Tuesday, 10 August 2010

TESL SM's Suka2 Trip [Random Pics]

Majestic swaying coconut trees
The line of trees!
Huge chessboard
Someone's leg!
The beach of Nexus Karambunai~!
Karaoke balls!
Wooden suspension bridge...
The bamboo floor
Paddy in a tangkob!
Paddy farming thingy
Sazau dance from Kadazan Papar
Sumazau dance from Kadazan Penampang
Magunatip from Murut
Murut warrior~wow
Gintutun do Mohoing Monolith [Memories of Ancestor]
300-years-old skulls, from the heads chopped by Monsopiad~!
Siou do Mohoing, the wordings that we must said when entering the Skull House
Rice pounder
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park entrance
Dangling purple flowers
Sambar deer
Elephants... I swear the big giants were dancing for us!
Inside the bird aviary
Another species known as Homo Sapiens
Tiger bermanja-manja
Ankole cattles

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