Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dope Yaw!

It’s awesomely dope, yaw! What’s dope? It’s the premier b-boy competition in Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei:

Redbull Battle of Borneo 2010

I finally watched the b-boys battlin' it all out. Yeay!... Wow, if I had a crew, I would name it Jump Out Scotty [don’t ask me why].

Here’re some pictures from the event:

Sorry. The pics are a bit dark.

Even Zell’s co-crew were there, competing: Villo Crew. They are one of two parts of VilloDiacz Crew. Zodiac Crew, Zell's own crew, didn't manage to enter this year's BotB and Zell's too not competing this year since it is our exam year, but she acted as the manager or something. Do you know that she is among the pioneers of b-girling in Sabah? Wow. Her friend, Matthew Garuden meanwhile was the MC.

Many of the crews were so talented and showed their great skills and wonderful moves and powerful energy and crew spirit. Well, that's what you get when you practice for a whole lotta time, guys. Some of them even brought their families and friends.

This year’s BotB is actually the last, but I really hope that there will be one next year. Why? I wanna see Zell and Matt G in action, y’all!


[P.S.: I want that red krazee duck T-shirt that Matt G wore, the black sneakers with pink laces or that yellow sneakers, and the yellow shorts... B-boy stuffs are dope!]

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ZeLL~LeaH said...

im officially from zodiac crew....which also joined this yr but didnt manage to go through the top 16...cuz they're our juniors. VilloClanz crew is like our family crew.. training sma2...n kdg2 ikut battle sma2...the we become...VilloDiacz Crew!

Afiq said...

Noted. Heheh... Nice moves they all got! Huhu... Tahun dpan ko lak tanding! LOL