Monday, 30 August 2010

We are 53 [and lovin' it]!


Tomorrow is too late, for forgiveness of yesterday’s wrongdoings.

Millions of wrongs are equal to a single mercy.

Leave the fist behind. Take a great Polaroid with smile.

Forgive and forget.

Don’t be a lone satellite, when there are a million faces around you.

Build a friendship and make it last.

Don’t stop in the final red light.

Live and let live.

Breathe in this unity that would not be, if not for past’s sorrows, and tears.

See a friend, in a face of a stranger.

Just say ‘hi’, don’t see the difference.

Our façade might differ, everything else’s the same.

Hearts beating in a unison rhythm,

Feet bound to this homeland by gravity.

We are the force. Destroy this nation others won’t.

We are the dream, the sons and daughters of the future.

We are the love. No one shall be left out.

The same flag will always stand proud in its pole.

The same anthem will forever be played.

Live this now, it doesn’t come free.

Hold hands and feel the same oxygen.

Our lives don’t have a compass to show right or wrongs.

So we learn to live together, and together we learn it.

As many as we are, we are always one.

Just run and have fun, for this oneness may not be without us.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke-53!
We You

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