Saturday, 30 October 2010

Messy Good Life

Life’s a messy business, don’t you think? You just don’t know what’ll happen next. Everything out there, they are enticing as they are lethal. One step right, cloud nine. One wrong move, six feet under [okay, not literally].

People always said that life is like a wheel. Every now and then, you are on the top. In other times, you found yourself crushed by the weight of the wheel. I think it’s happening to me now. Maybe it’s because of the exam? Some other things, perhaps? What if?

Life always seemed to be long, when in reality it is short. No one should succumb to one little thing that have nothing to do with them in the first place, right? Come on. It’s just an absurdity. Better to not put oneself in an irrational situation.

In other words: life sucks, but, I just don’t give a damn about it. Need to step up my game, life’s the stage, floodlights ready, get ready for everything. I WILL BE READY. Forget the dilemma because it’s not good for the heart and brain. It’s my own future that I’m dealing with. Live up to that dream.

You don’t have all the time in the world. Don’t stop saying that you can.


Signing off,

Friday, 29 October 2010

Exam is Real!

1st November MON

Language Description

2nd November TUE

Language Development

9th November TUE

English Studies

10th November WED

Social Studies

That is my class [and all TESLians]

final exam’s [incomplete] timetable.

Hoho... Gambare, all~!!! Jia you~!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

This is Real!

There are six billion people on this small earth, not just you. So, just one small thing:

Why must you be so full of yourself?

Why must you think that the world revolves around you?

Why must you see other people’s flaws first, when yours are even obvious?


I had asked for forgiveness, that’s enough. If I think it’s my fault, I will not be shy in doing it. Trust me. So, if now you are disgusted with me, what do I care? Okay, wrong idea. I really care. Why? Unless you are truly the worst person that I have ever met on this planet, then, I won’t even bother and care about you and your daily life, but the thing is, I don’t want to make faults with things that can be mend. It’s that simple. Forgiveness is a virtue, and sometimes, even those who did not do the mistakes need to ask for it, because they just know that it’s for the better. Understand that? I am not saying I am faultless in all my life, but to be truthful, in some matters, I and some others just need to ask for it, because we feel like we are obligated to do so. Now, it’s up to you. If you want to make this small issue to be the third World War, you are entitled to do so. The choice is yours, always yours, my friend. I just hope that, in the end, you’ll know other things that are more worthy than being mad. We are supposed to be together here, not to be drifted apart like logs in the river during a heavy rain. So think again. You are a real, good human who ought to use that brain of yours wisely.

You don’t always know who you are up against with.


Believe me, I’m not a kind of person who gets mad easily. I am jovial [I think], and like to be happy, mind you [well, everyone likes to be happy]. On the other side, I am always given sarcasms and really clumsy at times, but I accept the sarcasms because they’re jokes cum advices and because the clumsiness is the real me. If I did wrong, you can just say it. I kind of wear just a little bit of my emotions on the sleeves, but sharing them with others? Not so fast. In fact, I've been keeping every single bad thing that happened to me inside, not to be told to others. So, please, I still want to keep it intact inside me… I don’t really know what’ll happen if there’s suddenly an outburst of those things. You know what, sometimes I wished that it would happen, so that everyone would know that they shouldn't mess up with me, but in the end, everyone would receive the direct effects of that uncivilised act. So, that’s not an option, at least, not an option for now.

Consider this an advance warning.


This is not a threat, or death note to you. This is just me, saying the things that I want to say. You think we want respect? Well, yeah, but not that ‘kind’ of respect. The respect that we really want is for you to just feel that we are your friends, to feel like a family, to know that we are comfortable with you, and vice versa. Miscommunication does occur, it’s undeniable, and to be frank, it is miscommunication that brought this to the limelight [at least, my limelight]. It is not our fault that you could not understand what we were saying. At most of the times, they were just jokes, you know jokes right? You cannot just think about yourself and put away thoughts of others. How will the problem be solved? Plus, you also should not think if one is wrong, the others are also the same. Okay, if I was or still is wrong, blame me. Blame me for what I did. I will just stand in front of you, and you can just say whatever you want until you are finished with your blames, and words. I’ll accept it but one thing:


So, I think this is the end of what I want to say. So, finally this blog has something written out of anger. That’s a record, isn’t it? I don’t know if you will read this or not, but one thing, wow, writing stuff like this is cool sometimes… LOL… Letting the emotions out is great.

I'm sorry if this hurts you, but this needs to be done.

For the end note, just remember this:

I’m [deadly] serious.

Speak Now

Taylor Allison Swift’s new album




As we all know, Taylor is supposed to be a Country music artist, but, errr… there are not so many tracks here that could really be defined as country. For me, most of the songs are really pop or rock songs that have some country elements... So, if you are a Country music lover [like me~!], then you might be disappointed a bit.

That being said, this album is certainly a notch more than its predecessor, Fearless. Taylor has certainly grown much better musically and lyrically with Speak Now. There are real emotions in each song, and the lyrics are always Taylor’s strongpoint.

Just like her previous albums, this album still deals with relationships between Taylor and many other men which I will not write here… LOL… Though there are those fairy tale-like stories in Speak Now, most of the songs here are quite grown-up, with Taylor dealing with her growing experiences in her life, from the VMA incident, and broke-up, and wrong choice of man… Speak Now is like her personal diary, that is to be shared with her fans around the world.

Here is the list of tracks in the album:

1. 'Mine' – Who cannot like this track?
2. 'Sparks Fly'This is an old track with new-kind of spin. Really good~!
3. 'Back to December'Her first apologize song… Sweet ballad.
4. 'Speak Now'Pop song with some country elements.
5. 'Dear John' Don't particularly like this song.
6. 'Mean'The Country-est song ever from Tay! Yeehaawww!
7. 'The Story of Us'My new Rock jam!
8. 'Never Grow Up'A nice song about childhood and growing-up.
9. 'Enchanted'I’m enchanted by this!
10. 'Better Than Revenge'When Tay tries Paramore!
11. 'Innocent' Mad, mad, mad [in a good way].
12. 'Haunted'Evanescence inside Taylor!
13. 'Last Kiss' Don't really like this. Don't know why.
14. 'Long Live'
I don't like the beginning, but by the end, it's good.

Speak Now shows a more rebellious side of Swift with its Pop/Rock songs. She is getting swiftly [just really need to do that… LOL] more confident with herself… For once, really, I just hope that Taylor will really, really do an album with more Country songs in it, but then again, she a crossover artist… LOL… The album is little more than one hour long… Yeap, it’s that long, but if you are Tay’s fan [like me~!], then, you will surely put Speak Now on loop in your lappie or iPod or what-so-ever…

Speak Now won’t disappoint you~! Yeehaawww, babeh~!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

30 Days

30 days, a month, four weeks.

Different contexts for a same time span, and that time span is our diminishing number of days of being TESLians in the foundation course. To think of it, the time is really, really short. It’s not wrong to say that the first semester feels like it happened just yesterday, yet the truth is we have been in the foundation for one year and a half.

Soon enough, there will be MUET [one down, three more to go], and of course, there will be our final exam. I don’t know what will happen, but I really want to leave this foundation and go on to the degree course with flying colours and live in cloud nine [exaggerated usages of idioms/sayings]. Everything that we learnt during the entire course will be tested and frankly speaking, it is not surprising if it’s tough, but I know, as TESLians, we’ll conquer every subject victoriously.

Whatever it is, foundation will always be the starting point for us, the novices. We all know this thing: 99% of us, during our school-time, didn’t really think that we’ll be a teacher when we are all fully grown-up, but now, just rejoice this one important fact:


A teacher, it is hard, it is demanding, it is not popular [really? Don’t think so], but I feel that teaching is a profession that gives us the best rewards, especially, the ones that have to do with our emotions, our feeling. Just think of the feeling when we see our students pass their exams with good results – It’s a very good food for the soul.

Foundation teaches us that we are capable to be teachers, we just have to believe in ourselves, I totally believe in myself, except for some petty problems, which I’m obligated to tackle in the next five years. Besides, teaching requires us to, well, teach our students, not just to understand things to ourselves. That is why it’s challenging – we understand the stuffs, but can’t seem to let it out. A big no-no in teaching. So, over the entire era of being a teacher trainee, every nuts and bolts, bits and bytes of the pedagogy, the lexical masterpiece of a trainee teacher, will be unfold and to be found out, and we’ll step our feet on a school compound, and experiencing the life of a teacher. I do believe that the passion for teaching grows every second we discover about it, and being a teacher, or teacher trainee for that matter, there is a large universe of knowledge out there, all ripe and juicy, waiting to be plucked [what’s ripe and juicy got to do with the universe? LOL].

So, now it’s almost the end of our foundation years, we still have a long time before achieving all the knowledge and skills needed to be great teachers. Before we say our goodbyes to our foundation, I just want to trust myself that I can do it, and all of us can do it.

Maybe I want to say it again:




Monday, 18 October 2010

MUET: Speaking


The word explains it all, isn’t it?

I went for the Malaysian University English Test today, well, just one part of it really:


And from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest grade, and 10 the highest [I always wanted to say that… Haha], where will I put myself?

A lucky 7

Okay, not being snobby here, but I think I did pretty well, except for some ‘um’s and ‘uh’s here and there, and that my voice was quite low in volume. Besides, I was candidate A and that was a bit nerve-wrecking I guess… Two minutes were kind of short… Haha… but anyhow, I just hope that I’ll get a good mark.

Well, the rest of MUET [listening, writing, and reading] is scheduled to be held in the 13th of November, so less than one month from now, and just a few days after the end of my final exam… Huhu…

What else to say than:


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Enthiran | எந்திரன்


Enthiran a.k.a. The Robot

I watched it last Sunday



Is all I can say.

Okay, it might be a bit weird since this is a Tamil movie,

...but Enthiran is a different kind of Tamil movie, really futuristic, and real great, with of course a pinch of masala that Tamil movies are known for, and those action scenes and CGI on par with Hollywood.

This is a movie that redefines South Indian, or Tamil cinema.

Well, a great movie is still great no matter its language, right?

Pesta Tanglung 2010

Just now, there was a great event held in IPGK Gaya’s hall:


a.k.a. Lantern Festival

What a great event, very nice, and the performances were all awesome~!

Here’re some pics~!

Bernard as the Sun, yeah, SUN, not son...
Me and GoGo, wearing our class T-shirt!
Photo after the event... Gracie, you are white~! LOL
Look, almost all of us wore our class T-shirt!
With Jennie Tie, she also performed, dancing the Tea Picking Dance
With Siew Hwa and Vivienne
TESLians Tea Pickers~!
The great MC of that night, Shuang Shuang
Wo pu che tao, Vivienne~!
Ethan Hiew Yi Chan~! He acted on stage as Hou Yi~!

Sia ndak cakap ini, bha~!

Sia ada satu benda mau tunjuk pada kamu semua di sini bha~!
Tulung baca~!
Ini jak nasihat yang paling manang bha~!
[Yang atas 18 tahun pun kerjanya facebook jak~! Siou~!]

[Source: Pitimungan do Dusun]

Tuesday, 12 October 2010



Destiny pulls us together beautifully

Just like a string,

Made into beautiful knots,

And then.

Breaks us apart


If everyone is born with a red string,

Wouldn’t the world be too crowded with the separated ones?

I saw a piece of string lying on the ground,

And then, the wind blew,

And the string flew away,

Far away.

I wondered,

Whose one is that?

Why it was cut?

If anything,

I don’t want to be that.

I don’t want the string,

That flew away to the unknown,

To be mine.

I may not know who you are yet,

Or how close [or far] you are now,

But, in every little things,

Or every small moments,

I’ll try and keep mine intact.

Because I don’t know where the other end of it,

And you may just feel the same.


If one end is with me,

The other is with you,

Whoever you may be.

Maybe we even passed each other,

So close,

But we just didn’t find out

Still, at the definite moment,

We’ll walk, and meet at a maybe familiar place,

And there, there lies the other end,

At your feet,

And we just know.

akai ito

Friday, 8 October 2010

I Don't Want to Fade

Inside the very core of every human: the need of being someone meaningful.

I think that’s it. Everyone wants it, more or less.


Every night you see a falling star or two, you just look above, and stamp your wish on it. I do say the prospect of wishing to a falling star, it’s kind of romantic. You just hope that some of your wishes will be, somehow, send to the heaven above,


Falling stars, they are just falling, burning celestial rock. They don’t bring some kind of mojo for making a hope to come true, and they don’t bring omens too.

It’s just that, even if you know it’s just a rock, the feeling of having your hopes thrown to the flaming rocks above and wander across the vast universe, it’s just satisfying.

And at that time, you realise that, falling stars do have one kind of good thing: they give you the energy to run your engine, and believe in yourself to rev up and go to your destination.

And I know where’s mine.

But, I know where I am now – a kind of lost, separated maybe. I just need a push, just a light push in the right path that can power me for more than just miles it takes to cover me from A to B.

I know I have the ability.

But, I know that it is still hidden somewhere inside, maybe I realise it, maybe I don’t. Maybe you’ll realise it, maybe you won’t. Maybe we both know it, maybe we both don’t. I think I need a magical spade. I mean, look at me, many times – a lot of times – advices pouring in. I know I can do it, but I still stay the same. It’s just me, living the usual me.

I need to get back in my track. My runner track, it’s becoming more crooked by every minute, and I don’t want it to make me lose myself, becoming somewhat meaningless, a piece of fail junk on the face of the earth.

I want to be meaningful, and as independent as I want to be,

I still need my family.

I still need my friends.

And you know how fragile they are. They can fade into the obscurity, leaving us. Leaving us with no guidance, no signs. All that’s left is us, and if we’re not someone we don’t want to be, I think what’s left is not too good.

I just want to be meaningful, mostly to myself; I mean that’s our priority right?

Still, I really will not leave them out. I still need them.

I still want someone to share my achievement with.

I still want someone to share my not-so-called achievement with.


I think, and I think all of us, still have doubts over ourselves.

But in all those things that I’m hoping for, I don’t wish for it to change who I really am. I want them, as added bonuses to me.

I don’t want to change me. I just want to be adequate for what I’m going to be.

A teacher.

And to be frank,

That’s a big word – a very titanic word.

We don’t just serve ourselves.

We are the lifeline of others, and they just need all things needed to move on later in their lives.

And I don’t know if I can achieve it, I’ve been away for too long of a time. Turning back the time is vain, unattainable, and meaningless. To make good use of the future, and be closer, that’s more like it.

No need to reminisce the past.

Remember the future is a good thing to be done.

Well, maybe doubts and fears are not meaningless at all. It’s the risks, being a teacher is a risk that is if we don’t prepare ourselves when the time comes. For me, there are five more years, but being in the wait is not proper.

Be ready.

I’m going to make myself more meaningful [I might just add here that to have fun sometimes is a good thing too].

I think that’s it. This is long, and kind of corny, so I’ sorry if it gross you out a bit.

But well, it’s just me.

Thursday, 7 October 2010



Pendidikan di Malaysia adalah suatu usaha berterusan untuk mengembanglan lagi potensi individu secara menyeluruh dan bersepadu untuk mewujudkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis dari segi intelek, rohani, emosi, dan jasmani berdasarkan kepercayaan dan kepatuhan kepada Tuhan. Usaha ini adalah untuk melahirkan rakyat Malaysia yang beilmu pengetahuan, berketrampilan dan berakhlak mulia, bertanggungjawab dan berkeupayaan mencapai kesejahteraan diri serta dapat menyumbang terhadap keharmonian dan kemakmuran keluarga, masyarakat dan negara.


Guru yang berpekerti mulia, berpandangan progresif dan saintifik, bersedia menjunjung aspirasi negara serta menyanjung warisan kebudayaan negara, menjamin pembangunan individu dan memelihara suatu masyarakat yang bersatu padu, demokratik, progresif, dan bedisiplin.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Laypark Crewz Rocks!

Laypark Crewz logo!

I really had fun setting up our stall and selling funky-named beverages with my class mates during our

Hari Ko-kurikulum

I particularly like the Liang Cha, kind of Chinese Herbal Tea. Nice~!

We also sell Bandung – code-named Bandung Baik Punyer! for the original flavour [not that kind of bandung… Much better~!], and Sweet Jelly Gaga for those mixed with pudding, nata de coco, or grass jelly [that’s cincau] – and also Rose Fizz featuring lime for RM1 or RM2.

I think it thought me a lot about being a hawker, and what my father feels like… The great feeling…



You Rocks!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Other Side of Down

David Archuleta's third album:

uʍop ɟo ǝpıs ɹǝɥʇo ǝɥʇ

I just the cover...
Simple and artsy
Cute, genuine smile
Mature yet youthful looks
Rocking the chair playfully
and oh...
the BOOTS!

IT ROCKS TO THE MAX! I was expecting it to be great, but it turns out to be


TOSOD mainly deals with our life, like what Archie said:

“For me, it’s about moving forward and making progress. I’m heading towards ‘the other side of down,’ which is ‘up’."

You can find any track in the album that you could relate your life to, be it about knowing that you will lose your love ones, or clinging to your last hope in harsh times, or waiting for that one perfect person, or hoping for the arrival of good things. All of them are real good.

Unlike the first album, there are more upbeat, energetic, pop rock tracks in TOSOD, and I just could tap my feet all day long listening to all of them. David’s voice is angelic, stellar, and original. The lyrics are metaphorically nice and really genuine.

I really like the fact that the album has an all-around David-ness. You can just feel it. The album is a piece of David that you can have [allegorical talk? LOL].

The track list is here, many of them are co-penned by David himself:

1. The Other Side Of Down (3:13)

2. Something ‘Bout Love (4:22)

3. Elevator (3:24) Quirky, fun song.

4. Stomping the Roses (3:01) I like the song. It’s upbeat, strong, and energetic!

5. Who I Am (3:44)

6. Falling Stars (3:35) David sounds different here. It’s one of the mature cuts in the album.

7. Parachutes and Airplanes (3:33) This song is synth-laden, with a bit of piano sound.

8. Look Around (3:26)

9. Good Place (3:25)

10. Complain (3:24)

11. Things Are Gonna Get Better (3:14)

12. My Kind Of Perfect (3:37) Quite an instrumental song, David’s mellow voice fits the piano very well.

David is certainly [quite] mature in this album. This album showed his great effort in discovering various styles of music and song writing.

♥ his music!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dope Yaw!

It’s awesomely dope, yaw! What’s dope? It’s the premier b-boy competition in Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei:

Redbull Battle of Borneo 2010

I finally watched the b-boys battlin' it all out. Yeay!... Wow, if I had a crew, I would name it Jump Out Scotty [don’t ask me why].

Here’re some pictures from the event:

Sorry. The pics are a bit dark.

Even Zell’s co-crew were there, competing: Villo Crew. They are one of two parts of VilloDiacz Crew. Zodiac Crew, Zell's own crew, didn't manage to enter this year's BotB and Zell's too not competing this year since it is our exam year, but she acted as the manager or something. Do you know that she is among the pioneers of b-girling in Sabah? Wow. Her friend, Matthew Garuden meanwhile was the MC.

Many of the crews were so talented and showed their great skills and wonderful moves and powerful energy and crew spirit. Well, that's what you get when you practice for a whole lotta time, guys. Some of them even brought their families and friends.

This year’s BotB is actually the last, but I really hope that there will be one next year. Why? I wanna see Zell and Matt G in action, y’all!


[P.S.: I want that red krazee duck T-shirt that Matt G wore, the black sneakers with pink laces or that yellow sneakers, and the yellow shorts... B-boy stuffs are dope!]