Tuesday, 26 October 2010

This is Real!

There are six billion people on this small earth, not just you. So, just one small thing:

Why must you be so full of yourself?

Why must you think that the world revolves around you?

Why must you see other people’s flaws first, when yours are even obvious?


I had asked for forgiveness, that’s enough. If I think it’s my fault, I will not be shy in doing it. Trust me. So, if now you are disgusted with me, what do I care? Okay, wrong idea. I really care. Why? Unless you are truly the worst person that I have ever met on this planet, then, I won’t even bother and care about you and your daily life, but the thing is, I don’t want to make faults with things that can be mend. It’s that simple. Forgiveness is a virtue, and sometimes, even those who did not do the mistakes need to ask for it, because they just know that it’s for the better. Understand that? I am not saying I am faultless in all my life, but to be truthful, in some matters, I and some others just need to ask for it, because we feel like we are obligated to do so. Now, it’s up to you. If you want to make this small issue to be the third World War, you are entitled to do so. The choice is yours, always yours, my friend. I just hope that, in the end, you’ll know other things that are more worthy than being mad. We are supposed to be together here, not to be drifted apart like logs in the river during a heavy rain. So think again. You are a real, good human who ought to use that brain of yours wisely.

You don’t always know who you are up against with.


Believe me, I’m not a kind of person who gets mad easily. I am jovial [I think], and like to be happy, mind you [well, everyone likes to be happy]. On the other side, I am always given sarcasms and really clumsy at times, but I accept the sarcasms because they’re jokes cum advices and because the clumsiness is the real me. If I did wrong, you can just say it. I kind of wear just a little bit of my emotions on the sleeves, but sharing them with others? Not so fast. In fact, I've been keeping every single bad thing that happened to me inside, not to be told to others. So, please, I still want to keep it intact inside me… I don’t really know what’ll happen if there’s suddenly an outburst of those things. You know what, sometimes I wished that it would happen, so that everyone would know that they shouldn't mess up with me, but in the end, everyone would receive the direct effects of that uncivilised act. So, that’s not an option, at least, not an option for now.

Consider this an advance warning.


This is not a threat, or death note to you. This is just me, saying the things that I want to say. You think we want respect? Well, yeah, but not that ‘kind’ of respect. The respect that we really want is for you to just feel that we are your friends, to feel like a family, to know that we are comfortable with you, and vice versa. Miscommunication does occur, it’s undeniable, and to be frank, it is miscommunication that brought this to the limelight [at least, my limelight]. It is not our fault that you could not understand what we were saying. At most of the times, they were just jokes, you know jokes right? You cannot just think about yourself and put away thoughts of others. How will the problem be solved? Plus, you also should not think if one is wrong, the others are also the same. Okay, if I was or still is wrong, blame me. Blame me for what I did. I will just stand in front of you, and you can just say whatever you want until you are finished with your blames, and words. I’ll accept it but one thing:


So, I think this is the end of what I want to say. So, finally this blog has something written out of anger. That’s a record, isn’t it? I don’t know if you will read this or not, but one thing, wow, writing stuff like this is cool sometimes… LOL… Letting the emotions out is great.

I'm sorry if this hurts you, but this needs to be done.

For the end note, just remember this:

I’m [deadly] serious.

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