Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Speak Now

Taylor Allison Swift’s new album




As we all know, Taylor is supposed to be a Country music artist, but, errr… there are not so many tracks here that could really be defined as country. For me, most of the songs are really pop or rock songs that have some country elements... So, if you are a Country music lover [like me~!], then you might be disappointed a bit.

That being said, this album is certainly a notch more than its predecessor, Fearless. Taylor has certainly grown much better musically and lyrically with Speak Now. There are real emotions in each song, and the lyrics are always Taylor’s strongpoint.

Just like her previous albums, this album still deals with relationships between Taylor and many other men which I will not write here… LOL… Though there are those fairy tale-like stories in Speak Now, most of the songs here are quite grown-up, with Taylor dealing with her growing experiences in her life, from the VMA incident, and broke-up, and wrong choice of man… Speak Now is like her personal diary, that is to be shared with her fans around the world.

Here is the list of tracks in the album:

1. 'Mine' – Who cannot like this track?
2. 'Sparks Fly'This is an old track with new-kind of spin. Really good~!
3. 'Back to December'Her first apologize song… Sweet ballad.
4. 'Speak Now'Pop song with some country elements.
5. 'Dear John' Don't particularly like this song.
6. 'Mean'The Country-est song ever from Tay! Yeehaawww!
7. 'The Story of Us'My new Rock jam!
8. 'Never Grow Up'A nice song about childhood and growing-up.
9. 'Enchanted'I’m enchanted by this!
10. 'Better Than Revenge'When Tay tries Paramore!
11. 'Innocent' Mad, mad, mad [in a good way].
12. 'Haunted'Evanescence inside Taylor!
13. 'Last Kiss' Don't really like this. Don't know why.
14. 'Long Live'
I don't like the beginning, but by the end, it's good.

Speak Now shows a more rebellious side of Swift with its Pop/Rock songs. She is getting swiftly [just really need to do that… LOL] more confident with herself… For once, really, I just hope that Taylor will really, really do an album with more Country songs in it, but then again, she a crossover artist… LOL… The album is little more than one hour long… Yeap, it’s that long, but if you are Tay’s fan [like me~!], then, you will surely put Speak Now on loop in your lappie or iPod or what-so-ever…

Speak Now won’t disappoint you~! Yeehaawww, babeh~!

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

haha suke this song jugaks~

Afiq said...

haha... album yang mantop~! LOL