Monday, 30 August 2010

Are We United Enough?

What's the point of celebrating independence if we ourselves are not united emotionally?

We are free, physically, from outside disturbances, but our minds are still negative towards our neighbours. There are too many racism, prejudice, and discrimination in our society. Everyday, we are given news about things that should not happen when we are independent for how many years? 53 years old. That is not a short time. It's more than enough for us to understand each others, but why we are still hurting others? Why are we saying things we shouldn't have said in the first place?

Can't we just stop it? Why can't we begin to develop mutual understanding? Couldn't we understand that we are Malaysians because we were born in this homeland? We are friends, neighbours. Most important, we are one big family. One big family that lives in this motherland to care, defend, and love to each other, and to build this nation as great as we can. We are her sons and daughters.

We are the next generation.

And we are much better before than now, don't you think?

So, future teachers...

No matter how our life shall be, we must not put an end to the hard-earn yet easy-to-crumble oneness that we have. This country deserves better than to have a civil war erupting between her residents. That's harsh. Let's bring an end to ignorance. Let's make a wonderful lives ahead. No more racism, no more discrimination. No more of these:

1. 'Why are they given those privileges, while we are not?'
2. 'Why are they much better than us?'
3. 'Why the west is better than the east?'

Why? Why? Why?

Ignorance is not a bliss, especially if the ones that are involved are our friends. Hopes do turn into reality, if only we strive to achieve them.

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