Tuesday, 19 October 2010

30 Days

30 days, a month, four weeks.

Different contexts for a same time span, and that time span is our diminishing number of days of being TESLians in the foundation course. To think of it, the time is really, really short. It’s not wrong to say that the first semester feels like it happened just yesterday, yet the truth is we have been in the foundation for one year and a half.

Soon enough, there will be MUET [one down, three more to go], and of course, there will be our final exam. I don’t know what will happen, but I really want to leave this foundation and go on to the degree course with flying colours and live in cloud nine [exaggerated usages of idioms/sayings]. Everything that we learnt during the entire course will be tested and frankly speaking, it is not surprising if it’s tough, but I know, as TESLians, we’ll conquer every subject victoriously.

Whatever it is, foundation will always be the starting point for us, the novices. We all know this thing: 99% of us, during our school-time, didn’t really think that we’ll be a teacher when we are all fully grown-up, but now, just rejoice this one important fact:


A teacher, it is hard, it is demanding, it is not popular [really? Don’t think so], but I feel that teaching is a profession that gives us the best rewards, especially, the ones that have to do with our emotions, our feeling. Just think of the feeling when we see our students pass their exams with good results – It’s a very good food for the soul.

Foundation teaches us that we are capable to be teachers, we just have to believe in ourselves, I totally believe in myself, except for some petty problems, which I’m obligated to tackle in the next five years. Besides, teaching requires us to, well, teach our students, not just to understand things to ourselves. That is why it’s challenging – we understand the stuffs, but can’t seem to let it out. A big no-no in teaching. So, over the entire era of being a teacher trainee, every nuts and bolts, bits and bytes of the pedagogy, the lexical masterpiece of a trainee teacher, will be unfold and to be found out, and we’ll step our feet on a school compound, and experiencing the life of a teacher. I do believe that the passion for teaching grows every second we discover about it, and being a teacher, or teacher trainee for that matter, there is a large universe of knowledge out there, all ripe and juicy, waiting to be plucked [what’s ripe and juicy got to do with the universe? LOL].

So, now it’s almost the end of our foundation years, we still have a long time before achieving all the knowledge and skills needed to be great teachers. Before we say our goodbyes to our foundation, I just want to trust myself that I can do it, and all of us can do it.

Maybe I want to say it again:




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