Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Laypark Crewz Rocks!

Laypark Crewz logo!

I really had fun setting up our stall and selling funky-named beverages with my class mates during our

Hari Ko-kurikulum

I particularly like the Liang Cha, kind of Chinese Herbal Tea. Nice~!

We also sell Bandung – code-named Bandung Baik Punyer! for the original flavour [not that kind of bandung… Much better~!], and Sweet Jelly Gaga for those mixed with pudding, nata de coco, or grass jelly [that’s cincau] – and also Rose Fizz featuring lime for RM1 or RM2.

I think it thought me a lot about being a hawker, and what my father feels like… The great feeling…



You Rocks!

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