Tuesday, 12 October 2010



Destiny pulls us together beautifully

Just like a string,

Made into beautiful knots,

And then.

Breaks us apart


If everyone is born with a red string,

Wouldn’t the world be too crowded with the separated ones?

I saw a piece of string lying on the ground,

And then, the wind blew,

And the string flew away,

Far away.

I wondered,

Whose one is that?

Why it was cut?

If anything,

I don’t want to be that.

I don’t want the string,

That flew away to the unknown,

To be mine.

I may not know who you are yet,

Or how close [or far] you are now,

But, in every little things,

Or every small moments,

I’ll try and keep mine intact.

Because I don’t know where the other end of it,

And you may just feel the same.


If one end is with me,

The other is with you,

Whoever you may be.

Maybe we even passed each other,

So close,

But we just didn’t find out

Still, at the definite moment,

We’ll walk, and meet at a maybe familiar place,

And there, there lies the other end,

At your feet,

And we just know.

akai ito

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