Friday, 1 October 2010

Glee S2E2 Britney/Brittany

Season 2, Episode 2 – BRITNEY/BRITTANY

Glee episode two is quite not like the other episodes, but all in all, I think it is exceptionally awesome in a different kind of way.

For once, the Glee producers got out from the story arc and brought us an episode that totally gave tribute towards the princess of pop, the legendary… Wait for it… Miss Britney Spears [I think that’s why there were so many Americans watched the episode on FOX nights ago].

Britney/Brittany mainly focused on Finn and Rachel. In the hopes of preventing Finn from being popular again [by joining the football team, and he actually did] and leave her, Rachel dressed herself sexily, tempting the school crowd with her new look, thought Finn didn’t like it so much. Artie in the mean time was allowed to enter the football team with Finn.

Meanwhile, Schuester was intimidated by the appearance of the new BF of his former lover, Emma. He’s a dentist and might have helped Emma to reduce her OCD. Schue also faced a problem where he didn’t want Glee Club to sing Britney’s song since she IS a bad role model to the teenagers. With Emma’s advice, he tried to loosen up a bit, and permitted them to sing it during the Homecoming assembly, as long as he could sing with them too in order to impress Emma [He still had a crush on her].

The day arrived and they performed Toxic causing the students to have a sort of, well, arousal… Sue Sylvester, afraid that the students would get bad influence activated the fire alarm, but in the end, because she was standing in the exit, the students smashed into her and broke [not really] her neck.

Of course, Brittany got the limelight and became the focal point of the story, and she, as always, was very funny and adorable with all those stupidly superb one-liners, well until you saw how sexily and amazingly she was when dancing to the musical numbers from Miss Brit. She got a problem of comparing herself with Britney [Brittany’s real name is Brittany S Pierce] and thought that she would never be successful like Britney. It all changed later of course.

So, what do I think of this episode? This time, it was really dedicated to Britney, and there was a lack of a decent storyline this time. Perhaps they intended this to be a sort of an out-of-the-story episode, created just for the music, the fun, and the Britney. Anyhow, though I would love to see a story with a real plot, I guess sometimes having a fun episode is good too. [P.S.: Now that I realised it, Cory Monteith has cute crooked smiles... Haha~!]


Favourite One-liners: This room looks like the one on the spaceship where I got probed and Finn can fly? Brittany S Pierce

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