary
Another species known as Homo Sapiens
Tiger bermanja-manja
Ankole cattles