Thursday, 5 August 2010

19 Years and Thankfulness

Being 19 is a quite a hard age, really. We had just left our teenage lives, but not yet reach the maturity to be an adult. When I remember back those past years when I was a kid, when I was still in primary school, it seems a world away, but at the same time, 12 years ago don't feel that far.

Primary school was not a great time for me. Those kids would not let me go. Maybe it was just that they might think I was an easy person to be bullied with, and yes, I think I was. Harsh words, and a lot of physical things, luckily it was not too bad. I just kept quiet. The things stayed with me, only to be told in some instances. Still, not all in SR was terrible. Except for the bullies and Mathematics, SR was definitely the place where I picked interest in English. Everything changed as I stepped my feet in secondary school. I think, being in SM was the best experience in my life, especially in form two and form six [though I was in form six for only 1-2 months]. For me, SM is the best form of education in preparing us in future life. That is where we mingle, and learn about ourselves, well, at least we learn something, but I still hate Math, especially Additional Mathematics. Huhuh... Still, as with when I was in SR, my own traits didn't change.

And now, I'm in IPG Kampus Gaya, preparing myself to be an English teacher, say five years from now. The first semester was a bit, what should I say? - awkward and I'm very sorry to say this, but I do felt isolated at times, but as days, and months passed - hey, we do get along very well, right? To my friends, you have thought and still teach me a lot, that's the truth. Frankly, I am hyper-passive and 'blur' most of the times, but you all coped with that very well, didn't you? I mean, all of you did give advices and thoughts to me, which I will surely practice [I hope] and went through your days with my antics or what-so-ever. I appreciated that a lot.

With all of you, here and there, I learnt a lot about myself, because sometimes, our own abilities are hidden from us if we don't have others to show them. On a good note, I do know that many times, all of you were joking with me, but you know me... Logical [and irrelevant] thinking showed up in a wrong time. Hahah... Thank you for believing in me too.

Yeah, I think that's it.
You are awesome.

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