Tuesday, 10 August 2010

TESL SM's Suka2 Trip

Our recent weekend was perhaps the greatest weekend we have ever had in the whole of
Because we went to lots of places and totally had fun!!!

Day 1:
Karambunai and 1Borneo

We went for the first trip with our rented cars and Jenjen's own car after the end of our lecture. It's Saturday alright, but it was replacement day... So what to do... Errr... Back to the main topic, around one hour after we got in the car, we finally arrive to a place that some say as heaven: Nexus Karambunai.
It's heaven, but as it was in the middle of the day, the heaven was a bit hot, especially when we were at a beach... Gyahahah...! Whatever it was, our trip there was great and we took lots of pics. We were then supposed to go to Tuaran Crocodile Farm, but sadly, time was not on our side, so off we went to PC Fair in 1B. Besides, there was also a karaoke session... Among the songs that were sang by us:

Bad Romance
Love Story
My Baby You

Inner singing abilities [or no abilities what-so-ever] were shown... Hahah

So, that was our first day!

Me with ma' twin, Zell!
Me with Fred and the black pawn and white knight
Me, Langgo, Hamy

Day 2:
Monsopiad Cultural Village and Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

The next day was the fun-nest [and the most tiring] day in the weekend. We went to Monsopiad Cultural Village [MCV] and Lok Kawi Wildlife Park!
MCV was the first place we went to, and after paying RM20 each, we waited in the cafe for a while before being presented with a great cultural performance by MCV troupe. Sumazau, Sazau, Murut Warrior Dance with Blowpipe and Magunatip were shown to us, and we also had the chances to try Sumazau and Magunatip. Plus, Mirah was given the permission to try the blowpipe by the fierce looking Murut warrior. She tried to shoot a balloon, even from point blank, but did not succeed.... Oh well... Haha... Then, with a guide, we went around the MCV, immersing ourselves into the legend of Monsopiad and the Kadazan culture as a whole. There were skulls, monolith, Tangkub, Kadazan traditrional games, suspension bridge, and even sago worms which two of my friends tried. That was so... grossssssss, the worms were wiggling, mind you! Haha... I loved the experience of being there.

The next part of our trip brought us to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park where we saw lots and lots of... wildlife lah! Like tigers, Ankole cattles, sunbears, bearcats, reptiles, avian creatures [birds!], elephants, deers, and lots more. A great way to make us closer with the nature... Huahah!

Eating in Sri Muslim Restaurant in Putatan
Another pic
Syed, Rachel, and me!
The rice grinding thingy
Rachel with the rambutans that she jolok-ed!
Me, the tourist Mayuri from UK, and Raihan
Trying the blowpipe
Trying the... what arr?
Trying the lastics
Rice pounding device with Zell
Inside the cultural hall
Kadazan music instruments

So, that was how our trip went on! I totally loved it! It was fun and we should do it again... if we have $$$... Hahaha...
Take care!

[More pics in the next and next posts! Mwahaha]

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